Ok. Let’s see if I can get this Cruelty Free May Favorites posted at a decent point in the month for a change. 😜 I feel like each month is getting increasingly more hectic and I’m feel more and more disheveled as we go. 😄 But fear not! I am getting the hang of things and dealing well enough…though the blog is clearly suffering. 🙃 All of that said, I haven’t been wearing makeup as often or switching up products as much as I might normally, but I still have some favorites… some really amazing favorites! Are you ready? Let’s reveal the cruelty free gems from May!!!

I’m going to start with the biggest surprise hit from May…and one that I just reviewed as well. It is the Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara and it is flipping fantastic! This is yet another gem from the Sephora VIB sale and I actually expected not to like it much. I assumed that because it contains CBD oil (yes, there’s a whole marijuana theme with this mascara, but the CBD oil itself actually serves a purpose) that it would be a wetter formula that would weigh down lashes. Oh, contrare! This is hands down my new go-to, favorite, must-have mascara! As mentioned, it contains conditioning CBD oil, which does in fact come from cannabis – it’s totally legal and will not make you high or anything, so fear not if that’s not your thing. The CBD oil is actually good for lashes as well as an alternative to beeswax (it’s a vegan formula, as are all Milk Makeup products) for binding the product to the lashes. It also has heart-shaped fibers to help add width and length to lashes. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of another mascara using heart-shaped fibers, but they really do make a difference. Anyway, the Kush Mascara makes my lashes look just the way I want – lengthened and volumized without clumps! Even better, I feel like using just one coat on minimal makeup days looks (relatively) natural, but add a second coat and you have beautiful, dramatic lashes. It’s almost like a two-in-one (check out my review for pics of the mascara in action)! I do find that it flakes a tiny bit on me some days, but nothing extreme or terribly noticeable from a normal distance, so it doesn’t bother me. The tiny flakes also brush away easily without smearing. A quick tip for the best results in my experience – let the mascara dry between coats for the best effect. It works brilliantly for even more intense lashes with the least likelihood of clumps. I highly, highly recommend giving the Milk Makeup Kush Mascara a try – whether you prefer a more natural look or a verging-on-falsies kind of look. It really does do it all!!!

Another hero from the Sephora VIB sale was something I really was trying to avoid because it contains silk, and though I’m not vegan with my cruelty free beauty choices (yet!), I’m trying to be more mindful when it comes to animal-derived ingredients. Alas, I was hearing so many wonderful things about the Tatcha The Silk Canvas Protective Primer that I caved. I think what really sold me on this primer was Sephora’s claim that it, “smooths and makes makeup last longer while keeping it out of skin, helping to prevent clogged pores and breakouts.” Whether that’s just good marketing or an unusual aspect of the Silk Canvas Primer, I have found that it seems to be true! I gently pat the primer into my skin (it can pill up if you rub), and every time I use it, I find that makeup no longer collects anywhere on my face. I have some deep, but tiny pore-sized acne scars that always collect foundation. However, with this primer my foundation just glides right over the little “holes” without any effort on my part. It’s brilliant! I also find that none of the foundations I have tried with the primer settle into fine lines or larger pores, not to mention that it really does improve the lasting power of them too! I was highly skeptical that this primer would be anything special, but I was so wrong. If you’re ok with silk in your beauty products, are willing to shell out the painful $52 (I know – so expensive, but I feel it’s worth it, plus it seems like it will last a good while because you need so little), I definitely recommend the Tatcha The Silk Canvas Protective Primer. It really does blur pores and keep makeup looking fresh all day without settling into the skin in all the ways no one wants. Brilliant stuff!

For concealer, I keep reaching for the Bare Minerals BAREPRO 16-Hour Full Coverage Concealer. This is a stick concealer with a natural matte finish that’s great for both under eyes and around the face. It reminds me of the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer, but better because it’s not in a pot…and it’s still cruelty free! Sticks are not the most hygienic either, but I do enjoy the ability to just draw the product where I need it, blend it out with either a brush or my fingers, and call it a day. It doesn’t have the absolute highest coverage I’ve ever used, but I would say that it lies on the lighter end of full coverage. It works well for everyday because it doesn’t look overdone no matter what kind of coverage you’re going for elsewhere, but it still actually covers. It’s not overly creamy so it doesn’t slide all over the skin, but it’s also not too firm that it’s difficult to apply or blend out. It’s really the perfect balance with kind of a velvety feel on the skin. I do always set it with powder, and I find that it wears surprisingly well. Having said that, I’m not sure you need to set it if you don’t want to. They have a pretty good shade selection as well with 15 to choose from – I use Light-Neutral 04 for reference. They not only have light to dark, but warm, cool and neutral shades. I feel like they could do better on either side of the shade spectrum, but they’re not doing terribly either. Absolutely love the Bare Minerals BAREPRO 16-Hour Full Coverage Concealer, and it has been pretty much a daily staple for disguising what I don’t want to be seen in May. 😉

Last on the makeup front is another pricey number. During the Marc Jacobs Beauty Friends & Family sale, I picked two of the Air Blush Soft Glow Duos. I ordered the neutral shade, “Flesh and Fantasy” and the peachy-coral shade, “Lines and Last Night” and I love them both! I will admit that I’m not sure there’s anything all that special about these blushes, but they’re still beautiful…and I’m trying to get my money’s worth! 😳 They aren’t overly pigmented, but build up nicely if you want more punch while not being too soft nor too dry. They blend into the skin beautifully and look wonderfully natural – never powdery or chalky – and the I love these shades on my skin tone. They are not too soft, nor too firm as well. Kind of the Goldilocks of blushes. 😄 There’s also just something about Marc Jacobs Beauty packaging that feels so fancy, sleek and nice in the hands. Are they worth a $42 price tag? Not sure about that, but they are wonderful blushes and I’ve been enjoying using them, so the Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duos make the May Favorites list.

Moving on to some skincare! First is an item I’ve had for some time now, but only recently started using on a regular basis. It is the Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator. Now that I’ve finished my course of Accutane, my dermatologist still wants me using a topical treatment to prevent just in case. Since these need to be applied to dry skin, I tend to mist my face with the Hydrating Accelerator after applying the acne treatment, but before applying any serums or hydrating products to my face. Having slightly damp skin when applying these things helps moisturizers better penetrate into the skin, locking the moisture in deeper and hydrating better. In fact, the Hydrating Accelerator contains a balance of vitamins and minerals that are supposed to further aid in the deep penetration of additional hydrating products. I genuinely do feel a difference in how comfortable my skin feels after applying my skincare when I use the Hydrating Accelerator. This little gem is vitamin-infused aloe water in a spray bottle with a very fine, gentle, and satisfying mist. It can be used as a toner, hydrator and light moisturizer. I just spritz it on my face, let it sink in for maybe a minute, then apply all the hydrators I use in my skincare routines while my skin is still slightly damp from the mist. It’s a wonderful experience, as well as being helpful for really getting moisture into the skin. It would also be great for a touch of hydration throughout the day and could probably work as a makeup setting spray as well (as long as you’re looking more to melt products together and not aiming for longer wear from the spray). Now that the Summer months are upon us, keeping it in the fridge as a refreshing after sun, or just mid-day refresh would be fantastic as well! I feel like this is one of those “princess products” for those that are often just a bit extra, but it does keep my skin better hydrated throughout the day. The Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator is a beautiful product that’s great for a bit of a skin treat…as well as boosting hydration…and I was loving the experience of it throughout May.

Last, but certainly not least, I have fallen in love with the Farmacy Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer with Echinacea GreenEnvy. As with the Tatcha Primer, I initially tried avoiding this product because it is made with honey, but I was curious enough to test it on my hand while at Sephora and I was sold. Clearly, I have few convictions. 😄 This moisturizer is so lightweight, yet still moisturizing without being sticky or uncomfortable on the skin. It’s just gorgeous and it’s the perfect moisturizer for day time…just make sure you add sunscreen on top! I’m not sure if I’ve ever tried a water cream, but this is exactly what I expect a water cream to feel like on the skin. The Honey Drop Moisturizer – brace yourselves for this shocker – contains honey, which is known to draw moisture into the skin and help lock it there. The result is a beautiful lightweight moisturizer that keeps the skin comfortable, hydrated and even a bit plumped all day long. My skin type is currently pretty much normal – not too dry, not too oily – and I actually think this moisturizer could work wonderfully on both dry and oily skin types as well. I really love this stuff! So definitely recommend the Farmacy Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer for pretty much anyone…as long as you’re ok with honey in your products!

That’s it! Cruelty Free May Favorites for 2018 are a thing of the past…now let’s see if I can post it within a reasonable period of time! 😄 I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look into my favorite beauty items from May. Apologies for being so absent everywhere lately. I’m working on it. At least I tell myself that! 🙃 Thank you so much for sticking with me and stopping by, and I hope to see you again soon!!!





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