I’ve been a long fan of Cleansing Oils for washing my face. They are hydrating without being too much (even when my skin was oilier). They’re gentle yet effective, and they even remove makeup without much trouble. They really can be an all-in-one product. Plus there’s just something about the process of using a good cleansing oil that I really enjoy. I have tried a number throughout the years – from higher end to more budget friendly – and I’ve recently stumbled upon two very similar oils…but with dramatically different price tags! For the pricier option we have the Tatcha One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil and on the more affordable end, we have the Derma E Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil. So, let’s go through the similarities and differences and see – do we have a budget-friendly dupe?!?

Let’s start with ingredients. Tatcha, not surprisingly, uses slightly more “exotic” oils – Rice Bran, Camellia, as well as Algae Extract (which will help retain moisture in the skin). This oil gives you a good dose of skin-friendly Vitamins and Omega fatty acids. The Derma E Cleansing Oil sticks to somewhat less fancy, but no less effective, Argan (rich in antioxidants) and Jojoba oils. That’s pretty much all that you’ll find in here, which might be better if you have particularly reactive / sensitive skin though I don’t think the Tatcha is going to give you issues either. It’s just less “basic.” (P.S. – There is nothing “Rose” about the Derma E cleansing oil which makes the name a bit odd.) I should add that I don’t notice a scent with either of these cleansers, so ultra sensitive skins rejoice! Clearly the two Cleansing Oils are not literal dupes in terms of formulas. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t at all similar though! 😉


As far as the consistency of each oil, they are quite similar but not identical. Both are good medium-weight oil cleansers that are applied to the skin while dry. When you add a bit of water, both cleansers get that wonderful milky “lather,” though I feel the Tatcha Cleansing Oil “lathers” a bit better. I’m putting “lather” in quotes only because it’s not foaming or anything of the sort, I’m just referring to the oils emulsifying with the water to create kind of a milky look on the skin. Bottom line, they both will properly cleanse the skin and even remove makeup, though I would recommend a separate makeup remover or second cleanser to remove heavier makeup. On the issue of makeup removal, I feel like the Tatcha will whisk it away just a smidge faster but not enough that I would knock the Derma E in any way. However, I do sometimes feel that the Derma E is just a touch more irritating to my eyes. Just barely and it actually could be the makeup I’m removing, but I do feel the slightest bit more irritation when using the Derma E. All that said, I would say that they are on equal footing when it comes to the process of cleansing and removing makeup.

Moving on to the typically less important issue of packaging – specifically ease of use. I suppose for some this is a factor, but as long as something is convenient and functional, I don’t care much beyond that. I can safely say that both of these cleansing oils meet my criteria – they both have pump dispensers that are reliable and consistent in how much product is dispensed. I’m not 100% certain that they will get every last drop out of the bottles, but it would appear that the Derma E bottle does have a stem that reaches the bottom of the bottle (I’m nearly out though and it is getting harder to pump without some manipulation). One knock for the Tatcha (at least in the practical department) is that you cannot see into the bottle, thus making it pretty damn difficult to determine how much product remains…as well as how likely you are to get every last bit out of the bottle. In a real pinch, you can remove the pump top from both bottles to pour out the last little bits if need be. So it’s a draw – both have packaging that is perfectly functional.

If aesthetics and feel of the packaging is important to you, the Tatcha absolutely wins; if eco-friendly is more your thing, then Derma E is your winner. The Tatcha bottle is sleek and elegant despite being plastic, and the pump has a smoother feel when depressing it than the Derma E. That said, the lid is so easy to knock off deducting some points in terms of travel-friendly, but it does have that “twist to lock” feature ensuring the pump won’t be depressed even without the lid so points regained. A traveling downside for the Derma E (but also a nice touch that is eco-friendly) is that the bottle is a nice, weighty glass. On the plus side, you can see through the bottle and tell when you’re running low plus it has a good secure cap, so fewer worries about it popping off and ruining everything in your suitcase. Personally I like glass bottles and rarely travel so it’s not a bother to me. The Derma E pump is consistent, easy to push down and never spits out product in a weird way so no points deducted there. Both cleansing oils are perfectly practical in packaging with no flaws in usability, but the Tatcha definitely looks prettier on the counter and the twistable pump top is a practical bonus.

The experience of opening the Tatcha box is so luxurious!

Last but not least, we have cost. Now at face value, the Derma E seems a lot more affordable at $17.99, but upon closer examination you are receiving only 2 ounces for that price. On the opposite end, the Tatcha will run you $48.00 for 5.1 ounces. That means that per ounce, you’re paying about $8.99 for every ounce of Derma E Cleansing Oil and about $9.41 for an ounce of the Tatcha Cleansing Oil. Amazing what a difference comparing by ounce and not just per bottle can make! When you look at it this way, it really comes down to which formula you prefer when deciding which is the better buy. On quick addition to the value issue – I tend to use 2 pumps of the Derma E for my entire face, while I use only 1 pump of the Tatcha. However, I feel like the Tatcha pump dispenses a bit more than that of the Derma E. So again I think you have a net-net as to which you will go through faster. Given the very subtle difference in actual price per ounce, I cannot claim the Derma E to be a less expensive dupe, but if you like to change things up a lot or prefer to fork over less money more often, that is probably the better choice.

So…do we have a dupe on our hands with the Derma E Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil and the Tatcha One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil? I would say absolutely…at least in terms of use and results! I do prefer the Tatcha just the tiniest bit more. I feel like the oil is a bit richer and feels nicer on the skin. Does it leave my skin feeling any different from Derma E’s take? Not much. It may be the subtlest bit more hydrating, but not enough to be all that noticeable. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on which you prefer or are more interested in), the difference in price is actually pretty minimal when you compare them ounce by ounce. Derma E is a more eco-friendly and “green” brand if that’s important to you, but both companies are cruelty free and I believe both products are vegan (I don’t see any animal-based ingredients in the Tatcha, but I’m not an expert in what to look for so double check if that’s a deal breaker; the Derma E is absolutely vegan). I do realize that the ingredients in these oils are entirely different and if you care to do more research into the benefits of each, I recommend you do so. Neither is using horrible “filler” oils or anything and they genuinely feel almost identical on the skin, not to mention that I feel like cleansers in general have the least benefit for the skin as they are removed so quickly. So, dupe? More or less, but better value? Depends on how you use products.

Even the inside of the Tatcha box is beautiful!

I hope this has been a helpful comparison between two wonderful cleansing oils. If nothing else, I hope I’ve given you some more information about great options for washing your face! I personally love both of these oils and look forward to using each one. Picking a favorite is difficult, but as I mentioned, I think I find the Tatcha just the slightest bit more enjoyable to use. I still love using the Derma E, but I think there’s something about the bottle of the Tatcha that gives it that slight edge. Still, I will often use one in the morning and the other in the evening because they’re both great! Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this and hopefully I will have a post up again next week. Hope to see you back then!







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