There’s a new vegan mascara in town! This one comes from Milk Makeup and it is the CBD oil-infused (and appropriately named) Kush High Volume Mascara! To be honest, an oil-infused mascara always sounds problematic to me, but I’m all in favor of testing out a new mascara…especially one promising volume! And props to Milk Makeup for not only being an entirely vegan makeup line, but for aiming for the best of all worlds with this vegan mascara! So, have they created a new revolution in mascara, or is it just another gimmick destined to disappear tomorrow? Let’s find out!!!

The Kush Mascara boasts quite the claims. The mascara brands the moniker of “Kush” thanks to an infusion of cannabis oil. Fear not, this is not going to get you high – nor is it illegal. It is rich in non-psychoactive CBD (Cannabidiol), often used for its perceived therapeutic effects in treating things like chronic pain and anxiety. In the case of the new Kush Mascara, cannabis oil is used as an alternative to beeswax (brilliant!) and helps bind the mascara not just to the lashes, but also to the unique heart-shaped fibers that are also embedded in the mascara. These hollow fibers have both width and length in their heart shape and are intended to add volume andlength, plus the formula is supposed to curl! As if that were not enough, the CBD oil nourishes and hydrates the lashes…even after it’s been removed! We all know about cosmetic claims though. 😉 So how does the mascara actually perform?


Let’s start with the “Puff Puff” brush. Yes, that’s what Milk has named it. I guess when you have a theme, stick to it! 😄 This is a relatively large, yet traditionally shaped, “fluffy” brush. Sephora describes it as “tree shaped” and I would agree with that. It tapers towards the end with a full middle and base, and the bristles slightly crisscross to help prevent clumping. I’m not the biggest fan of huge mascara wands because I am absolute rubbish at applying mascara only to my lashes. My lids almost always betray the scars of application. 😳 That said, I almost always love the look of mascara applied from larger wands so I can deal with the clean-up after application (To remove, I wait for the offending smear to dry, then remove with either a cotton bud or an eyebrow spoolie). I don’t much care about the shape and size of the wand if I like the end result from a mascara, but I do wish I could apply it without the mess! I get a smidge of mascara on my eye lids some of the time when using the Kush Mascara wand, but usually nothing terrible, and I’m willing to put up with it.

Ok, now for the main event – the performance of the mascara! I must say that after the first coat, I was not blown away, but still pleasantly surprised at the nice, ultra-black, semi-natural looking lashes it produced. I found that the Kush Mascara does indeed add volume and length without weighing them down or losing my curl. Very little, if any, clumping occurred as well. So, a great all-around mascara for more natural days with just one light coat. How many of us stop there though? 😄 With a second thin coat applied soon after the first, you absolutely get even more volume and length, still without weighing down the lashes. I do find a bit more clumping…but only when applied quickly after the first coat. Here comes the secret to getting absolutely gorgeous lashes with weightless volume and length without clumps! Let the first coat of mascara dry as much as possible before applying the second coat (I’m not talking hours here, but maybe just apply a highlighter or lipstick between coats). Also, use thin coats because it will build nicely! Then it’s welcome to intense, but still realistic looking lashes! It’s like your lashes on steroids…and yes, people may think you’re wearing falsies! Of course you can keep going, but I rarely do more than two coats, because in just two coats you’ve got intense volume, graceful length without clumps, and a light airy weightlessness to your lashes. It really is a mascara that does everything!

Ok, it looks fantastic, but how does it wear throughout the day? Let me start by saying that I rarely have much trouble with mascaras smudging, but occasionally I do experience some flaking. With Milk’s new Kush Mascara, I have worn it for long days, through naps and have totally forgotten it was on my eyes and rubbed them without much trouble. I’ve experienced absolutely no smudging or transferring, but I have occasionally had some very minimal fallout. The fallout usually looks like a few barely noticeable fibers or tiny dots here and there that can easily be brushed away without causing black streaks or anything else unseemly. It’s nothing that bothers me at all. My lashes look so amazing that I can definitely deal with a fiber or two near my eyes at the end of day. And it really is minimal flaking. Unless you’re quite close and looking for something, I doubt you’d notice anything at all. Still, I feel it’s only fair that I mention it in case that would be a deal breaker for you. Bottom line? I would say that the wear is pretty fantastic!


The only other things to mention are the packaging and the price. The silver metal tube that houses the mascara is weighty. It is a hefty and kind of bulky mascara package. I believe I heard that the metal used in the packaging is actually from recycled Lamborghini’s. Kind of bizarre, but somehow seems perfectly fitting from Milk Makeup. It’s actually a nice feeling in your hand – sleek and expensive feeling. The wand end itself is not at all heavy – in fact, I think it’s nicely balanced for application. You receive 0.34oz / 10mL of product. For comparison’s sake, my former favorite (spoiler!) is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (reviewed here) which only has 0.27oz / 8mL with only a $1 difference in price – the Kush Mascara retails for $24, while the Too Faced is $23. I feel like for a higher end mascara, especially with the impressive versatility of a more natural effect in one coat or intense lashes with two or more coats, it’s a perfectly reasonable price…especially with such a fancy feeling package!

In case you haven’t guessed, I love Milk’s new Kush Mascara, and it is absolutely my new favorite! I feel like it’s totally worth the $24 price tag because you’re essentially getting two mascaras in one. It doesn’t clump, stays put, volumizes, lengthens, doesn’t weigh down a curl, conditions lashes, and just looks amazing all day long. It also removes without trouble. I truly couldn’t ask for anything more! I am determined to master applying it without getting it on my eyelids, but then that’s a life-long goal with any mascara. 😄 This is definitely the mascara to beat now in my eyes! If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend giving the new Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara a go!






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  1. Cristy Ley Reply

    I would like to give new Milk’s mascara a try! Because I have tried tons on mascaras and the only that slightly please me it’s Essence Lash princess but it’s not the perfect! Haven’t found it yet!

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