Lawless Beauty


Lawless Beauty Woke Up Like This Foundation Review – Clean Beauty That Performs?

I have been testing…and testing…and testing the new Lawless Beauty Woke Up Like This Foundation for quite a while now. With all that testing, I feel it’s finally time for a review. Lawless Beauty is a relatively new cruelty free brand available at Sephora and I was really excited when they released a foundation because I seem to be a lover of foundation testing. 😄 That and Lawless Beauty is a brand that intrigues me as they aim to be free of toxic ingredients, while still being as good, if not better, than many well-known makeup brands. To be fair, “toxic,” or “clean,” ingredients are not something I focus on because many ingredients that get a bad rap do so without a lot of scientific research behind the scary claims. To be fair, there may not be many studies that prove the safety either, but water can be freakin’ harmful so the whole “toxic” thing isn’t a huge issue for me…but it still intrigues me because most brands in that realm tend to aim for light natural beauty, not dramatic makeup. Lawless Beauty seeks to fill that gap! Case in point – the Woke Up Like This Foundation claims to provide full coverage…and we’re going to find out if it delivers! 😉

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