Beauty Basics

Wondering what my skin type is? Whether I battle natural curls or suffer from flat, lifeless hair? Curious what beauty issues are most important to me? If you’re inquiring about my beauty concerns, you’ve come to the right place! Here is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about my beauty basics, but were afraid to ask!



I have normal to combination skin that can become quite oily mainly when wearing foundation. Not sure why the greasiness seems related to foundation, but it is.

I am acne-prone and scar easily. My skin is prone to redness even as far out as a year after a breakout. 🙁

Though my skin is not sensitive, when it reacts badly to a product it’s usually pretty bad.

My biggest skin struggles are currently uneven skin tone and large pores.

My skin tone is definitely light, possibly even fair to light.



I have naturally dark ash brown hair that is heavily color-treated to a pale blonde (on a good day!). Therefore it is damaged and prone to breakage. I battle brassiness as well.

My hair strands are fine/thin, but I have a fair amount of it so it looks neither thin nor thick. It does lack volume at the root and can look limp and lifeless without styling.

I have a subtle natural wave to my hair that mostly disappears after brushing. It pretty much always looks messy unless I make a real effort!

My scalp tends to be dry, especially in the colder months and I do suffer from mild dandruff.



I have pretty normal skin on my body except for my elbows which are a cracked, flaky, dry, discolored mess! My hands are often dry as well. And my feet. So, extremities aside, I have rather normal skin! 🙂



I am almost always wearing nail polish. It leaves my nails rather damaged no matter what I use. They peel and are often stained yellow making it difficult to keep polish on my nails, but keeping the desire to disguise them real. 🙂


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