Cruelty Free June Beauty Favorites (& a Fail!)

Happy official first Favorites of Summer!!! ☀️ I cannot believe that June is already coming to an end. I know, stereotypical blogger Favorites opening. 😜 It’s so true though! Seriously, where is the year going?!?! Enough! I have a lot of favorites from June so I’m not going to ramble…too much! 😉 We’ve got some hair care, skin care, SPF – good and bad – body care, makeup and something kinda random. So let’s get into it!!!

Cruelty Free June Favorites – BECCA, Pacifica, Urban Decay & More!


Well, June has ended and we all know what that means! June Favorites time!!! 🙂 I don’t feel like I have a whole lot to talk about this month because it’s been a rather relaxed month thanks to a bruised tail bone, and I’ve mostly been reaching for the same old same old products. But there are a few stand-outs to discuss this month and we all know that I can make that go on for hours! 😉 Strange fact – I’m usually not very chatty in person. Shocking, I know! Since I tend toward novellas for the blog, let’s just get into it! 🙂

Happy #ManiMonday! ~ Pacifica’s 1972 Pool Party


I love a good deeper blue polish, but they seem difficult to find. The darker blues almost always end up looking black on the nails and it drives me crazy! If I want black, I’ll paint my nails black darnit! 🙂 When I passed the Pacifica polishes at Ulta, I caught a glimpse of “1972 Pool Party“and knew I had to try it! So glad I did because it’s gorgeous! This is actually an unusual shade of blue for a polish. It’s somewhere in-between navy and royal. “1972 Pool Party” is everything I had hoped for and more 🙂 And something about it makes me think 1970s. Maybe more specifically the movie “Boogie Nights.” Not sure why the association for me, but I think it’s a great name 🙂

#ManiMonday – Pacifica “Drift” & Nail Art FAIL


Note to self: Nail art tutorials that look easy are never easy! I know, there’s no nail art here, but I started out planning to do a marble looking nail – not a marveling technique, but an attempt at the look of marble on my nails. Well, it didn’t work at all! 🙂 For that I started with white nails and I had gotten all fancy and bought nail brushes and everything (not for the marble ’cause that just needed a sharpie and some rubbing alcohol). I actually cleaned up any spill over onto my skin! I’m stepping things up. But the effect was awful so I had to start all over again and was so sick of my nails by that point that I just tried to be careful and do a decent job. Short story long, I didn’t want to keep plain white nails so I decided on a new polish I ordered from Ulta when they added Pacifica Polishes!!! It’s called “Drift” and I am so impressed with this polish! (Please excuse the cat fuzz sticking to my nails. It’s a curse I tell you!)

Random August Favorites (Plus a Few Beauty Bits) – Food, Jewelry, Apps & More!

Well hello again! Ready for some more favorites? Today we’re focusing on the favorite randomness from August. Since I didn’t include any skin care or body care in my standard August Favorites (find it here), I thought I would throw them in here as well! That means – shock horror – that we’re taking a peek into those random bits and bobs that made my August that much nicer! 🙂

Pacifica Instant Karma Facial Cleansing Oil – More Than Just a Pretty Face?

Let me start by saying that I really love Pacifica. They are an entirely vegan company and have some fantastic products. However, today’s review is not for one of my favorites. Recently Pacifica added a pretty extensive skin care range at Ulta. The mask selection is seriously impressive and there is a sampler pack that I’m currently working my way through and enjoying. The masks seem really good so far! Unfortunately, the Instant Karma Facial Cleansing Oil is a different story.