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October Favorites – Acure, Hourglass, Milani, Butter London, Sibu Beauty, Josie Maran, Urban Decay & EcoTools

Seriously can’t believe it’s already November. I can’t say that October flew past, but seriously, November? That’s nearly Christmas!!! How?! Anyway, since another month has passed, it’s time for yet another Favorites post. I’ve had an interesting month skin-wise, which I may go into more in a separate post depending on how it progresses. Basically, I decided to ditch all of the prescription products I’ve been using for years because I thought they might actually be making things worse. Still kind of on the fence about whether that smart or not. Anyway, because of that I have a good amount of skin care favorites, but fear not! There’s still some makeup as well! Let’s dive right in, shall we? J

Since I mentioned skin care, I’ll start there. For washing my face, I have gotten back into using a Konjac Sponge. It’s basically just a reusable vegetable fiber sponge that softens with water. Using your cleanser, you massage it over your face for gentle exfoliation. It leaves my skin softer and less flaky without irritating it. Fantastic stuff! JRight now I’m using the EcoTools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge – Deep Cleansing. I had tried a Dew Puff version before and liked it, but I hung it on my sink faucet, as you’re supposed to, but it crept toward the nasty sink bowl where water would splash onto it every time I washed my hands. I like the string idea, but I need to get a hook or something to keep it away from the actual sink bowl. Anyway, the EcoTools version doesn’t have a string so you have to rest in on something. I’m not a huge fan of that either, but the sponge is so thick and shaped in a way that I really only find myself using one side. I just rest the unused side in a little dish near the sink and, though it doessit in a small bit of standing water – gross! – I don’t feel like bacteria collects too quickly on the side I use. I have yet to find my ideal setup for storing the wet sponge, but I have definitely enjoyed using a Konjac Sponge this month.

The past few months I have been trying out using toners. I never used to use toners because it just seemed like an extra and ineffective step. Then I discovered that some come in spray bottles and I was sold! JI’m still not sure they do much, but I really do like the Acure Balancing Rose + Red Tea Facial Toner. It has a really nice, even, fine mist and the bottle not only looks pretty, but is rather satisfying to hold. The ingredients are wonderful, organic and simple too – Organic Rooibos, Organic Calendula, Organic Chamomile, Organic Witch Hazel, Organic Bulgarian Rose Water & Organic Glycerin. It’s soothing and the Witch Hazel makes it good for acne-prone skin. I can’t say I’ve really noticed any difference – good or bad – that I can directly attribute to the Acure Facial Toner, but I just love the bottle and the mist so much that it’s a real pleasure to use!
Sticking with toners (sort of), I have something that’s more of a technique than something specific. I believe I first heard this mentioned in a video from makeupTIA on YouTube – check out her videos here because she’s just so soothing and relaxing. I feel like I’m watching Opera while in a spa. J She also has been switching to a lot of “green” products lately and many of them are cruelty free! Anyway, she recommended adding a toner to facial oil and then applying the combination to your face for better absorption. I’ve been trying that with the Sibu Beauty Clarifying Toner and the Josie Maran Agran Oiland it really does work! Usually the regular Argan Oil from Josie Maran leaves me a little bit greasy, but when mixed with the toner, it absorbs like a charm – no grease whatsoever! Not even by the time I wake up in the morning! It’s also a nice way to add a toner to your routine without really adding any time. I chose the Sibu Toner because the mister bottle was horrible, but I like the supposed benefits and the Argan Oil because I have a bottle that I just never reach for, but don’t want to waste it. Together they instantly soak into my skin and leave my face hydrated without the grease! J If you like using a facial oil – or are scared to – but feel like it either leaves you greasy or takes too long to absorb, definitely trying mixing it with a toner. Life changing I tell you. J

Moving on to makeup favorites, I’ve rediscovered my Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. I reviewed it shortly after it was released hereif you’re looking for a more detailed review. Not sure why I stopped using it for a while, but I did. This month as my skin has looked a bit better, I found myself reaching for it frequently. The coverage is good – buildable light to medium – and it doesn’t turn me into a grease-ball by the end of the day. It also stays put! I don’t really have a whole lot more to say about it. It’s just a nice foundation!

For blush, I’ve been absolutely addicted to the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette! It is so gorgeous! I recently reviewed it here if you’d like more information and swatches. Every color is incredibly wearable – at least for my skin tone – and I really love the formula. Initially I gravitated towards “Mood Exposure,” which is a gorgeous neutral plum – not a shade I’d typically seek out, but definitely try it because it’s stunning! Soon I started using “Luminous Flush,” which is a nice kind of neutral rose. Also stunning and so wearable! And though I’ve worn “Incandescent Electra” the least, it also a beautiful, very wearable everyday kind of blush. The palette is pricey, but for three great and really wearable blushes, it’s actually a great value.

My eye shadow staple has definitely been “Cappuccino” from Milani’s new Bella Eyes Collection. There’s nothing terribly exciting about it, but it’s a fantastic transition/blending shade. I’m no master blender, but I just love this shade for deepening up the crease a tiny bit with minimal shadows, blending out darker shades and for the lower lash line. It’s really nice and affordable as well!

Now for the most exciting makeup – to me anyway! J My favorite lipsticks this month have been hands down the new Butter London Moisture Matte Lipsticks – again! I absolutely love them! I have two shades and I really don’t know which would be my favorite. There’s “Ruby Murray” which is a deep berry shade and then “Loved Up” which is more of a deep raspberry shade. They sound similar and they actually are pretty close, but Loved Up looks more pink, where Ruby Murray is more of a classic deep berry. The finish of these ismatte, but it doesn’t look sickly, patchy or pasty as some mattes do. There’s still some life to them somehow. The formula of these is also fantastic! I typically hate matte lipstick, but these are socomfortable. They’re not as creamy as most cream formulas, but they aren’t at all drying. They last for ages and stay where you put them! Butter London has nailed the formula with their Moisture Matte Lipsticks!

Finally, I feel like I need to add just one non-beauty related favorite. For the past few weeks, I have finally become addicted to Instagram! I know. Late on the bandwagon. I’ve had an account for ages, but rarely post anything. For some reason I’ve just been obsessed with it this month! I’ve been challenging myself to post at least one picture a day, which has been fun and often harder than I expected! Don’t know how long my obsession will last, but for now I’ve been glued to it. J If you’re on Instagram and would like to follow me, I’m @makeupguineapig.
I think that’s going to do it for my October Favorites! I could add a few more items, but this is already quite long – thanks if you’re still reading! I guess it’s been a good month for favorites. And now I think we’re officially entering the Holiday Season!!! Agh! Thanksgiving and Christmas are so close!!! Let me know what you’ve been loving this month, or if you have any Holiday themed requests. No promises, but I will see what I can do if there’s something specific you’d like to see. As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll come back for more! J

Switching It Up For Fall – Making Up My Makeup Bag

September is here and so is the unofficial start of Fall. As the seasons change, so do the makeup shades I reach for. When the weather gets colder and the days grow shorter, I find myself wanting to feel warm, comfy and cozy. The makeup shades of Fall often mimic this, meaning the brights get shoved to the side in favor of warm chocolates and deep berries. So in preparation for the dwindling daylight and the hint of winter chill in the air, it’s time for a makeup bag makeover! To see a few ways my makeup bag changes for the season, keep reading! J

Nails are the first thing that come to mind for me. I ditch the loud, bold hues for the more traditional Fall berries, rich neutrals, and deeper tones of navy and green. My favorite of the moment is Zoya’s Moxie (which also happens to be the name of one of my cats! Not gonna lie, that’s kinda why I bought it). It’s a beautiful berry that’s not too dark, nor too bright (Try as I might, I couldn’t get the picture to look less red and more berry as it is in person). Regardless, it’s absolutely gorgeous and I’d highly recommend it, especially for this transitional portion of Fall!

Moving on to the face. In the Summer, my blush is all about the corals, peaches, pops of pink and just all around brighter tones. Like most, when that telltale crisp chill enters the air, I almost immediately grab for the berries and an occasional reddish hue. Are we noticing a trend here? J One of my favorite berry-toned Fall blushes is from 100% Pure and it is their Fruit Pigmented Blush in – shocker here – Berry.” These blushes are 100% Natural as well as Vegan, and “Berry” is just a gorgeous shade that’s not tooplummy, but not too bright either. I also really love Tarte’s 12-Hour Amazonian Clay Blush in “Natural Beauty” for more of a reddish I-just-came-in-from-the-cold kind of flush. Both are beautiful choices and perfectfor chillier days filled with multi-colored leaves crunching under your feet.
Sticking with the berry trend, I’m gonna move on to lips. The many pinks and the occasional bright I favor in the Summer collect dust, while I haul out the berries and reds. For a softer, subtle lip that still has that berry tone, I love Lipstick Queen’s Hello Sailor Lipstick. I reviewed it earlier this week, so you can see that here, but don’t be shocked to see that the lipstick is actually blue! It gives a beautiful wash of berry that’s perfect for anytime of day in the Fall. If you’re looking for a more full-on color, try something like Butter London’s new Lippy Moisture Matte Lipstick in “Ruby Murray.” Not only is this lipstick gorgeous, but it is one of the most comfortable matte lipsticks I have ever tried! For my favorite red, I’d probably go with the Lip Tar in “Stalker” from OCC. Kind of a pain to deal with since it needs to be applied with a brush, but it’s worth it! Whether you prefer a subtle lip or more of a statement, these are definitely my favorites this time of year!
Eye liner is a bit more boring in terms of a change…at least for me. I tend to grab for my standard blacks and browns, but to mix things up a bit I like adding in a navy like Urban Decay’s 24/7 Velvet Glide On Eye Pencil in “Minx,” which is a deep, rich, matte navy. It’s still dark, but has a subtle hint of color and will help make the whites of your eyes look whiter! Some other shades to try out this Fall are metallic bronzes, coppers and golds. I feel like these shades are always fantastic for a Fall eye. If you’re looking for more color, swap out the bright teals for jewel toned deep greens and rich, smoky purples. Basically, if you’re seeing it in Fall fashions, it’s probably a decent color to try on your eyes…at least as an accent.
There are two eye shadow palettes that I feel are perfect this time of year. Both of them give you tons of options and can be worn day or night. The first is Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar Palette. Though it is a pretty neutral palette, it has a fantastic pop of burgundy, a medium purple, and some gorgeous bronzes, chocolates and golds. Not to mention the chocolate scent that just screams warm and cozy. If you love your neutrals, but want some colorful jewel tones as well, I can’t think of a better palette than Urban Decay’s Smoked Palette. It’s an absolutely gorgeous palette that fits the bill for colorful Fall eyes, as well as more neutral looks that can be either daytime appropriate or built up for a night out. Either way, you’re getting amazing quality shadows in Fall-appropriate shades. Win, Win!
Finally, though I’m not much a fragrance girl, I definitely hunger for a change in scents as the leaves turn. Again, the warm, cozy and often foody type scents win my heart. A fantastic cruelty free scent option that I love this Autumn is from Pacificaand it is their Mexican Cocoa Perfume. It smells so good! Pacifica describes it as a mix of Mexican Cocoa with bitter Almond, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Vanilla. The scent doesn’t last all day, but it’s worth reapplying. And mix it with a bit of vanilla (try Pacifica’s Island Vanillaor The Body Shop’s Vanilla) for a fantastic custom blend! You will smell delicious, unexpected, and a bit exotic! J

That pretty much does it for my Fall-ready makeup bag. Nothing earth shattering in there, but I definitely crave a change with the ever-changing weather. I think we can agree that the theme here is brights are out, berries are in. JI’d love to hear how your makeup bag changes with the seasons. And if you have any recommendations, please leave them as a comment since we all need inspiration to feed this addiction! J Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this rifle through my Fall makeup bag.

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow – Fun in the Sun or Sand in Your Shorts?

Being a fan of the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee (see my review here), I was quite intrigued when I saw the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow on Sephora’s website. They sounded kind of beachy in origin and perfect for summer, so I decided I needed to give them a try. Did they meet up to my expectations based on the Cheek Gelee? Keep reading to find out! J

So what exactly arethese little bottles of liquid eyeshadow? They are a bi-phase product filled with coconut water and argan-infused pigment. You have to shake the bottle to actually combine the two before application. The coconut water is supposed to help hydrate and reduce the look of fine lines, while the pigment packs a punch of shimmery color.
Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadows (L to R):
Bora Bora Bronze, Rio De Rose Gold, Playa Del Pink

I initially picked out one shade to test – Playa Del Pink. It’s described as a shimmering light pink, which sounds pretty accurate. It’s basically a highlight kinda color. It’s very subtle, but highly shimmery. Actually, I would probably call it closer to metallic. All over the lid, it kind of brightens up the eyes. I feel like it would be a great wash of sheer, brightening color around the pool or at the beach. There’s a huge problem with that though….

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow:
Playa Del Pink

They are completely and totally not waterproof or even water-resistant. In fact, a tiny drop of water makes them disappear completely. Great for removing them at the end of the day, but horrible for a day of fun in the sun!
I might be able to look past the lack of water-resistance because the shadows really are quite pretty. However, I still have many problems with them. First, you have to really shake the bottle to mix the pigment with whatever watery substrate it’s suspended in. I’m talking shake until your arm wants to fall off. You’ll hear a little metal ball shaking around in the bottle, but it does little to help mix the shadow…or maybe it does and it would take hours to mix otherwise.
Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow:
Rio De Rose Gold

After a good 5 minutes or so of shaking, the pigment looks evenly distributed. I actually apply it with my fingers. The little doe foot applicator seems kind of pointless to me. The claim that a little bit goes a long way is true, but it’s a rather sheer wash of color that is not terribly buildable. It goes on wet, but dries to a nice metallic finish pretty quickly. That’s good and bad. Though it doesn’t really need much in the way of blending because it is so sheer, there’s really no time for blending. If you want to use multiple shades of these shadows together, it’s going to be tough to make them look great. As far as the wear of these shadows, you’re going to need a primer. I tried them without and not only did it crease, but it also faded into almost nothing on my lids. However, with a primer, it lasts wonderfully! No creasing, but maybe a tiny bit of fading throughout the day. I was actually quite surprised that it wore as well as it did with a primer! Unfortunately there are just so many drawbacks with this shadow.
Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow:
Bora Bora Bronze (with applicator)

Though the shades are pretty, I think you could find another shadow that looks similar without all the drawbacks. As far as the shades go, I also decided to try Rio De Rose Gold, which is described as a “shimmering pink gold” and is probably my favorite of the shades I tested. It’s a very pretty color, but something about it is kind of difficult to wear. The tones in it are just a bit to rosy I think. I wanted to see if one of the bronzey shades might be better so I also tried Bora Bora Bronze, described as a “shimmering deep bronze.” This shade is pretty deep and ends up looking rather patchy on the skin. It’s sheerness works against it. So all the pitfalls aside, the shades don’t seem to be that flattering either. These shadows, though an interesting idea, don’t come close to hitting the mark. Definitely not a great option for a day at the beach as I had hoped. No Coconut Water miracles here!

April Favorites – Full of Makeup! – Too Faced, NARS, Jouer, Tarte, Buxom & Josie Maran

Another month, another Favorites post! It’s been a crazy month…again…but I managed to wear a bit more makeup this time around. My skin has been so red and blotchy that I couldn’t not! JI actually don’t think I have anyskin care, hair care or body care this month, which is rare for me! J It’s not that I don’t have favorites, just nothing new that stands out. So, without further ado, I bring you my April Favorites! J

For starters, I would have been totally lost without the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint. I’ve mentioned this before, but I hadn’t been using it recently…until April rolled around! I’m not sure that there’s been a day that I’ve been out where I haven’t worn this wonder product. This has such amazing coverage for a tinted moisturizer – even if it were a light-medium foundation – and it has such a natural finish. It’s not too matte, but it doesn’t look at all greasy on my combo skin like most tinted moisturizers tend to. It also helps keep me from getting super shiny all day and is such an easy throw-on-and-rush-out-the-door kinda product. The Jouer Matte Moisture Tint is truly wonderful!

I picked up a new blush during the Sephora VIB sale in April and instantly fell in love with it! I’ve been using it pretty much every day since! It’s the NARS Blush in “Torrid.” I can’t really explain why I love it so much; it just looks sopretty! It’s described as a coral with shimmer, which seems pretty accurate to me. The shimmer is very subtle and on the cheeks it creates more of a beautiful glow than a shimmer. I have a few other NARS blushes, and I don’t find myself reaching for them all that often, but “Torrid” is gorgeous!

Another item from NARS that I’ve been pleasantly surprised by is the Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in “Via Veneto.” It’s just a standard black eyeliner, but it is seriously the best black eyeliner I have ever tried! I won’t say much more since I just reviewed it here. Definitely couldn’t live without the NARS Larger Than Life Eyelinerin April!

An oldie, but a goodie that I’ve been using is also from NARS. It’s their Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base. This is definitely the best eye shadow primer I’ve used in terms of preventing creasing. I usually don’t have much trouble on one eye, but the other eye creases like crazy no matter what I use. Strange, I know! JFortunately there’s the NARS Base because it definitely keeps my shadows looking fresher longer. I may get an occasional crease on the one eye, but it’s a dramatic improvement from every other shadow primer I’ve used. Yea for the NARS Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base! J

I also fell back in love with my Tarte Brow Architect Pencil in April. It makes filling in your brows so quick and easy! I find that the Light/Medium shade is just about right for my skin tone as well as my hair color. I reviewed this quite a while ago, so if you’d like to learn more, check out that post here. It has seriously made getting out the door with the appearanceof actual eyebrows on my face so easy that I don’t feel compelled to skip it! And the Tarte Brow Architect is finally available by itself as well! J

For eye shadow in April, I could not stop reaching for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. I really tried to resist this bad boy, but it’s just so beautiful! It’s yet another thing I need like a hole in the head, but it’s an incredible neutral palette with a bit of punch thrown in. I feel like everyone and her brother has been talking about this palette, so I won’t get into too much detail. It’s just an amazing all around palette with ridiculously adorable packaging, and yes, it does smell like chocolate. That’s actually one aspect I could live without, but don’t mind it either. The shadows seem to last better than most on my eyes too, so make more palettes like the Chocolate Bar Palette, Too Faced! It’s absolutely superb! J

Not wanting to abandon the lip products, I’ve been totally addicted to the Buxom Full On Lip Cream in “Mai Tai.” It’s what I would call the perfect lip gloss – and I don’t even like lip gloss much! It’s a beautiful deep peachy shade. It actually kinda reminds me of the NARS Blush in “Torrid” if it were a lip gloss. If you’d like to know more about the Buxom Full On Lip Creams, check out my recent review here.

And finally, I lied. There’s one body product I’ve been addicted to in April. It’s the Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream. I have it in the Warm Vanilla Fig scent, which I believe is only available in a set from QVC – plus it’s massive! JIt’s a great hand cream because it really seems to penetrate my skin. I found my other hand creams were just sitting on top of my skin, leaving my hands still thirsting for moisture. The Josie Maran seemed to fix the dehydrated feeling right away, although if I don’t use it somewhat regularly it sometimes returns. It’s not at all heavy, but if you use a huge quantity, it can feel a bit greasy. I haven’t had any trouble with it, but I know when I first tested it at Sephora, a ton came out and I thought it was quite greasy. After testing it a second time and not squeezing too hard, I found that it’s been just perfect! The warm vanilla fig scent is quite nice as well. It’s warm and comforting, yet still quite light and not at all overpowering. You don’t smell your hand cream all day, so I think the Josie Maran Hand Cream has the perfect balance of a pleasant, but subtle scent (the vanilla apricot is a beautiful scent too). Again I must say well done Josie Maran! J

I feel like this was quite an unusual Favorites for me since it was predominately makeup items. I hope it was still enjoyable! JI should add that I’ve still been obsessedwith the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara too, but I know I’ve mentioned it recently, but it’s so good, that it needed another brief mention (see my review here)! That pretty much fills out my go-to face in April. Let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments because a girl can never have too many suggestions! J If you’re looking for any of these products, I will have them all listed in my April Favorites Luvocracy Collection, which you can find here. I hope you’ve all had a fantastic month and I will see you for another favorites next month!!!

Cruelty-Free Drugstore Stocking Stuffers – Holiday Collaboration with Liza & Catherine!!!

Today’s post is Holiday Collaboration with Liza and Catherine! This time around, we are each giving you our recommendations for the 5 Best Drugstore Makeup Products! To give this a Holiday flare, they are also our favorite picks for Stocking fillers. This was a bit of a challenge because figuring out items that could really work for anyone, or where color is not an issue, was rather difficult! J After a lot of brainstorming and searching through my collection, I think I’ve figured out some good picks that any girl would be glad to receive in her stocking this year!

My first pick is actually a pencil eyeliner. I absolutely adore the NYX Slide-On Eye Pencils. They are every bit as good as the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencils, but for a fraction of the cost! They are available in tons of colors and can be used as eyeliner on the lid or under the lash line, or they can be placed on the upper or lower waterlines. These pencils can be smudged, but once they set, they stay where you put them…even on the waterlines! They are great for stockings because I think every girl uses a pencil liner at least once in a while for something. As for a color, you can’t go wrong with Black or Brown. The NYX Slide-On Eye Pencils are excellent drug store stocking stuffers that any girl can put to good use!

Sticking with the eyes, every girl needs mascara, right? Everyone probably has a different preference when it comes to mascara, but this is one of my favorite all-around mascaras from the drugstore. It is the Lash Knockout Volumizing Mascara from Flower Beauty. I feel like this is a good mascara for most people because it gives volume, length and holds a curl without becoming crunchy. It is buildable to be semi-dramatic, or you just use one coat for a more natural effect. It can clump if you try to layer too much too fast, but in general, I don’t find it to be an issue. Overall, I think the Flower Beauty Lash Knockout Volumizing Mascara is one most anyone would be happy with!
Another product that I think is great for anyone is from Jordana. It is the 12 Hour Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil. Because shade preference can be rather personal, I would grab one in “Continuous Almond” or “Eternal White” because they make great eyeshadow bases. I personally love “Continuous Almond” because it is the perfect concealing eye primer, at least on my skin tone. It conceals the veins and any discoloration on my eyelids, and it looks great on its own with a touch of liquid liner for a Marilyn Monroe-like look. These pencils are amazing bases for powder shadows because they do not crease, are water-resistant, they are nice and creamy, and have a matte finish that doesn’t compete with any type of powder shadow. The Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencils are amazing and so multi-purpose that I think they’re wonderful for a stocking!

I’m not entirely sure everyone would count nail polish as makeup, but I do so that’s what I’m choosing next! I think Flower Beauty makes a great polish for an affordable price and the shade “Fanatical Botanical” is a beautiful choice! It’s a metallic rosy-gold that is subtle without being completely unnoticeable. I feel like it would compliment virtually any skin tone and even the polish-phobic would feel comfortable wearing this Nail’d It Nail Lacquer from Flower Beauty!
Finally, I don’t think you can go wrong with a lip color. I’m going to cheat a little bit and give two suggestions because they are very similar and I couldn’t decide between the two. I really love Jordana’s Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stains and the All Glossed Up Hydrating Lip Stains from Hard Candy. Both are twist-up chubby lip pencils that are quite pigmented, while not being intensely opaque. They last pretty much all day, while actually feeling comfortable on the lips. The two formulas have a slightly glossy finish that does fade, but leaves behind a slight stain of color. As for a color, you can’t really go wrong with a nude shade, but I find a red or berry color more fun this time of year! “Rockin’ Rouge” and “Cranberry Crush” are great options from Jordana, while “Red Minx” is a wonderful semi-sheer red from Hard Candy. The Jordana Balm Stains and the Hard Candy Lip Stains are wonderful choices for any girl’s stocking this year!

That does it for my Top 5 Cruelty-Free Drug Store Stocking Stuffers. Add a little bit of foundation, some blush and a bit of concealer, and you pretty much have a full face of makeup! JI hope this was helpful and maybe gave you an idea or two to help fill the stocking of someone special! JDon’t forget to go check out Liza’s and Catherine’s posts as well because I know they always have incredible recommendations! I wish you all a wonderful Holiday season and a very Happy New Year!!! J Thank you so much for stopping by!

The new Naked 3 Palette!!! Urban Decay’s Latest Release with Swatches

I wanted to put up some Holiday Gift Guides this week, but something unexpected popped up. That added to all the Thanksgiving preparations has made it virtually impossible to finish what I was working on. But, I did receive my Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay yesterday, so I thought I would do a post going through the shades and showing you just what it has to offer instead! I haven’t actually had a chance to use the palette yet, so this is not really a proper review, but a nice peek at the colors nonetheless. Anyway, let’s get on to the fun stuff and see what Naked 3 has in store!!! 🙂

We’ll start with appearances. It’s gorgeous (of course!). It’s packaged must like Naked 2 in a metal tin and contains 12 shadows, a dual-ended brush and a sample-size set of all 4 of their Eyeshadow Primers. The pink-based hues are packed in rose gold that has a wave-like texture, as well as an embossed logo. The texture kind of reminds me of rumpled satin or something. It very pretty, relatively compact and sturdy.

Now on to the fun part – the shadows!!! 🙂

Now for some swatches! I tend to be a light swatcher and some of the lighter shades are a tiny bit washed out from the light, but you get the general idea.
The first shade is a matte pale pink-toned white called “Strange.” Very pigmented and great quality!

Next is “Dust” which is a rather chunky light rose pink with lots of micro-glitter. It swatched kind of chunky with a lot of fallout.

Then we have “Burnout,” a pretty, slightly metallic rosey pink. This color actually looks almost identical to “Dust,” but without the fallout and the sparkle. The color looks pretty close.

“Limit” is a matte rosey pinkish-brown. It would be a beautiful transition shade. Love this color! 🙂
“Buzz” is another slightly metallic shade. I guess I would call it a medium mauve or rose. Very pretty, and I think quite wearable!

Next up, “Trick!” “Trick” is a gorgeous sparkly peachy-rose. This shade looks phenomenal when swatched.

Next is another matte shade called “Nooner.” It is a medium brown with a pinkish tint. Also very pretty and would be great for deepening the crease. It reminds me of “Swiss Chocolate” from MAC…well, the way I remember that shade because it’s not in front of me.

Then, we have “Liar,” which is a slightly metallic medium brown with a touch of rosy pink. It makes me think of a rose bronze if that’s a color! 🙂

“Factory” is one of the more neutral browns. It is a medium-dark brown that looks kind of standard, but is still quite pretty. I would say it has a satin finish when swatched.

Next is “Mugshot,” which is also more on the neutral side of brown. It has a slightly metallic finish and is a medium-deep tone.

Then we have “Darkside.” This shade is a chocolatey brown that is almost matte when swatched. It’s probably really a satin, but it seems almost matte to me.

And finally, there is “Blackheart,” which is a either a super deep brown, or black with reddish micro-glitter. The glitter doesn’t show up too much when swatched, which will actually probably make for less fallout, so it’s all good in my book! 🙂

The colors are all really pretty and this will probably end up being my favorite of the Naked Palettes, but I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Do you need it if you have the others? Absolutely not, but it’s a beautiful addition and adds some stunning new shades to the neutral family! To see how it stacks up, I photographed all three together. Naked 3 is on the Top, with the Original Naked on the left and Naked 2 on the right. You can see that there is a definite difference from the prior Naked palettes – it is clearly much pinker in tone.

There is also a dual-ended brush included, also like Naked 2. One end is a flat shader brush.

The other end is a fluffier blending brush or something that could be used for a sheerer wash of color. It’s a pretty decent quality brush that’s definitely worth keeping, unlike so many other palette brushes!

The Eyeshadow Primer sample packets are pretty generous sizes, but I’m not a fan of how they are packaged. There is certainly enough product to test each one out though. There is a packet of the Original, Eden, Sin and the new Anti-Aging Primer.

Overall, I think I will be very happy with this palette. You can never have too many neutrals in my opinion, and these shades, though pink-based, are still stunningly beautiful neutrals! If you have either of the other palettes, you certainly don’t need this one, but it is a wonderful addition and I think it is a necessity if you tend towards warmer shades like I do.

The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette retails for $52 and is currently available (though sold out last I checked) from Urban Decay, and will soon be available in Sephora and Ulta stores as well.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the Naked 3 Palette and I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season!!! 🙂 And congrats if you actually made it this far! 😉

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