UDxGwen Lipsticks – Cruelty Free DUPES!


A few weeks ago I posted a review with lip swatches of the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Lipsticks (see it here). I absolutely love the shades, not to mention the formulas are impressive too! However, as I mentioned in that post, I felt like some of the shades seemed easy to duplicate. Naturally I scoured my exorbitant lipstick collection for anything even just a smidge close to the UDxGwen Lipsticks. Well not only did I find close shades, I found some dead on color dupes! In fact, I have a pretty exact dupe for most of the shades and close options for two. I wouldn’t say the formulas are the same by any means, but there are definitely some more affordable cruelty free color matches available. If you’re looking to save some money, you’ve come to the right place! 🙂

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Lipsticks Review & Lip Swatches



There are Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Lipsticks!!! I suppose this should not have come as a surprise because if there is one thing I think of when I think Gwen Stefani it is her bold lip choices. These lipsticks are absolutely stunning! The packaging, the shades, the formulas, the finishes are all lovely. Though they may all look a bit similar in the bullets, I find they look different when applied. Clearly I like these, but let’s take a deeper look at these and see how they look on the lips!

For the Love of ColourPop – My Pathetic Overview of the Brand

ColourPop is an amazing cruelty free and mostly vegan brand that I have mentioned many times on this blog, yet it’s a company that I’ve never actually reviewed products from. There is a simple reason for this – I can’t figure out how or what to say! I guess first and foremost is that I absolutely love their products…not to mention the attitude that seems laced throughout their names and the sense of humor laced throughout their website descriptions. Seriously, check out a description or two and look at the FAQ section and you’ll see what I mean. J They are, of course, cruelty free and they make so many vegan products that their list of vegan products is actually the few items that are notvegan. Perhaps because I love the brand and the products so much, I really feel like a review needs to do them justice and I just don’t think I can! The products are so hard to describe – from the actual shades to the really unusual formulations. How do you explain the texture of a shadow that feels like nothing you’ve ever touched? So, I’ve been stumped. And as I struggle with how to discuss them, they keep inventing more and more types of products…plus the new shades never stop. It’s truly impressive…and frustrating! J This long winded intro is my way of letting you know that, a) ColourPop is amazing, and b) I’m going to massively fail at trying to discuss ColourPop Cosmetics today! J

Liquid Lipsticks – Tips To Avoid Dry Crinkled Raisin Lips

If you haven’t noticed, liquid lipsticks are huge these days. Everyone and their sister seems to be making their own take on the uncomfortable old classic. Being the curious type and wanting to test out some myself, I was definitely among the obsessed throngs breaking the ColourPop website the day theirs released. Before I get much further, let me say that this is not a review of any specific liquid lipstick, but more a way I dealt with a common issue – exaggerated lip lines. I’m still on the fence with the comfort and fuss required with practically all liquid lipsticks, but I have discovered a way to deal with some of the superficial dilemmas I encounter with these types of products. So, let’s get back to my story and the subsequent tip….

NEW Milani Moisture Matte Lipstick Shades – Lip Swatches & Comparisons!!! PIC HEAVY

Today I have something rare for this blog – all of the new shade additions to Milani’s Moisture Matte Lipstick range for Fall 2015! There are 8 new shades, all of which are beautiful autumnal tones. I have lip swatches of everything as well as some comparisons to other already existing Milani shades. And since I’ve never properly reviewed Milani’s Moisture Matte Lipsticks before, I have a quick overview about the formula as well. We have a lot to discuss, so let’s get into it!!! J
L to R: Matte Darling, Matte Beauty, Matte Flirty, Matte Love,
Matte Fearless, Matte Iconic, Matte Kiss & Matte Luxe
L to R: Matte Darling, Matte Beauty, Matte Flirty, Matte Love,
Matte Fearless, Matte Iconic, Matte Kiss & Matte Luxe

Milani’s Moisture Matte formula is a relatively new edition to their Color Statement range. The lipsticks are all, shocking news here so brace yourselves, matte! The formula is fantastic in that it is somehow fairly creamy, non-drying, highly pigmented and relatively long lasting. They are not what I would call moisturizing, but they do retain kind of a hydrating texture when you press your lips together even after an hour or two of wear. They have a faint vanilla scent and are quite affordable retailing for $5.99 (I only ever find them for $6.79). There were previously 8 permanent shades released, which means there are now 16 shades to choose from!!! And for all of you Vegans out there, the initial 8 shades were vegan so I’m guessing these new 8 colors are as well. I cannot confirm that though. So, that’s the formula in a nutshell. On to the new colors and swatches galore.

L to R: Matte Darling, Matte Beauty, Matte Flirty, Matte Love,
Matte Fearless, Matte Iconic, Matte Kiss & Matte Luxe
I’m going to run through the colors as they appeared in the display, which means we start with what’s probably one of my favorites – Matte Darling! It’s a lovely ever so slightly dusty rosy pink. This one seemed to drag a bit more than the rest, but nothing bad, especially for a matte formula.

Though I knew right away that this was not similar to the prior release of Matte Blissful, I swatched the two next to each other just for reference. Matte Blissful is much cooler and I find it does not flatter my skin tone very well. I think Matte Darling is a bit more neutral and probably friendlier to a wider array of skin tones.
L to R: Matte Darling & Matte Blissful
Top to Bottom: Matte Darling & Matte Blissful
I also found that Matte Darling is quite similar to one of the original Color Statement Lipsticks (not vegan fyi) in Fruit Punch. The main difference seems to be the finish – Fruit Punch has a cream finish. I have swatched the three side by side so you can judge for yourselves.
L to R: Fruit Punch, Matte Darling & Matte Blissful

Top to Bottom: Fruit Punch, Matte Darling & Matte Blissful

Next we have a nude almost terracotta-based brown. It is called Matte Beauty. I never find shades like this to be very flattering on my skin tone, but it definitely doesn’t wash me out. The formula seems to be good – no tugging or sinking into dryness or lines. I forgot a close-up for this one, so apologies.

Again, I compared this to the pre-existing matte brown shade called Matte Naked. Matte Beauty is definitely deeper, warmer and more of an orange-brown.
L to R: Matte Beauty & Matte Naked

Top to Bottom: Matte Beauty & Matte Naked
I also compared these two mattes to the shades Naturally Chic and Rose Femme from the original Color Statement line (again, not vegan). Cream finish aside, I don’t really think any of the colors are terribly close.
L to R: Naturally Chic, Matte Beauty, Matte Naked & Rose Femme

Top to Bottom: Naturally Chic, Matte Beauty, Matte Naked & Rose Femme
Moving right along, we have Matte Flirty, which is a reddish-purple berry. I really love this shade! It may be one of my favorites in fact! No issues with this one either.

I compared Matte Flirty with the Color Statement cream shades Sangria and Cabaret Blend. Sangria is pretty much identical, just a slightly different finish.
L to R: Sangria, Matte Flirty & Cabaret Blend

Top to Bottom: Sangria, Matte Flirty & Cabaret Blend
Sticking to the deep end of the pool, we have Matte Love. This is a beautiful deep brown-based burgundy or wine. Very pretty and also no issues! In the bullet it looks nearly identical to Matte Flirty, but as you can see it is actually quite different.

I compared this one to Cabaret Blend as well and it’s a pretty close match, but not exact.
L to R: Matte Love & Cabaret Blend

Top to Bottom: Matte Love & Cabaret Blend
The deepest and most terrifying shade for me is Matte Fearless. Clearly you have to be fearless to wear it because it is pretty much a deep, deep purple wine. It actually looks lighter in the pictures than I thought it did in person, but maybe it’s a difference in the lighting of my dreary bathroom versus diffused sun. This one also tended to settle into the dryness that had now appeared on my lips and it fell into my lip lines a bit as well. As long as you exfoliate well before applying, I think it will look beautiful on the right person, but I’m not sure it’s my cup of tea! J

Here you can see each of the three deeper shades compared – both in the bullets and on my arm. Very similar in the tubes, but quite varied on the skin.
L to R: Matte Flirty, Matte Love & Matte Fearless

Top to Bottom: Matte Flirty, Matte Love & Matte Fearless
Next we have a classic red appropriately named Matte Iconic. It’s just that – an iconic red. I saw another comparison that showed this next to MAC’s Ruby Woo and they looked pretty much identical in the photo. Since I don’t own any MAC lipsticks because they are not cruelty free, I cannot confirm this but I thought I’d pass the info along. In general, no issues and very pretty!

The next shade I find puzzling because I really do not see a difference from the last shade. This one is called Matte Kiss and it’s just as pretty, but seemingly identical. Maybe just the slightest bit pinker, but I don’t think you can see any difference when applied on the skin or the lips.

For comparisons sake, we have the two side by side.
L to R: Matte Iconic & Matte Kiss

Top to Bottom: Matte Iconic & Matte Kiss
And then compared with the original Color Statement Lipstick in Best Red. I would say all three are virtually identical. Even the finish of Best Red is pretty much the same. Maybe just a touch more shine, but it’s barely there.
L to R: Best Red, Matte Iconic & Matte Kiss

Top to Bottom: Best Red, Matte Iconic & Matte Kiss
Last but not least is Matte Luxe. This is an amazing straight up bright orange. I saw a swatch comparison to MAC’s Morange that looked pretty much identical. The formula is perfect and the color speaks for itself. J

I did find a good dupe in the regular Color Statement line with Sweet Nectar. Again, the finish is a cream so there a bit of shine, but the underlying color is practically identical.
L to R: Matte Luxe & Sweet Nectar

Top to Bottom: Matte Luxe & Sweet Nectar
There we have it! All 8 new shades of the Color Statement Matte Moisture Lipsticks. Overall, I think there’s something for everyone and the formula seems consistently great! My lips actually were not in pain after the whole swatching process, which is a testament to something! (Tip for anyone else doing lip swatches – use coconut oil to remove them. It not only dissolves the lipstick, but it helps keep your lips hydrated through the process.)
L to R: Matte Darling, Matte Beauty, Matte Flirty, Matte Love,
Matte Fearless, Matte Iconic, Matte Kiss & Matte Luxe
I hope you all found this helpful. I had a lot of fun doing this and was actually really shocked to find the display in the first place! I’d be curious to know what shade you’re most interested in picking up, and let me know if you see a difference between Matte Iconic and Matte Kiss! I really want to know why they look identical! JI hope to see you back again on Friday for my June Favorites – I bumped them so I could get this up sooner. As always, thank you so much for stopping by and I will see you soon!!!

NEW Milani Moisture Matte Lipsticks & Stay Put Brows Spotted at CVS!

***UPDATE: I caved and picked up every shade of the Moisture Matte Lipsticks so hopefully a giant swatch fest with some comparisons to prior shades will be up on Wednesday or Friday! Lots of surprising shades btw…and no deep browns or blacks. More towards purples.***

Just thought I’d write a quick update of my finds at CVS this evening. The new Milani displays were up, which is strange because none of the stores near me ever put out new products or limited edition collections…especially not early. So, if you were unaware, Milani is expanding their range of Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks! They appear to have added 8 brand new shades, most of which look perfect for Fall and would be fantastic on deeper skin tones as well (shade names and descriptions below pictures). There are also new brow products that mimic the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade potted brow color trend called the Stay Put Brow Color (shade names also after pictures).

I haven’t swatched any of the Color Statement Matte Lipstick shades (I only bought Matte Darling – self restraint and all), but judging from the pictures and the caps, I’ll do my best to describe the new hues. The shades are from left to right:

Matte Darling (74) – medium slightly rosy pink

Matte Beauty (69) – medium brown-leaning nude

Matte Flirty (71) – very deep wine that almost looks black

Matte Love (73) – very deep brown-based wine that also looks nearly black – may actually be brown

Matte Fearless (70) – this one looks either very deep brown or actually black

Matte Iconic (68) – straight up classic deep red

Matte Kiss (72) – slightly lighter pin-up red

Matte Luxe (75) – slightly muted, bold orange (definitely orange, but not super bright & in-your-face)

Really exciting, though a number of the colors looks really similar! I’m debating doing a swatch post of all of them, but not sure I really want to purchase all 8 shades. We’ll see. I’m curious if the deeper shades are as deep and vampy as they appear! I’m also curious just how similar the deeper shades and the reds are to one another, as well as to their prior matte shades. (Slowly convincing myself “must. try. all!”)

Moving on the the new Stay Put Brow Color. This appears to be Milani’s response to the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade and all the other similar potted brow products. They have a good range of color options – there are 5 shades, which is respectable in the drugstore price range. They also come with a dual-ended brush and the spoolie actually looks really nice! We’ll have to see how it actually performs. So again, here are the colors as pictured from left to right:

Soft Brown (01) – light ash brown to medium brown hair

Natural Taupe (02) – golden blonde to light ash brown hair

Medium Brown (03) – medium brown to chestnut hair

Brunette (04) – chestnut to chocolate brown hair

Dark Brown (05) – chocolate brown to black hair

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! Let me know what you’re most excited about, and especially what lip color you really want to try. I’m thinking I also need the orange and one of the reds; the rest are just massively intriguing! Anyway, have a good night and I will see you during the week for more typical posts!

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