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Happy #ManiMonday! Another Butter London Love

Happy #ManiMonday everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and are excited for a brand new week! 🙂 Since it’s Monday, we all know what that means…another polish of the week! I liked last week’s polish so much that I went for another shade of the same formula. That’s right, it’s another Butter London Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer. This time I went for a deep teal blue called “Chat Up.” Love this shade! 🙂 It’s a really cool shade of blue that seems very fall-appropriate to me.

Feeling Broody This #ManiMonday? ;)

Happy #ManiMonday everyone! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend and are looking forward to a fantastic week! I’m back for yet another Nail of the Day post. There’s really no rhyme or reason behind the shade I’ve chosen for the week other than it’s a new polish…well, new to me. If you’re not aware, Ulta is currently holding their 21 Days of Beauty even where there are great deals on new items each day. Last week brought us half price Butter London polishes and since I discovered the Patent Shine 10x formula during the last event, I definitely wanted to pick up a few during this one as well! The main shade that was speaking to me is called “Broody” and that’s what I went for on my nails this week. 🙂

One Last Hurrah for Summer! #ManiMonday

I feel like it’s been ages since last Monday, but alas Monday is here again which means… “Happy #ManiMonday!” Most people consider today to be the last unofficial day of Summer here in the US, and I wanted to show Summer some proper respect with my favorite neon! 🙂 What is it? “Collide” from Illamasqua of course! 😉 It is an intensely bright neon pink that really screams Summer. It also has the best formula of any neon I have ever come across. It’s so even in application you could almost get away with a single coat. You would see the nail bed a bit as it’s slightly translucent, but it is so uncharacteristically even in pigment! No streaks, no bald patches. Nothing bad to say about this polish! I painted two coats for today’s nails. I would say that the polish dries to a satin or demi-matte finish as opposed to the traditional matte of most neons. Either way, I almost always add a shiny top coat so the original finish isn’t even noticeable. If you want a great neon, I would highly recommend Illasmasqua’s “Collide!”


I really have nothing more to say about “Collide.” It’s so perfect that not much needs to be said! ? However, if you’re curious how last week’s China Glaze Ever Glaze polish held up with the intended top coat, here goes!

A Breath of Fresh Air for #ManiMonday

I can’t believe another week has gone by already! That means it’s time for yet another #ManiMonday. ? I said I would report back on the wear of last week’s China Glaze Ever Glaze in “Mint-ality,” so let me just say that it didn’t go well. It didn’t exactly chip quickly, but once I got the tiniest of dings in the polish, it started coming off in chunks. Not ideal. That leads us to this week! Since I didn’t try that shade with the Active Top Coat intended for use with the Ever Glaze polishes, I thought I would test out a new shade this week with the appropriate top coat. So what shade did I go for? My other favorite go-to color of course – periwinkle blue! 😉 The shade is called “Breath of Fresh Air” and it is so gorgeous!

A Great Mint-Ality for #ManiMonday :p

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend as we have already begun a new week, which means…Happy #ManiMonday! 🙂 Such a busy weekend for me and I’m kind of glad it’s over because I feel like I may get more rest during the week. Haha! I’ve been helping with an office move and there is always so much more to be done than you anticipate. But back to the topic at hand – nail polish! 🙂

What’s A Budget? Today’s #ManiMonday ;)

Well hello, hello! Happy #ManiMonday everyone! Long time no see, but I do have a new polish to share today so I’ve returned from my hiatus. 🙂 Today we ponder the question, “What’s A Budget?” asked so brilliantly by Trust Fund Beauty. 😉 “What’s A Budget?” – yes, that’s the name of this polish – is a really beautiful almost Tiffany blue. There’s a touch of subtle silver shimmer in the bottle, but it looks like a straight cream on the nails. It’s absolutely gorgeous, though I was really aiming for more of a standard ole mint green this week. I will gladly settle for this light blue-green stunner though! 😉

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