Nail Polish


Va Va Voom & Civic Duty Reminder for #ManiMonday :P

Happy sleeping in an hour longer…I mean #ManiMonday! ? Can I just say that this time changing business twice a year really screws me up. And what’s up with different countries doing it at different times? So confusing! If you’re in the US and you haven’t turned on a TV recently, let me also remind you to VOTE tomorrow!!! It is so important and we’re privileged to have the right, so I highly suggest you exercise it! ? I have every intention of spending my Tuesday evening curled up in the fetal position holding on to every word spoken during election coverage on CNN. That’ essentially every night actually! ? But I’ll be there with a sense of fear and anxiety I never want to experience again, and then I shall mourn the loss of my beloved non-stop political punditry…hopefully! ? Enough of reality, on to the silly bit – my awesome nail polish! ?

Happy #ManiMonday – Halloween Edition!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! 🙂 Of course it’s also #ManiMonday. ? This week I didn’t have a specific color in mind, but I did have some new Zoya shades that I wanted to try. So, try I did! I decided on “Merida,” which is a green with scattered silver holographic flakes! These scattered holographic polishes are really cool and unusual in the world of polish. This fall, Zoya finally added a few new shades to this range and “Merida” certainly looked right up my street. I definitely think this would be a great shade around the Holidays, but who wants to wait for that? ?

A Semi-Unmotivated #ManiMonday

Sorry there was no #ManiMonday last week, but if you looked for it, you probably saw that the site was having issues. 🙂 Things are back up and working properly (fingers crossed), so this week I’m back! I wanted some kind of red-berry-autumnal vibe. I hadn’t reached for a Wet n Wild polish in a while either, so that’s what I went with. Today’s shade? “Left Marooned” from the 1 Step Wonder Gel line. It is, in fact, exactly what I was after! 🙂 It’s a gorgeous deep red-toned wine perhaps? I wouldn’t call it maroon as I tend to think of that as leaning more brown. Whatever you want to call this shade, it’s beautiful!


Feeling Anything But Neutral This #ManiMonday…but Not on the Nails!

This weekend just flew by! That means it’s time for me to say Happy #ManiMonday everyone!!! ? This week’s polish has no real rhyme or reason. I just love this polish and felt like wearing it, so I am! ? It is the shade “Eastyn” from Zoya. It’s an amazing neutral that’s not too grey, not too brown, not too pale, not too deep. It’s just plain perfect! Maybe I’m feeling a need for comfort with all this horrifying political mudslinging going on. Whatever the reason, I wanted a nice soothing neutral, and I can think of none better than “Eastyn!”

Trying Smith & Cult for #ManiMonday!

Well it’s #ManiMonday again and I definitely need another day off! But the polish must go on and today I have a brand that I have never tried before – Smith & Cult! This is a brand I can only see in person at my hair salon of all places. 🙂 The shade range isn’t huge and the shades don’t seem all that unique, but I hear a lot about the polishes so I wanted to try one…and the packaging doesn’t hurt either! 😉 So I settled on the shade “Feed the Rich” which looks like a dusty forest green in the bottle. It looks dark, but not as dark as it looks it on the nails. That said, it still doesn’t look black on the nails which is a pet peeve of mine. I hate it when a polish just translates as black despite the pretty deep rich color that’s not black in the bottle. But all is good with “Feed the Rich.” But wait, there’s more! 😉

Falling Leaves? Nope! Just Autumn for #ManiMonday

Another weekend down, Fall has officially begun and now it’s time for another #ManiMonday! I’ve been trying to get my polish into some sort of order this past week and came across a few that I forgot about. Always fun (and somewhat embarrassing ?) when that happens! ? I have about a zillion Zoya polishes, and this week’s gem in in fact from Zoya! It is called “Autumn” and there’s really no better name for this shade than that! This polish is what I would call a copper chocked full of metallic gold shimmer. It’s absolutely gorgeous and so reminiscent of Fall leaves.

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