Happy New Year + Annual Favorites Start TOMORROW!!!

Happy New Year!!! Wow! How time flies! I cannot believe that not only are we a week into 2018, but it’s 2018?!?! Yeah, I had to do that. It’s a blogger requirement, isn’t it? It is true though. Time flies so fast these days. But enough on that, we have business to attend to! We’re going to be spending this week going through my Annual Cruelty Free Beauty Favorites for 2017! My goal is to have one post up each day, though as I’m writing this, I still have no photos and a lot to take. I’m gonna do my best to keep up, but we’ll see how it goes. 😄


I just wanted to give you a little heads up to what’s intended for the week – hopefully! I hope everyone had a decent 2017. Mine was rather uneventful. Political craziness aside, it’s been a rather boring year, which is kind of a nice change actually! 😅

Cruelty Free December Favorites 2017

The wrapping paper has been strewn around the living room. The anticipation of a New Year is upon us and our pants are all feeling just a bit more snug. All sure fire signs that it’s time for some Cruelty Free December Favorites!!! For me, it’s been a strange month, but one of some great beauty products…and there’s mostly makeup for a change! 😜 It’s not been a bad month, just unusual. But we’re not gonna waste time on some fancy intro, so let’s just get into the good stuff, shall we?

Tips for Beating the Winter Blues


The Holidays can be a wonderful time, but for many it’s not. And let’s face it. We all have down days – Holidays or not. In fact, I wrote out these tips during a down weekend, and just focusing on them and writing them out helped a lot. So, today I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks for dealing with those not so great days where you’re just feeling down and can’t seem to shrug off the blues. Quick and necessary disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor, therapist or any other type of professional. These are just tips that have worked for me in the past, as well as things that have been recommended to me by many a professional. In other words, this is absolutely NOT meant as a substitute for professional help should the Holiday funk be a bit more than just a day here and there. In the same vein, if you have been experiencing bouts of depression, anxiety, extreme stress, or any kind of lingering or debilitating mood issues, please do not hesitate to seek professional help. And things WILL get better. For those of you just having a more manageable rough patch here and there, these are some of the best tips I have personally used for dealing with the temporary blues.

Cruelty Free Accutane Skin Care – Dry & Sensitive Skin Recommendations

As a lot of you may know, I’ve been on an Accutane regimen for a little while now (I just found out I’m about to start my *hopefully* final month!). Accutane is infamous for the extreme skin dryness that everyone seems to experience while on the medication. To give an example, while I’m writing this, I’m on 7 day hair!!! 😳 Yup. It’s been an entire week without washing the not-even-remotely-greasy mop on my head which, I must say, is a positive side effect in my eyes. 😉 With that though, my face has certainly gone from combo / oily to definitely on the dry side. Given that, I have managed to avoid much of the flaky, itchy, tight or other such variations of actual discomfort from the drying effects of the Accutane…with the exception of my nose, which, to be fair, is usually a bit flaky. Since I’ve been using the same products pretty consistently, I feel like I can finally share my cruelty free “secrets” for managing super dry and sensitive skin that is also safe for using while taking Accutane.

Cruelty Free November Favorites

Ok. Obligatory “month flew by” blogger intro here. I seriously don’t even remember November starting! I swear time is flying so fast all the time and I’m starting to wonder if it’s just age relative to time. Whatever the case, it’s been another month of not a lot of makeup and when I’m wearing it, I’ve been testing out new products (thanks Sephora VIB sale). That said, the cruelty free favorites I do have from the month are good. On a more personal note, Thanksgiving was fantastic, though I nearly lost it at crunch time! 😂 And I had no time to properly dress for the event! It was the same as always – just me and my parents, and the past few years I’ve “prepared” everything – Veggie for me, meat for the ‘rents. Nothing fancy and nothing new. If you’re curious why so small, not a lot of extended family lives close by…of the few that remain…and I’m an only child which makes for small gatherings. I really like it that way and since I enjoy my parents’ company, it’s always an enjoyable experience…horrible near-genocidal historical origin aside. Side note…anyone seen that Thanksgiving episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”? First year of college I believe when Buffy hosts the festivities? Classic Buffy awesomeness! 💖 Anyway, I do have some non-makeup cruelty free favorites despite all of my disclaimers there – mostly skin care with a few others for good measure. Since November is over, I thought it time to share them with you today!

Cruelty Free October Beauty Favorites

Ok. I know it’s clichéd, but where the bloody hell did October go?! For one, it’s only felt like Autumn for a few days of the month. What’s up with that? (Since I wrote this about 2 weeks ago, Fall has definitely arrived.) The leaves are just starting to turn. Also weird. (Again, two weeks ago….) I think perhaps there’s some kind of trick being played on me and it’s actually still September. 😂 Who’s with me? (The me from 2 weeks ago. 😉) All of that is irrelevant to this post though because it’s time for some Cruelty Free October Favorites!!! It’s been yet another month of trying to figure out what I really like on my unnaturally dried out everything. I’ll undoubtedly figure it out just as my skin reverts to its former self. 😂 Despite my trials and tribulations in the complexion realm, there are still plenty of things I’ve been loving. Without further ado, let’s jump into the Favorites!

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