I have long been a fan of coconut oil both as a moisturizer and for shaving. I know it can be used for so many more things (we’ll go through some more later), but those are my preferences when reaching for coconut oil. I have always just used the good old standard coconut oil you can buy anywhere and thought nothing of it…to be fair it was the only game in town. After I discovered the wonders of coconut oil, an odd newcomer entered the block. A new brand that focused on the magic of coconut oil, but put it in beautiful packaging and, naturally, charged a good chunk more for the “same” stuff. I am of course referring to Kopari. They do have a wide array of products – all coconut oil based – but surely the Coconut Melt is no different than my old grocery store standby, right? The only ingredient is Organic Coconut Oil after all. Weeeell….

Kopari’s Coconut Melt is literally just Organic Coconut Oil. You can buy that at any grocery store, right? Well, according to Kopari, not all coconut oil is created equal. Apparently the quality of the fruit, as well as the way and place in which it is harvested, can make a drastic difference in the resulting oil. That makes a certain amount of sense to me, but I still find it hard to believe that it can make that much of a difference. Oh, was I wrong! The Coconut Melt is absolute perfection! I have tried it as a body moisturizer and for shaving, but wow! If you dislike the feeling of greasy coconut oil on the skin, you will like the Coconut Melt. I personally don’t mind the somewhat greasy feeling of coconut oil on my skin, but if I can go with the ultra-hydrating, but completely non-greasy Coconut Melt, I‘m going with the Kopari Coconut Melt!


So how is it different? Like any old coconut oil, it is solid below 76°F (24°C) and melts at higher temperatures. I find that even in my shower, the coconut oil rarely, if ever, liquifies and I like it that way. All appearances would lead one to believe that the Kopari is no different than traditional coconut oil, but scoop a bit out and apply it to the skin and you will absolutely feel a significant difference. There is no greasiness and no sticky or uncomfortable residue left on the skin! It really does completely melt into the skin without a trace! That’s not to say that it doesn’t do anything because it absolutely does. My skin feels hydrated, so soft, and smooth. Even better, unlike with standard coconut oil that can occasionally leave me feeling a little tight and itchy within a few hours, I never feel uncomfortable in any way after using the Coconut Melt. It is absolutely wonderful and I’m not sure I can ever look at a standard old grocery store tub of coconut oil the same again.

If you’re not familiar with how you can utilize coconut oil, and therefore the Coconut Melt, in your “beauty” routine, here are just a handful…. I have reserved this pricey version mainly for moisturizing my body so far, so I cannot attest to the differences between the Coconut Melt and standard coconut oil for much else, but I have no reason to believe the results would be any less wonderful. The only other way I have tried the Coconut Melt is for shaving – one of my favorite uses for coconut oil – and though I find regular coconut oil just fine, especially since the greasiness kind of washes off, I have to admit that the Coconut Melt is a nicer experience. I feel like it stays on the skin better even when water hits it, and it definitely doesn’t clog the razor blade…at all! Whether you choose traditional coconut oil or the Coconut Melt, I feel like I get a closer shave with smoother, softer skin when swapping out other shaving products, so I highly recommend giving it a go if you haven’t already! Another great use for coconut oil is as a hair mask, but I find the grocery store stuff is a bit heavy on my hair. I really should give the Coconut Melt a try for this as I think it’s less likely to weigh the hair down as traditional coconut oil can. I have very rarely used coconut oil as a makeup remover – it works wonders! – but I always find it feels a bit heavy and greasy, so again the Kopari Coconut Melt would likely be the perfect solution. Coconut oil is great for hydrating the lips, but again, I find the traditional stuff to be greasy and not really good at penetrating the skin. Trying the Coconut Melt might be a great alternative, though they also make a lip balm called the “Coconut Lip Glossy” that is likely more convenient on the go. Adding a bit of coconut oil to bath water is a popular way to use the wonder ingredient as well, though I pretty much never take baths so I haven’t tried it. A little Coconut Melt might be just the ticket there too! You’re getting the basic idea I’m sure – use Coconut Melt (or coconut oil if you’d rather have more grease 😜) in place of anything that you might ordinarily use for hydration!


So, is the Kopari Coconut Melt just coconut oil in a fancy tub? I think I have been convinced that the answer is no. It is everything coconut oil is and more, but without the grease! I’m not 100% certain that 7 ounces is worth a $38 price tag (ouch!), but it is anything but your traditional bought-at-the-grocery-store coconut oil. I imagine that I will buy it again because I love it so much, but if you don’t mind the greasiness or heaviness of ordinary coconut oil, you can probably pass. That said, if you hate using coconut oil because it’s just too much, I cannot recommend the Kopari Coconut Melt highly enough! I think this is one instance where I am so glad to be proven wrong! 😄


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