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Lippy Girl Organic Lipstick – GO GET SOME!!! :)

A little while back, I picked up a few things from Lippy Girl, which is a Canadian-based cruelty-free company. You can read my brief overview of the company here. I originally heard about them through Twitter, but it wasn’t until Catherine from Buying Cruelty Free reviewed a few products here that I finally decided to place an order. I am so glad that I did, and many thanks to Catherine! J

Lippy Girl focuses mainly on lip products, but also make amazing baked blushes! I picked up one Organic Baked Blush, one Organic Lipstickand one Vegocentric Lipstick – basically one of everything! JFor today, I’m only going to talk about the Organic Lipstick since it was the first thing I tried and absolutely fell in love!!!

I ordered the shade “Gobsmacked” which is a pretty pink that’s not too neutral, nor too loud. Right off the bat, I loved the shade so I was already impressed. I will say that picking a shade online is tricky, but there are a lot of photos of the bullets on the site, plus there are some photos on the Lippy Girl blog that show some shades on lips. I just guessed what I might like and went for it. I’m not really sure there is a shade I would have hated, so that’s another plus! J

Aside from the color, I noticed the tip of the lipstick bullet was rather unusual. It curves inward a bit at the tip, which I initially found kind of awkward until I realized the purpose…well, my guess as to the purpose! I use the tip to kind of lightly line the outside of my lips and then apply the lipstick like any other, and it makes for a well-defined lip without needing a liner! Genius! JI’m not sure how long the tip can continue functioning this way, but it’s kind of a cool little addition that I really like.

The lipstick itself is pretty incredible! It is really comfortable and the perfect balance between too creamy and too waxy/dry. I would say it has a satiny finish. It’s not at all drying, and it stays put! After eating, it does fade a bit, but it is still there and wears evenly. It doesn’t seem to settle into lines and is just all around impressive! As if that’s not enough, it’s made with herbal-infused organic ingredients that all help protect and nourish lips while making them prettier!

I would definitely recommend the Lippy Girl Organic Lipsticks and hope to collect many more!!! J I hope they continue adding to their color selections as well! Love, love, love this lipstick!

Lippy Girl Organic Lipsticks retail for CAD15.50 and can be purchased through the newly revamped Lippy Girl website.

Spotlight On: Lippy Girl Makeup

Out of frustration over the availability of organic, earth-friendly and animal friendly cosmetics, Darcey Diehl created Lippy Girl Makeup. Lippy Girl is a Canadian company that focuses on professional quality products that are “ecofriendly, natural, organic, vegetarian and animal friendly.” Not only are the products natural, organic, vegetarian and chemical preservative-free, but so are the ingredients! That’s my kind of beauty brand! J
Their goal is to not only create great makeup products, but to be a movement of sorts. They aim to prove that not only is animal testing unnecessary, but so are animal additives and nasty chemicals. And to continue in the vein of a novel approach to cosmetics, Lippy Girl stands by three core values: Trust (meaning complete openness and communication), Respect (they actually value people, as well as animals and the environment), and Integrity. Integrity in cosmetics? How absurd! J
They currently have a line of Organic Lipsticks in seven shades, Vegan and Organic Lipsticks (called Vegocentric Lipsticks) in eight shades, Organic Mineral Blushes in five shades, a Lip Gloss, a Lip Shimmer, and a Lip Conditioner. All are available on their website.
Organic Mineral Blush in “Bitch Slap”
Lippy Girl is rewriting the rules of creating amazing cosmetic products by doing it on their own terms!

Reviews to come shortly!!! 🙂

Favorite Beauty Stuff in March

****Update: Carmex is now selling in China, so I no longer consider them to be cruelty-free. I was unaware of this change at the time of this post. ****

Well, March is over, which means it’s time for another monthly favorites post! March is always one of those weird months where the sun tries to shine, but it’s still cold. I always end up with a bad case of Spring fever around this time of year because I cannot wait for it to be warm and sunny most of the time. To get to my point, March seemed like it would never end! And with snow included, it was just a rather miserable start to Spring, but it’s getting better! JBut enough about that, here are the products I’ve found myself reaching for the most this month!

I’ve rediscovered my Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub. Initially when I bought this, I found it to be too abrasive. I just decided to grab it one day even though my lips weren’t particularly dry and I’ve been using it ever since! It is pretty rough, but I’ve found it’s working nicely at keeping my lips soft and smooth…plus, it tastes delicious! JI find it helps a bit to use the Mint Julips when there is still a small amount of lip balm on my lips – like shortly after I wake up. It helps the sugar move around a bit better and protects my lips a bit from the graininess of the sugar.
Once I’ve gotten my lips nice and smooth, I still use my Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm in Vanilla to keep my lips hydrated. I know I’ve mentioned this in previous favorites, but nothing else I have used ever compares to this lip balm for me. It’s a little towards the greasy size of things, although I wouldn’t actually call it greasy. It’s not at all a waxy lip balm, which I prefer. I can’t find the Lime flavor lately, which would be nice for summer. Where’s the Lime, Carmex? I miss it! The Vanilla is great though, so no complaints.
I guess I will stick with lips – my next favorite is from Lippy Girl. It is their Organic Lipstick in Gob Smacked. This lipstick is amazing! It’s not at all drying, it’s incredibly comfortable, and it has serious lasting power! I absolutely adore it! JThe color is a medium bright pink and it’s easy to make it a bit more neutral by blotting it, or leaving it a bit brighter by just leaving it alone. Amazing, amazing lipstick!

Moving on to face products, I recently tried a sample of the Dr. Jart Water Fuse BB Cream. I received it in a BirchBox ages ago, but kept forgetting to try it. Well, this was its month! I’m not usually a huge BB Cream junkie, but I’ve been using this almost every day in March (I picked up a full size almost right away because the sample was incredibly tiny and not very full). It provides good coverage and is buildable. It’s hydrating, but my skin does not get even a little bit greasy as the day wears on. It just feels very comfortable and balancing on my combination skin. This comes in just the one shade, which takes the guessing out of shade matching, but I would be surprised if it matched all skin tones. As long as it works with your skin tone, this is a great BB Cream for combo skin!
Sticking to face products, I have decided that I love the NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder! I’m not convinced that it really reflects the light or disguises pores better than others, but on my skin it is amazing! It gives my skin a very silky soft feel after applying it. It blends in beautifully and is never cakey. I think best of all, at least for me, it keeps my skin balanced all day! I don’t need to do any touching up or blotting when I use this powder and I absolutely adore it! I like this much better than the ultra-hyped Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (I don’t like that one much at all on my skin), and it’s about $10 less in price!
Moving on to brows, I purchased the “Journey to NaturalBeauty” set from Tarte on QVC and it includes what may just be my perfect brow pencil! I believe it’s only available in this set right now, but I suspect it will eventually be released by itself in stores. It is called the Brow Architect Brow Shaper and I loveit! I would buy the entire set just for this pencil! It is the perfect shade for my eyebrows because it shows up nicely, but doesn’t look dark or heavy. The pencil is kind of a triangle shape which sounds like a terrible idea, but it actually works brilliantly! You turn the pencil to the thicker side for thicker areas like the beginning of brows, and then turn to the pointed end for the tails or any more delicate patches. There is a spoolie on the other end that I use to comb through my brows after using the pencil to help soften and blend the color. As if all that were not enough, there is a highlighting powder including inside the pencil as well! I didn’t think I would really use it, but I find that I reach for it every time I do my brows! It’s a very subtle, matte shade that just kind of lightens under the brow making me look just a bit more awake without looking “made up.” I cannot say enough good things about this brow pencil!
Finally, I have a hand cream. It is from Out of Africa and it is their Organic Shea Butter Hand Cream in Verbena. This may have replaced my Nubian Heritage Hand Creams! The Out of Africa Hand Cream feels very silky on the skin and is not at all greasy. It absorbs almost instantly and doesn’t have a lasting scent. The scent is very faint straight from the tube and it has a hint of lemon to it. It’s a great non-offensive unisex kind of scent. The cream itself is very hydrating and feel really luxurious! I love it!!! J
So that’s going to wrap up my March favorites. I hope you enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to April as it warms up and the sun shines even brighter! JLet me know what some of your monthly favorites have been in the comments below! JHope you’ve all had a lovely month and, like me, are eagerly awaiting the beauty of Spring and Summer!!!

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