Happy New Year + Annual Favorites Start TOMORROW!!!

Happy New Year!!! Wow! How time flies! I cannot believe that not only are we a week into 2018, but it’s 2018?!?! Yeah, I had to do that. It’s a blogger requirement, isn’t it? It is true though. Time flies so fast these days. But enough on that, we have business to attend to! We’re going to be spending this week going through my Annual Cruelty Free Beauty Favorites for 2017! My goal is to have one post up each day, though as I’m writing this, I still have no photos and a lot to take. I’m gonna do my best to keep up, but we’ll see how it goes. 😄


I just wanted to give you a little heads up to what’s intended for the week – hopefully! I hope everyone had a decent 2017. Mine was rather uneventful. Political craziness aside, it’s been a rather boring year, which is kind of a nice change actually! 😅

Cruelty Free Accutane Skin Care – Dry & Sensitive Skin Recommendations

As a lot of you may know, I’ve been on an Accutane regimen for a little while now (I just found out I’m about to start my *hopefully* final month!). Accutane is infamous for the extreme skin dryness that everyone seems to experience while on the medication. To give an example, while I’m writing this, I’m on 7 day hair!!! 😳 Yup. It’s been an entire week without washing the not-even-remotely-greasy mop on my head which, I must say, is a positive side effect in my eyes. 😉 With that though, my face has certainly gone from combo / oily to definitely on the dry side. Given that, I have managed to avoid much of the flaky, itchy, tight or other such variations of actual discomfort from the drying effects of the Accutane…with the exception of my nose, which, to be fair, is usually a bit flaky. Since I’ve been using the same products pretty consistently, I feel like I can finally share my cruelty free “secrets” for managing super dry and sensitive skin that is also safe for using while taking Accutane.

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