Happy late January Favorites! Apologies for this being so late. I was down and out with the flu for almost 2 weeks. Let me tell you, this horrible flu that keeps making the news? It really is awful! Finally I’m feeling a bit better and I don’t want to miss one of my favorite kind of posts to write. I have 2 apologies to make quickly before we get into it. One: deepest apologies for so many “Favorite” type posts the last while. I have been – and still am – feeling a bit at a loss for subject matter. I’m working on it though. Two: As I was sick most of the second half of the month, I wasn’t loving much outside of my bed and sleep! Therefore, I don’t have a crap ton of favorites for January…and there’s no makeup coming up, though I’m guessing if that’s your main interest, you aren’t reading this blog anyway. 😄 So, disclaimers out of the way, I did manage to wash my face a few times throughout the month as well as wash my hair here and there. That gives me a few “new” favorites to mention, so here we go!!!

I’m going to start with a hair tool. I purchased the InStyler Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush sometime in December after seeing a review about it and thinking it looked like it might work on my thin, slightly wavy hair. I had a 20% off coupon at Ulta and figured, why not? 😄 It’s one of those hybrid brush-like flat irons, but unlike a lot of them, the Glossie Straightener has a clamp of sorts. I use it just like I would a flat iron, but instead of hair that’s flattened beyond an inch of its life, this leaves a bit more volume to my hair while still straightening out the ratty looking waviness and eliminating that weird poofiness I naturally develop. It doesn’t create quite the same kind of look as a flat iron because it doesn’t look as sleek and polished, but I’m kind of liking that right now. Basically it makes my hair look like it probably would if it would just dry straight. It’s also quick, easy and lasts for days without really needing touch ups. I’m not sure that it’s any different in terms of ease and time commitment than a traditional flat iron, but I like that it leaves a bit more volume in my hair. All of that said, this will not work for everyone! I think if your hair is much more than slightly wavy, you’re going to have trouble getting a straightened look with this tool. Also, the thicker your hair, the more sectioning it will likely take to smooth out the hair. Probably more so than with a traditional flat iron, but then again if your hair is on the thicker side already, you may not care much about retaining volume. Personally, I find it works really well on my hair and I’ve been using it basically whenever I wash my hair (after it has dried of course). Highly recommend this seemingly gimmicky device a try if you have a subtle wave you just want to get rid of without removing all volume from your hair.

My next favorite is a hand cream. It’s an old favorite revived for another life in the land of loves – the ShiKai Borage Therapy Hand Cream! I have a full review here, so I’ll try to keep it brief. This is an unusual hand cream in that it’s on the thinner side – more lotion like actually – but it is one of the most nourishing, hydrating, dry hand healing creams I have found! With the crazy weather and lots of hand washing, my hands have really been feeling parched. There are tons of hand creams out there that are alright and help at least until your hands get wet again, but I was reminded of the ShiKai and its magical ability to retain moisture even after washing your hands. It’s a truly remarkable cream! Not at all greasy, deeply hydrating seemingly from the inside out, and it just works. The only thing that would make it even nicer would be another version with sunscreen! 😉 Highly, highly, highly recommend giving the Borage Therapy Hand Cream a go!

Moving into skin care (for the face anyway), I have a few favorites – new and old. The first is a product I purchased a while back, but kind of forgot about. Suddenly remembering it and being curious, I dug it out and I am so glad I did! What am I talking about? 100% Plant-Derived Squalane from The Ordinary of course! In my eyes, this is basically a hydrating booster that’s great for all skin types. It’s a very lightweight liquid consistency that absorbs into the skin pretty much on contact. There is no oiliness, no greasiness. It’s not heavy or occlusive. It seems to keep my skin feeling perfectly hydrated and balanced. I really love it and, at the time I’m writing this my skin is starting to regain a bit of its natural oils again and it’s still just as lovely. No matter your skin type, I feel you might benefit from the moisturizing and balancing benefits of Squalane!

Another new find is yet another Derma E oil blend! It is their collaboration with SunKissAlba and is known as their Radiant Glow Face Oil. It consists of Jojoba, Argan and Seabuckthorn oils – all oils that I love by themselves, so what could be better than the lot combined? You’ll also see Sunflower Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil and Vitamin E in the ingredient list. I guess these weren’t buzz-worthy enough for top billing! I initially veered away from this oil because there is visible shimmer in it (it’s simply mica) and I envisioned a face full of highlighter. 😄 Realizing I could use it on my body or in my hair if it was a disaster on my face, I decided it was worth a go after all and it was worth the gamble! First, it doesn’t make you sparkle like a disco ball. Not at all. In fact, I often feel shinier from other oils than the Radiant Glow Face Oil. Even better than the lack of uber glow (though it’s not going to leave you perfectly flat matte either) is the texture. This stuff is divine! It has just the nicest silky sensation that feels so luxurious as you apply it! It absorbs quickly and is lightweight as well. This is another one that I feel like any skin type would appreciate it…the oils included are also known to be non-comedeogenic, so they shouldn’t clog pores either. I absolutely look forward to applying this to my skin every day because it feels so luxurious on the skin and keeps my skin comfortably hydrated without being heavy. It’s an absolute joy!

My last skin care love of January is a former favorite that was dethroned. But alas, it has regained the crown! 😄 It is the Farmacy Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm. If everything else I’ve mentioned is light on the skin, this is the polar opposite. Much like my hands, my face started feeling extra dry in January. I blame it on the bitter cold as well as my 6th (and I think final month of Accutane!!!!) Deciding I needed something more extreme to keep my face happy, I turned back to this intense balm that is a bit slimy, a bit greasy and sort of but not exactly a bit heavy. I know, it sounds unpleasant, but I put this on last thing at night – just a tiny bit – and it absorbs while I sleep so that I wake up with wonderfully hydrated, comfortable and plumped skin. It’s an odd texture in that it’s kind of like a gel-balm if that makes any sense. I don’t find it uncomfortable on the skin, but I can feel it initially. It definitely takes a little time to absorb, but it is so worth it if you have dry skin! You will wake up with comfortable, hydrated skin that feels happy. That said, I know that it’s not for everyone and I suspect oily skin types would hate this. Should you be suffering from the dryness this winter – or whenever – this is a great skin fix for even the driest, most dehydrated skin!


So there we have it! Short and sweet. I’m trying to get more variety in the material I’m posting. I really am. Just suffering from some serious writer’s block the last…well, long while really! 😄 I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at the products that I bothered with even while hiding under the covers with the flu, and I look forward to seeing you back again soon…hopefully with something other than a Favorites post! 😉



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