On Trial – Testing New Products from Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay, Bite Beauty & More

I’ve been trying a fair number of new products recently about which I’m having trouble gathering my thoughts. One day I’ll think something is fantastic, yet the next I’m not convinced. I go through this with a lot, if not most, of the products I test out. It’s kind of frustrating, kind of fun, and kind of encouraging all rolled in to one. Since there have been so many new products that I’ve been trying lately, I thought I would let you know what products I’m currently on the fence about and the reasons why.


New & Cruelty Free at the Drugstore: All the Rest (Burt’s Bees & Hard Candy)


There are still a few more new cruelty free drugstore products coming out this Spring. I’m sure I’m missing plenty…I know there’s e.l.f., which is constantly releasing new products and colors, and Jordana but I haven’t seen or heard much about new items. I picked up a few things from Hard Candy, which I am not familiar enough with to know what’s new, but they said new on the packaging and I hadn’t seen them before, so they’re included here. I do know that there are a few new products from Burt’s Bees, which is where we’ll start. As before, anything I have tested will include my initial thoughts. So without further ado, I bring you the final installment of What’s New & Affordable for Spring!

NEW in Cruelty Free at the Drugstore – Flower Beauty


We’re nearly done with the new cruelty free offerings at the drugstore (now that it’s nearly Summer!). Next on the list, and probably the last post devoted to a single brand, is a brand I love but rarely look for. It is Flower Beauty! They appear to have revamped a lot of old products as well as added some new options. With that little teaser, let’s just get into the goods! 🙂

The Bite Beauty Lip Lab – What Colors to Create? HELP!


Happy Weekend!!!! 🙂 Just a quick random post today because I have a question for all of you.

I am probably going to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in NYC in a few weeks and desperately want to make a few custom lipsticks. If you’re unfamiliar, at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab they create custom colors and make it into an actual lipstick while you wait! It looks so stinkin’ fun and I’m overly excited. So excited that I cannot decide what types of colors to make. I’m planning to get at least 2, but knowing me that may increase! So I’ve created a poll to get your thoughts! You can choose more than one option and add your own colors, but these are some of the ideas floating in my restless mind. 🙂

Thanks so much for your input! You should hear all about it soon! 🙂



New at the Drugstore: Physician’s Formula Cruelty Free Spring Lineup


Continuing along our journey of all things new and cruelty free at the drugstore, today we have come to Physician’s Formula! Most of the new items are additions to their existing lines: Super CC, Super BB, Shimmer Strips, Organic Wear, Nude Wear, Mineral Wear, Eye Booster, Argan Wear and Bronze Booster, plus another new bronzer. Given that these are mainly additions to existing lines, I feel like there is nothing revolutionary and I didn’t actually purchase much from the new releases. The prices always make me a bit more choosy as well! J Definitely look for coupons (often on the boxes of new products) and sales whenever purchasing from Physician’s Formula. I apologize that most of my pictures are just the products on store shelves and I probably can’t give much of an opinion about most of them. I still wanted to do a brief roundup of what is coming out though, so here we go! Take a deep breath ‘cause there is a lot! 🙂

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