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Looking Back at April Favorites 2015


I think I tried doing a few posts that looked back at my favorite items from prior years sometime last year, but I went back so far that most things I kind of ditched for something newer and shinier. I thought I would dust off the concept and try again with April (I actually wrote a post for March, but never managed to post it so if you’d like to see that, let me know!). Instead of going back to the beginning of my favorites posts, I thought I would just go back to 2015 and stay a bit more relevant. So without further ado, let’s see what I loved in April of 2015 and how I feel about those things today (and check out the 2015 post here)! 🙂

#ManiMonday – Blizzard Nails!!! + Update

It’s Monday which means it’s time to share my current manicure. It couldn’t really be more simple, but it looks cool and somewhat complicated. I simply painted 2 coats of Zoya’s Kristen,” which is a beautiful slightly grey-toned baby blue that just screams cold weather to me. It has a fantastic formula. Very smooth, even and covers well. 2 coats probably wasn’t even necessary, but I did it for good measure…and out of habit. I topped that with 1 coat of “Whitechapel” from Nails Inc. which I absolutely adore. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s still available, but it’s a gorgeous clear base chopped full of white hexagonal glitter, tiny gold specks of glitter and very fine white bar glitter. I really loved this combination last year but never managed to photograph it and decided to go for it again this year. It just reminds me of a spectacular winter blizzard and I love it! Of course it’s currently an unseasonable 60-70 degrees out here, but no complaints from this warm weather lover. 🙂

On a personal update kinda note, I am currently waiting to pick up my poor little baby kitten Bailey from a dental cleaning and major tooth extraction. 🙁 If you remember a few years ago I posted weekly updates about Bailey right after she joined the family so if you fancy seeing Bailey as a baby and her growth to a whopping 7 pound Ragdoll mix, search for “Bailey” or “kitten” and the posts will probably pop up. Anyway, I believe she had 9 teeth removed. She has some sort of gum issue that is apparently common to the breed that makes her susceptible to something…I can’t remember what specifically…and the vet is trying to prevent her loosing all of her teeth. Poor little Boo Bear! I’m hoping she doesn’t hate me when I pick her up!

On another note, posts may still be slow as there are many a surgery happening around my world – not to me, but someone close to me – that have kind of disrupted the flow of, well, everything. 🙂 Christmas will have to be delayed as the surgery is scheduled on the 22nd, but it was delayed for a similar reason last year too. Not a big deal really, just unfortunate that the surgeries have been necessary at all. But that’s life and you do your best to plod along.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s been kind of refreshing not to have to worry about what to post, taking pictures, getting the posts together and all the things that come along with blogging…many of which I’m absolutely rubbish at! 🙂 I intend to get back in the swing of things, but I’m not sure when. I definitely think I’m burned out at the moment. I have a few post ideas here and there, but the thought of sitting down to write them just exhausts me further. So for the time being, I guess I’m taking a break. I may post something here and there and Favorites posts are always fun for me so those may continue until I make a full return, but no promises for anything regular right now. Thank you all so much for being understanding and I hope you’ll stick with me through this rough patch. I look forward to having the energy to post regularly again and I will try to make it know when I’m intending to be “back” on social media…if I can remember! 🙂 Such a bad blogger. Anyway, thank you for your continued support and I hope you are all having a fantastic Holiday Season!!!

#ManiMonday – Nails Inc Rosé & Poetry

I absolutely love this nail color! It is the shade “Rosé & Poetry” from the Alice and Olivia x Nails Inc. Collection. If you’re curious, it’s pretty much an exact dupe for Priti NYC’s “Cherry Ripe” that was in my Fall Polish Picks. For some reason this particular shade will not photograph true to color. I’ve tried everything I can think of, which is probably no where near everything but it’s all I’ve got! It looks like a rather standard red, but it’s actually quite a beautiful reddened berry. In sunlight you see more of the red, while in darker lighting conditions it takes on more of a deepened berry tone. It’s absolutely beautiful! And, of course, I am obsessed with the Nails Inc. formula! The brushes are perfect – flat with a rounded end – and they just apply so beautifully. Well done on “Rosé

& PoetryAlice and Olivia x Nails Inc.!

Fall / Autumn Nail Polish Picks & Nail Swatches 2015 (PIC HEAVY)

It’s official. Today is the first day of Fall!!! What better way to celebrate than with some of my favorite nail polish shades for Autumn? I’m not one to follow trends much, but I do tend to favor different colors during different seasons and these are the shades that grabbed my eye this year! So if you need a bit of Fall nail inspiration, here are a few suggestions for Autumnal nails.

Manicure Monday – Nails Inc. Abbey Road

As I said last week, I’m going to start posting Manicure Mondays on the blog and…get ready for it…it’s Monday! J
So, today we have another pastel purple shade because I seem to be going through a phase. I guess it’s my last hurrah to Spring pastels. Today’s mani is using “Abbey Road’ from Nails Inc.’s NailKale range. I absolutely love these polishes! Ever since Nails Inc. repackaged their polishes, I’ve been addicted. The brush, the gorgeous bottle, the shades. They’re all just stunning!
“Abbey Road” is basically just a gorgeous pastel lavender (I think. It’s not lilac is it? Never can keep the two straight!). It has a crème finish and, as with all the Nails Inc polishes, applies evenly and with great ease. The brushes seriously make them worth every penny! J I painted 2 coats, but you could definitely get away with 1 if you wanted. So rare for a pastel! “Abbey Road” is definitely a keeper!!! J
Let us know what’s on your nails as we’ve officially entered Summer, plus we could all use more polish inspiration like a hole in the head, right?! J Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!!!

Summer Polish Picks w/ Nail Swatches – A Dozen Shades for Sizzling Summer Heat

Though this week has not been a fantastic example of Summer weather, I think it’s safe to say that the Summer heat…and humidity…is upon us! I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve been favoring the Summery nail shades for a while now and decided it’s time for my Summer Polish Picks!!! In case you’re unfamiliar with these posts, I simply show you some of my favorite polish colors for the season and include pictures of each shade applied to the nails. Self-explanatory, I know, but just for the record. JI also try to include different brands and will only include polishes that I know are still available. So if you’re itching to pick up a certain color, you should be able to find it out there in that sea of little bottles. J Enough rambling and on to the actual polishes!!!

Let’s start with a white polish. I always love a good white polish, but it always feels so much more appropriate in the Summertime. Something about the clean crispness of it is just so refreshing in the heat. That sounds kinda weird, but that’s how I think. JThis year I have chosen not just any old standard white, but a subtly shimmering white from Mineral Fusion. It is called “Dazzling Diamonds” and I really, really love it! It has a pretty good formula for a traditionally difficult color too! I did use 3 coats on my nails, but I think it would be opaque in two if you’re not rushing as I was. I really like the finish of this crisp, cool white because it’s not frosty or glittery; it’s really what I would call glimmery! So pretty and I think it will be perfect this Summer!

Sticking on the shimmery side, we have Julie G’s Umbrella Drink,” which is a gorgeous orange-y peach with silver shimmer. Again, I used 3 coats on my nails, but it was opaque in two. I simply wanted to intensify the color a bit more. I love orange-ish shades in the Summer and this one is not right – not too loud, not too pastel. I guess it’s kind of a shimmering creamsicle and I love it! J

Moving on to some metallics because it’s not summer without a little bronze-y goodness, right? So to fit that bill, my choice is Butter London’sChampers.” I love Butter London’s metallic polishes. They’re just so simple and easy to apply and almost always opaque in just one coat. I used 2 coats for this photo just to ensure there were no streaky patches, but typically I would only use one. Anyway, “Champers” is just a stunning, ever-so-slightly rose-tinted bronze that I find to be really flattering and just easy. You know, one of those colors that you never look down and realize your nails clash with your shirt, or scream, “look at me” in the sunlight. “Champers” is subtle yet beautiful.

I have another metallic, but this one is a bit more colorful. It is Zoya’sTinsley,” which is basically a rose colored polish with a golden metallic flash. Oh. My. God. So perfect for Summer! When the sun catches it and you see that golden flash? So, so beautiful! And again, it’s just so easy and pretty on the nails. I used 2 coats for the photo, mainly to intensify the color. It’s another one that can typically be done in one coat with no trouble. Also another one that just screams Summer to me! Love, love, love “Tinsley!”

Next up is a shade that’s not quite metallic, not quite shimmery, not quite glittery. It’s such an unusual and gorgeous finish. It’s a duochrome as well and I am obsessed with it! JIt is another Butter London polish called “Scouse.” I’ve mentioned this shade before because it’s just that perfect! JIt’s what I would consider the perfect blue – not too loud, but not too dark – and it has the coolest pink flash when the light hits it just right. The photos do not do it justice because it’s really difficult to capture that color shift in a still image. I think you still get the idea though. I used 3 coats of polish for intensity, but again, you could probably get away with only two if you’re not rushing or if you want a less intense blue. I think “Scouse” is probably one of my all-time favorite polishes!

Sticking with the blues, I have a new brand…at least to me. It is a color from Ginger + Liz and it is called “The Good Life.” It’s a pale, yet bright baby blue. There are a lot of shades similar to this, but I find this one has a brightness that others in my collection lack. That kind of white-based brightness is what makes it so Summery to me. It looks clean, fresh and somehow bold yet subtle at the same time. It’s an interesting take on a pastel blue. This is only 2 coats, which I find unusual for a pastel polish as well. I feel I should add that this polish chipped almost immediately. I’ve only worn it once and without a base or top coat, but the wear time did not impress me that one time. Still, the color is kind of worth it to a polish junkie like myself! J

Moving on to another pastel that is also somehow neon – what’s Summer without a little neon after all? JWe have an oldie but a goodie: “Mint Magic” from Pop Beauty. This is another shade that simply screams Summer! It is in fact a mint shade, but it is so bright and neon that it is unlike any other polish I’ve ever seen. I need 3 coats to ensure the coverage was even, but it’s such an awesome and unusual shade that it’s so worth it! JMint Magic” is indeed magical.

So now we’re on to neons, which I have no shortage of! J My next pick is from China Glaze and it is “That’s Shore Bright.” This shade was released about 2 years ago, but you can still find it. It is a gorgeous medium purple neon. Again with that subtly pastel feel, but definitely not shy. J It can be a bit streaky, so I used 3 coats. It’s also a lot less pink and a bit deeper in person, but the sunlight just washed it right out no matter what I did for the photo. It also has a matte finish, which tends to accentuate the streakiness and isn’t how I leave it, so I added a top coat to the middle and pinky fingers so you can see it both ways.

Next is another China Glaze shade that is a bit of a cult classic. It is “Flip Flop Fantasy,” which is kind of a pinky-peach neon. I’m not gonna try to hide it, this shade is bright! Your nails definitely scream when they’re painted with “Flip Flop Fantasy.” It’s similar in formula to “That’s Shore Bright” in that it’s a bit streaky and kind of chalky without a glossy topcoat. I always add a topcoat, so I added one to my middle and pinky fingers again. If there is a shade that instantly gets you in the mood for Summer, it’s “Flip Flop Fantasy!”

Another shade that always screams Summer to me is a bright neon pink. My choice this year? “Bitch Fit” from Ginger + Liz! Firstly, I love the name. JSecondly, the formula…application-wise at least…was fantastic. Though I have used 2 coats in the photo, it is definitely opaque in only one. I’m not sure how it wears since I haven’t really worn it for much time yet, but I love the color! I should add that it’s not a terribly unusual shade, but I feel like the finish is somewhat unusual. It is shown with no topcoat. Every other polish I’ve tried that is a similar color has been matte. As I’ve said, mattes tend not to look that fantastic in terms of evenness. This polish has kind of a semi-gloss finish and it’s beautiful with or without a topcoat! Definitely feel free to throw a “Bitch Fit” and give this shade a try. J

Sticking in the pink family, another similar, but slightly darker and less neon pink is “Cupcake Queen” from Ciate. I love this color. I really couldn’t say exactly why, but it just looks so bright and cheery on the nails. Plus it has a really cool subtle blue shift that adds that little something extra when the light hits it just right. This is definitely a wearable bright pink that’s pretty without being too loud. Kind of perfect for Summer if you ask me! Again, not the most unusual of shades, but there’s something about this shade that looks much better on the nails than others that are similar. I don’t know what it is, but it’s just better! JIt is shown with 2 coats, but one is probably sufficient.

Finally, I had to include a red. This is not just any red, but a slightly coral-red that’s perfect for Summer (shocking, I know)! J It is from Nails Inc.’s NailKale line and it is the shade “Hampstead Grove.” I absolutely love the Nails Inc. brushes! They are flat with a curved tip that makes it so easy to paint your nails. The formula is spectacular as well, not to mention the color is stunning! And, this is only 1 coat!!! Definitely check out “Hampstead Grove…” actually any polish from Nails Inc. is worth a try, but for a tomato-ey Summer red, “Hampstead Grove” is your girl! J

That’s going to bring this year’s Summer Polish Picks to a close. It actually took me a few weeks to come to a final decision on these shades (disturbing, I know), but I’m quite pleased with the dozen I have decided upon. J I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out these polishes and I would love to know what colors you reach for in the Summer! Let us all know in the comments because a girl can never have too many polish suggestions. JI hope to see you again soon and, as always, thanks so much for stopping by!!!

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