Spring Polish Picks for 2015 ~ Priti NYC, Pacifica, LVX, Butter London, Flower & More!

The birds are chirping, the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds and bright green buds are popping up all around. That can only mean one thing – Spring is finally here! I absolutely love Spring and probably one of my favorite things to do in the Springtime is to bust out all of the fun colored nail polishes I have…and trying to resist buying more. J So I’ve dusted off my polishes and spent hours whittling down my favs (literally) so that I can share my Top 10 Spring Polishes with you this year! J (And please excuse my rough nails and somewhat messy painting job.)

The first polish I have is a continual favorite because it’s a nice neutral metallic that really could work anytime of year. I love it for Spring in particular because it’s a neutral that’s neither too boring, nor too dark and has that added interest with the subtle metallic flash. It is Flower Beauty’s “Fanatical Botanical.”It is shown painted with 2 coats (and the horrible imperfections are on my actual nails, not from the polish itself).

Moving on to a more traditional Spring pastel, we have Butter London’s “Kerfuffle.” This polish is just a nice pale peach that’s not so pale that it either blends with my skin tone or looks too stark against it. This can be painted in 2 coats if you’re careful, but since I had 10 to get through, I rushed it and 3 coats are shown.

Continuing up the price scale, but sticking on the lovely pastel train, we have Build Me Up Buttercupfrom Deborah Lippmann. Every time I look at this polish I get the song stuck in my head! It’s a lovely pale buttery yellow. I love this for Spring because it’s not too bright and for a yellow, it applies really well. It is not a streaky mess, and it doesn’t get all gloopy and streaky. This is shown with 3 coats, but 2 is probably workable when not holding your nails in the sunlight. Photos really show the imperfections in painting!

Sticking with the Deborah Lippmann, my next favorite is called Blue Orchid.” Again, this is just the perfect Springtime blue! Not too light or too dark, and not too bright and in-your-face. The formula is fantastic and is shown with 2 coats, though you might even be able to get away with one. This entire collection (I think it is from Spring 2014) is just superb – both colors and formula.

Next we have a shade from LVX which a 5-free vegan polish. The color is called Mynt and is subtly different from a traditional mint green. It’s a touch brighter with more of a “spring green” kind of tone to it. It’s a gorgeous polish and the brushes on the LVX polishes are really fantastic as well – not too thick or too thin and distribute the polish beautifully! This is shown with 3 coats, but should be perfect in 2 if you take more time between coats.

A pastel blue-green hybrid of sorts is Crown of Thorns from Priti NYC. I suppose this is a perfect Robin’s egg blue. It’s not quite blue, not quite green and just plain beautiful! JI think this might be possible to have evenly painted in 1 coat, but it is shown with 2. Priti NYC is also a 5-free Vegan polish brand with fantastic brushes.

Switching to the pinker side of purple, we have Crystal Orchid from Pacifica. I really like this shade partly because it’s so unique! It really doesstraddle the line of a pink and a pale lilac. I don’t think I have anything else quite like it. Again, beautiful formula and a fantastic brush from a 7-free Vegan company. This can be opaque in 1 coat, but I have shown it painted with 2 coats. Another weird little love about this polish is the handle – not only is it pretty, but it gives a bit of “grip” too, which really does seem to help with polishing.

If you’re looking for a slightly cooler pale lavender, check out A Grape Affair from The Body Shop. This definitely falls into the purple category, but is a beautiful pastel shade that is stunning in the Spring! I have painted 2 coats here, but this is another one that might be possible in just 1. And again, the brush is perfect!

For a bit of a transition from Spring into Summer, I have an orange that is definitely bold, but not quite as full-on super intense as I might pick in the dead of Summer. It is Tiddlyfrom Butter London. I kind of feel like it’s what you’d see if an orange creamsicle met an orange popsicle and they melted together. Whatever you want to call it, I love it for Spring because it’s just softened enough that it doesn’t quite feel Summery…yet! This is shown with 3 coats, but may be fine with 2 if you let the coats dry more between.

Last but not least, we have a gorgeous (and highly affordable at 99¢) strawberry polish. The color is appropriately called “Grasping at Strawberries” from Wet n Wild’sWild Shine range! Again, it makes me think Summer is nearly here, but it’s not quite a tomato red that would seem more summery. It looks mostly red in the photo, but there is a definite pink undertone in person. It’s one of those shades that sometimes looks pink, other times looks red. This is shown with 2 coats.

That’s going to do it for my Spring Polish Picks this year! I hope you’ve enjoyed this pastel candy-coated love affair. J If you’d like to see some of my earlier Seasonal Polish Picks, they are linked below. Surprisingly this is my first installment for Spring! Please leave a comment with some of your favorite shades because I always love hearing about new polishes! Apparently a girl can never have too many. JThank you so much for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!!!

May Favorites – Bite Beauty, Lipstick Queen, IT Cosmetics, Sibu Beauty, Tarte & The Body Shop

Another month down, another round of favorites! This is always my favorite time of the month because I love to hear what other beauty enthusiasts have been obsessed with. That being said, let me know what you’ve been gravitating towards in the comments because I’m always itching to know! J So, enough chit chat, let’s just get into my favorites for May….

I’m going to start with foundation. I’ve been testing out a new foundation a lot of the time, but I haven’t settled on it being a favorite yet. However, I also pulled out my original Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation and fell back in love with it! It’s even better than I remembered it (see my initial review here). It just feels so nice on the skin while providing a good amount of coverage (I’d call it a medium coverage, but buildable). Somehow it still manages to look like skin, but better! It’s just beautiful and it isn’t making me oiler throughout the day as some foundations tend to do. I feel like my pores actually look a bit smaller too! (I’m not sure that was my original opinion, but now it seems to give a nice, almost airbrushed-like finish.) Absolutely back in love with the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation!

To help hide any red spots, I’ve been using IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Color Correcting Cream. It really doesdisguise redness beautifully without that horrible green cast from a green concealer. At the moment I have a few pretty powerful red spots from prior acne, and this doesn’t cover them completely, but it definitely disguises them nicely and eliminates the red tone. It comes in a rather small pot, but the tiniest bit goes a long way, so I suspect it should last quite some time. It does accentuate pores, so if you need redness control over where you have larger pores, they’re likely to be more apparent. It’s a trade-off I suppose, but for my current redness, the Bye Bye Redness from IT Cosmetics is working brilliantly!

Another gem from IT Cosmetics is their Bye Bye Pores Loose Powder. This stuff is amazing for creating a flawless, airbrushed finish to your skin. My only problem with it is that it doesn’t keep me from shining throughout the day. Then again, nothing really seems to lately. It is definitely worth a look if you’re trying to create the smoothest skin possible and eliminate any texture issues. You definitely will say bye bye to your pores! I don’t find that it looks powdery or cakey either, plus it actually includes ingredients that are beneficial to the skin! Well done with the Bye Bye Pores Powder, IT Cosmetics!

When it comes to blush, I seem to reach for a different one each day. However, I noticed that I seemed to gravitate towards my two All-In-One Blushers from The Body Shop in May. I ordered “Guava” a while back, and I loved it so much that this month I decided to try out “Marshmallow.” They’re both wonderfully pigmented, they blend nicely and they wear well all day! There isn’t a Body Shop near me, so choosing from the crummy swatches online isn’t easy, but I’m happy with these two. “Guava” is a medium-deep bright pink, while “Marshmallow” is the perfect baby pink for that pinched cheek effect. Love, love, love the All-In-One Blushers from The Body Shop.

It wouldn’t be a favorites post without some lip products, although this month I seemed to be all over the place again. I think my most reached for lip product, aside from lip balm, was definitely the new Deconstructed Rose Lipstick in “Damask” from Bite Beauty. It’s a beautiful bright, but not overly bright or in-your-face rosy pink. I often blot it on a tissue for a more natural and less intense effect. The formula and the color are both gorgeous! It’s nice and creamy and socomfortable to wear, plus it lasts pretty well. The Deconstructed Rose Lipstick from Bite Beauty is just fantastic!

My other go-to lipstick in May was Lipstick Queen’s Endless Summer Lipstick. I have the shade “Stoked,” which is a nice popsicle-like wash of a muted pinky-red coral. It’s semi-sheer which I always like around this time of year. It’s lower maintenance and just looks more natural. The formula is fantastic as well! It’s very comfortable on the lips and wears well throughout the day. I definitely want to check out more from Lipstick Queen!

I’m going to include a nail polish favorite this month since I unexpectedly stopped my weekly polish picks. This month I actually wore Julie G’s Nail Polish in “Santorini” twice, which is unheard of for me! JIt’s a beautiful periwinkle blue crème and the formula is absolutely divine! It’s the perfect consistency – not too thick, but not thin and streaky either. It’s almost opaque in one coat – you could probably get away with it if you’re better at painting nails than I am. This shade is part of the limited edition Cruisin’ collection for Summer, so run to your local Rite Aid and check it out! J

I have a new skincare favorite as well this month. It’s the straight Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil from Sibu Beauty. It smells a little funny, but it absorbs wonderfully and seems to keep my skin hydrated without making it greasy. I feel like it would be great on any skin type, but my skin is combination to oily – more oily lately. I use about 3-4 drops at bedtime as my moisturizer and my skin drinks it right in, making it smooth, supple and just happy. It’s worth the funky smell for the wonders that are Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil from Sibu Beauty.

I think that’s enough for my May favorites. I have a couple more that I could add, but this is already too long! If you’re curious about what they are, one would be the Hang Ten Natural Sport Sunscreen from my Ipsy bag (reviewed here). Another would be the LVX 3-in-1 Treatment for nails. Absolutely genius stuff! Of course the Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Perfume is divine as well (reviewed here). May was a good product month! I hope you found some real gems as well this past month. JThanks as always for stopping by and I will see you with another favorites post next month!!!

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