Best of Cruelty Free Beauty 2017 – Hair Care

Continuing on with my Annual Favorites, today we’re getting a bit of a breath by covering a relatively short category – Cruelty Free Hair Care. In some ways, I’m not much for messing with my hair – I always let it air dry and style it later…if I feel like it. By the same token, I have a rather high maintenance hair color and try to do whatever I can to maintain not only the color, but the condition of my highly bleached and damaged locks. I also do try to make my hair look at least presentable, which does mean some styling, but I aim for something that will last until my next wash (the actual washing process occurred about every 3 days before on Accutane and usually once a week after starting the drug). My go-to style this year seems to have been straightened with a flat iron and let’s start there! 😆

Thicker Hair the Cruelty Free Way (a lot of Living Proof)

As some of you may know, my hair has been thinning. It took me awhile to realize it, but it is most definitely falling out to some extent. I do have a potential answer at this point – my iron storage level is low so I need to take an iron supplement – but it’s not making my hair any thicker any faster. 😄 Given that, I’ve been doing everything I can to help my hair at least look and feel thicker with styling products. I thought I would share just what those are today! The bulk of them are from Living Proof, which is not intentional. Their products just work! I feel like there is a huge lack of information surrounding Living Proof’s cruelty free status and I’m not entirely sure why. I have emailed them a number of times and they have satisfied my questions, which keeps me believing that they are cruelty free. With that said, let’s get into how I’ve been keeping my thinning hair looking and feeling like a fuller version of the reality! 😜

Say Goodbye to Split Ends! – Pureology Strength Cure Split End Salve Treatment (REVIEW)


As I’ve mentioned many times before, I have highly processed color-treated hair. How funny that “treated” is in there as there NO treats in the bleaching process! LOL! 🙂 Like many of us – color-treated or not – I struggle with split ends. I think it’s just a fact of life. Perhaps that’s fine and dandy if you have your hair cut every month, but for those of us long haired gals that wait months between trims or are aiming to grow it even longer, split ends are a familiar issue. Though I don’t have the cure…frequent cuts aside!…I have found perhaps the best thing to help treat and prevent those frazzled looking split ends! What might the miracle cure be? So glad you asked – it’s the Pureology Strength Cure Split End Salve Treatment!

Looking Back at April Favorites 2015


I think I tried doing a few posts that looked back at my favorite items from prior years sometime last year, but I went back so far that most things I kind of ditched for something newer and shinier. I thought I would dust off the concept and try again with April (I actually wrote a post for March, but never managed to post it so if you’d like to see that, let me know!). Instead of going back to the beginning of my favorites posts, I thought I would just go back to 2015 and stay a bit more relevant. So without further ado, let’s see what I loved in April of 2015 and how I feel about those things today (and check out the 2015 post here)! 🙂

April Favorites 2015 – ColourPop, Nails Inc, Cover FX, RMS Beauty & more!

Another month has come and gone, which means we’re one step closer to Summer!!! There’s something about the rapidly approaching Summer that is always exciting to me. But, first we need to fully experience Spring. J This month has brought some absolutely spectacularfavorites…and potential holy grail status items! With something like that to look forward to, let’s not f-around with this chit chat and get on with the wonder products. J

This is really starting to become a trend to the point that I’m wondering if I can ever do another favorites without one of these suckers! If you haven’t guessed what it is, it is yet another Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick. This month’s go-to shade is “Streak.” Definitely my favorite color for Spring…so far! It’s a lovely coral that is not too in-your-face thanks to the sheer formula, which makes it wearable for pretty much any occasion. It’s so beautiful! I actually have the original Revolution Lipstick in “Streak” as well, but I never reach for it because I feel like it’s toopigmented. Not so with the “Sheer” version. Clearly I am obsessed with these lipsticks. They’re just so comfortable, easy to wear and can be worn for pretty much any occasion. They’re definitely my go-to these days! J

Another makeup favorite that may indeed reach holy grail status is from Cover FX. If you’ve seen my review (linked here), you know that I absolutely love the Custom Cover Drops. I was really a bit skeptical about how much use I would get out of these, but I actually find I use them even more than traditional coverage products. They are totally customizable and, depending what I mix them with, make my skin look better texture-wise than anything else I have tried! I won’t ramble on since I just reviewed them, but seriously they are amazing…and unlike so many other reviewers lately, I have absolutely no affiliation with Cover FX.
As I said in my review, I love mixing the Custom Cover Drops with the Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield. This stuff is also spectacular. The combination blends so quickly, easily and seamlessly. The texture of my chemo-ravaged skin looks better than with any other foundation because the Invisiblur really does help to blur enlarged pores and general imperfections. It does have that silicone-y slip to it, so if you’re not a fan of that feeling, you may want to steer clear. I don’t mind it and find that it feels completely weightless and it lasts all day without any trouble. Oil is no better or worse than with most other foundations (I need to blot once or twice perhaps, but nothing excessive). If you’re drier, I find that it glides right over dry, flaky areas without settling in. This stuff is pricey in my eyes, but it’s also worth it!
Moving on to cheeks, I’ve been reaching for a lot of different blushes in April. However, my favorite and most frequently repeated choice is “Fox” from ColourPop. I really love the ColourPop Super Shock Cheeks. They’re so unusual, but they look really pretty and wear like iron. The $8 price tag is pretty sweet too! JA gentle flush of “Fox” stippled on with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush just livens up my dull, pale complexion. Love!
Sticking on the ColourPopband wagon, I have been loving their Super Shock Shadow in “Dare” this month. It is an absolutely spectacular purple shade. It’s kind of duo-chromey and glittery and just unusual, beautiful and striking. I have gotten so many compliments every time I’ve worn this shadow this month. Rather a rare occurrence for me. I just apply it with my finger and gently blend the edges out a bit with a different clean finger. Quick, easy and eye catching. J
I have a different highlighter favorite this month! I never used to be even remotely interested in highlighters, but lately I feel almost undone without one. Anyway, for April I seem to have switched to a cream highlighter. It is the Living Luminizer from RMS Beauty. I’m not big on the glittery, sparkly, in-your-face kind of highlighters and this is definitely not one of those. It is very much a subtle burst of illumination wherever you place it. It looks like nothing in the super cool frosted glass pot, but definitely perfect for that oh-so-pretty luminous glow. Again, my fingers seem to be my tool of choice here. I can build it up a bit for more impact, or blend it out a bit more for a subtle hint of illumination. There’s a lot of hype over this product, and I think I see why. J
For skin care favorites, I’ll just direct you to my Skin Care Game Changers post, because the Paula’s Choice Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% AHA, the Resist Vitamin C Spot Treatment, and the Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips & Carrot Perfecting Serum are definitely stand outs from the past few months.
Moving on to something I’ve had for a while, but stopped using for no apparent reason. I use it as a detangler for my hair, though it’s really much more than that. It is the Perfect 4 Platinum Miracle Filler Treatment from Pureology. I actually really like the entire Perfect 4 Platinum line (well, that I’ve tried) from Pureology, but this is perfect for making my Tangle Teezer glide through my hair like a hot knife through butter without weighing my hair down. That’s my main reason for using it, but it has so many benefits as well! It has some sort of protein-filler type technology that helps with strength and breakage too, though I can’t say I see a definite difference in much other than the manageability of my hair. This makes such an amazing difference and detangles so beautifully that I’m kicking myself for forgetting about it!
One last favorite for April and it’s a nail color. Well, technically a collection of colors. I have been really in love with The White Collection from Nails Inc. I think I’ve worn one of the three shades that I have pretty much every day this month. I can’t really pick a favorite…and I’m really annoyed that they took Lily Road off the shelves before I had a chance to add it to my stockpile. The most neutral shade that I have is “Whitehall” and I’ve probably been sporting it the most. It’s a not-quite-white with a subtle tint of peach, though it looks pinkish on my skin tone. I cannot find fault with these polishes. The brush is absolutely prefect – flat and somewhat wide – and the formula, despite being quite light in tone, is not at all streaky and covers pretty well in only two coats. Love, love, love Nails Inc.’s The White Collection!
Swan Street, Whitehall & White Horse Street

I guess that was April! I have made some really fantastic discoveries this month. Have you found anything worth raving about in April? Leave it in a comment so that everyone can check it out! J I hope you’re enjoying the milder weather…well, I guess that depends on where you live, but it’s such a welcome change around here! And I hope you’ve had a lovely April. Here’s to an even better May and hopes for more sunshine, slightly warmer temperatures and just plain old good times! JThanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see all of you again soon.

One of my favorite signs of Spring!
Another favorite Springtime treat 🙂

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