Happy #ManiMonday – Halloween Edition!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! 🙂 Of course it’s also #ManiMonday. ? This week I didn’t have a specific color in mind, but I did have some new Zoya shades that I wanted to try. So, try I did! I decided on “Merida,” which is a green with scattered silver holographic flakes! These scattered holographic polishes are really cool and unusual in the world of polish. This fall, Zoya finally added a few new shades to this range and “Merida” certainly looked right up my street. I definitely think this would be a great shade around the Holidays, but who wants to wait for that? ?

Feeling Anything But Neutral This #ManiMonday…but Not on the Nails!

This weekend just flew by! That means it’s time for me to say Happy #ManiMonday everyone!!! ? This week’s polish has no real rhyme or reason. I just love this polish and felt like wearing it, so I am! ? It is the shade “Eastyn” from Zoya. It’s an amazing neutral that’s not too grey, not too brown, not too pale, not too deep. It’s just plain perfect! Maybe I’m feeling a need for comfort with all this horrifying political mudslinging going on. Whatever the reason, I wanted a nice soothing neutral, and I can think of none better than “Eastyn!”

Falling Leaves? Nope! Just Autumn for #ManiMonday

Another weekend down, Fall has officially begun and now it’s time for another #ManiMonday! I’ve been trying to get my polish into some sort of order this past week and came across a few that I forgot about. Always fun (and somewhat embarrassing ?) when that happens! ? I have about a zillion Zoya polishes, and this week’s gem in in fact from Zoya! It is called “Autumn” and there’s really no better name for this shade than that! This polish is what I would call a copper chocked full of metallic gold shimmer. It’s absolutely gorgeous and so reminiscent of Fall leaves.

Happy #ManiMonday! – Holographic Goodness from Zoya

I was so stinkin’ lazy over the weekend that it’s amazing I have this to post today! Somehow I managed to remove the old layer of chipping paint and lacquer on a brand spanking new shiny gem of a polish. For the longest time I couldn’t even come up with a color family of polishes to pick from and then, well then I remembered the scattered holographics from Zoya! Oh do I enjoy these polishes and never wear them enough! For this week, I went for the warm grape, amazingly beautiful (but difficult to photograph) shade called Aurora! Oh for the love of all things reflective and sparkly! 😀 I absolutely love this polish!

Going Naked with Zoya for #ManiMonday – Naked Manicure Review w/ Before & After

I hope everyone has had a great weekend! Since it’s Monday, it’s time for anther #ManiMonday but, funny enough, I didn’t feel like painting my nails this week. Unfortunately for me, my nails are rather damaged and peel without anything kind of sealing the layers together, so leaving my nails completely bare doesn’t typically work out very well. Wanting to not really wear polish – so weird to not feel like looking at polish! – I still wanted my nails to look as healthy as possible. A tough chore given that they’re anything but healthy. I decided to head out to Ulta and look for a product that has intrigued me for a long time, but seemed like I would never wear – the Zoya Naked Manicure Perfector! Needing a miracle, I painted this on and hoped for the best!

Fourth of July Firecracker Nails for #ManiMonday


To all those in the US, Happy 4th of July! It’s also #ManiMonday so it’s a double celebration…well, not really for the nails but let’s pretend. 😉 Trying to be somewhat patriotic with my nail choice, I went for “Chyna” from Zoya which is one of the glorious Pixie Dust formulas. The Pixie Dusts are absolutely chocked full of tonal glitter and dry to a matte textured finish. I personally prefer the way these look with a bit of shine, so I added my standard glossy top coat to give it kind of a semi-matte finish. I really like just the one coat of shiny stuff because it helps make the glitter more reflective and dimensional, but it’s not too over the top sparkly. The polish just kind of glows! So pretty! 🙂

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