Cruelty Free February Favorites 2018

Ah, February. The shortest month, but somehow it felt so long! If I’m honest, it was not the greatest of months, but it could always have been worse, right? 😄 Nothing specifically comes to mind when I say that, I just don’t feel I have many fond memories from the month. Then again, it’s is February which is one of those weird months after Christmas when you’re just hoping for the cold to go away and not much else really happens. I’m waffling. My point is, the month has ended and now it’s time to go through all my favorite cruelty free beauty products from the month! I feel like I tried a fair number of new things in February – mainly foundations. There have been so many new releases and none of the things I’ve tried have given me an immediate love or hate reaction. Again, I’m ahead of myself as we’re not discussing these things today. 😉 Let’s just get to business and discuss the things I know that I loved in February…time for my Cruelty Free February Beauty Faves!!!

Cruelty Free June Beauty Favorites (& a Fail!)

Happy official first Favorites of Summer!!! ☀️ I cannot believe that June is already coming to an end. I know, stereotypical blogger Favorites opening. 😜 It’s so true though! Seriously, where is the year going?!?! Enough! I have a lot of favorites from June so I’m not going to ramble…too much! 😉 We’ve got some hair care, skin care, SPF – good and bad – body care, makeup and something kinda random. So let’s get into it!!!

Cruelty Free June Favorites – BECCA, Pacifica, Urban Decay & More!


Well, June has ended and we all know what that means! June Favorites time!!! 🙂 I don’t feel like I have a whole lot to talk about this month because it’s been a rather relaxed month thanks to a bruised tail bone, and I’ve mostly been reaching for the same old same old products. But there are a few stand-outs to discuss this month and we all know that I can make that go on for hours! 😉 Strange fact – I’m usually not very chatty in person. Shocking, I know! Since I tend toward novellas for the blog, let’s just get into it! 🙂

Happy #ManiMonday! ~ Pacifica’s 1972 Pool Party


I love a good deeper blue polish, but they seem difficult to find. The darker blues almost always end up looking black on the nails and it drives me crazy! If I want black, I’ll paint my nails black darnit! 🙂 When I passed the Pacifica polishes at Ulta, I caught a glimpse of “1972 Pool Party“and knew I had to try it! So glad I did because it’s gorgeous! This is actually an unusual shade of blue for a polish. It’s somewhere in-between navy and royal. “1972 Pool Party” is everything I had hoped for and more 🙂 And something about it makes me think 1970s. Maybe more specifically the movie “Boogie Nights.” Not sure why the association for me, but I think it’s a great name 🙂

#ManiMonday – Pacifica “Drift” & Nail Art FAIL


Note to self: Nail art tutorials that look easy are never easy! I know, there’s no nail art here, but I started out planning to do a marble looking nail – not a marveling technique, but an attempt at the look of marble on my nails. Well, it didn’t work at all! 🙂 For that I started with white nails and I had gotten all fancy and bought nail brushes and everything (not for the marble ’cause that just needed a sharpie and some rubbing alcohol). I actually cleaned up any spill over onto my skin! I’m stepping things up. But the effect was awful so I had to start all over again and was so sick of my nails by that point that I just tried to be careful and do a decent job. Short story long, I didn’t want to keep plain white nails so I decided on a new polish I ordered from Ulta when they added Pacifica Polishes!!! It’s called “Drift” and I am so impressed with this polish! (Please excuse the cat fuzz sticking to my nails. It’s a curse I tell you!)

Random August Favorites (Plus a Few Beauty Bits) – Food, Jewelry, Apps & More!

Well hello again! Ready for some more favorites? Today we’re focusing on the favorite randomness from August. Since I didn’t include any skin care or body care in my standard August Favorites (find it here), I thought I would throw them in here as well! That means – shock horror – that we’re taking a peek into those random bits and bobs that made my August that much nicer! 🙂

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