Ah skincare! Something I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with. 😄 Since this may be my last post before starting Accutane (not entirely sure, but my next dermatologist appointment is around the corner!), I thought I would do the Best of Skincare TAG that’s been going around the blogging / YouTube world in recent days! It’s a really great tag (if you’re unaware what a “tag” is, it’s really just a bunch of set questions that people answer and ask others to do as well…you know, like the game of tag! 😉) that I believe was created by ttsandra and MakeupTIA on YouTube. These have been so wonderfully interesting to watch lately, so I figured why not take the opportunity to go over some of my favorite skincare products pre-Accutane! 😀 Lord knows I’ve tried a lot of different skincare over the years. So instead of rambling on, let’s just get to the question and answer portion of the post, shall we? 😜


What is your skin type?

I would say Normal bordering on Oily and definitely Acne-Prone.


How do you store your skincare items?

Things I use regularly, have swapped out somewhat recently, or am currently trying out live on the shelf below my mirror as well as in a little “catch-all” next to my bathroom sink. Masks and occasionally or not-used-in-a-while items tend to sit in a cabinet that’s also in my bathroom. Backups are in the bathroom too, but in a bin that sits in a shelving unit designed for said bins. 🙃 I’m a bit scatterbrained, but it makes sense and works for me. I tend to stick to a skincare regime for a good long while without changing anything so what’s around my sink are pretty much my go-to tried-and-true products.


Favorite ingredient?

Not sure that I really have one, but I’m starting to think that maybe it’s Blue Tansy. I find that it is in a lot of things I really enjoy. Maybe Retinoid, but that’s really only because of the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil. Nothing else I use compares. If you really want something that I absolutely could not go without, it would be water. In a pinch, just a good rinse with water can always make me feel cleaner.


Most indulgent product?

As far as expensive and also probably what makes me feel most fancy, hands down it’s the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil. It’s super pricey, has fancy packaging and just feels like a treat even though I use it every night. A good less-often used, but no less loved, runner-up would be the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. I love that mask but it is pricey for a once-in-a-while item, plus it expires in about 6 months time! Worth it though!!! 😄


Best budget buy?

My mind immediately goes to the Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub. Love this stuff. It really does brighten while exfoliating. Your skin instantly looks and feels better, and it costs less than $10. A newer addition that’s maybe even better in terms of results is The Ordinary’s Lactic Acid. I noticed an instant improvement in the appearance of my complexion when I started using this – more so than with the uber-expensive and insanely hyped Sunday Riley Good Genes. Again, The Ordinary Lactic Acid costs less than $10!!!


Do you use any tools (Clarisonic, Foreo, etc.)?

I have used a Clarisonic in the past, but eventually decided I didn’t much like it and thought it might be making my acne worse. I’ve also tried Konjac sponges, but can never find a great way to hang them up after use which turns me off a bit. Other than that, they’re lovely, just don’t work for hanging on my faucet – hits the sink rim or falls off the faucet. 😕 Most recently I’ve been using a Foreo, but the past month I’ve been experimenting without it too. I’m starting to think my skin does better with it and I do like it, but it takes me a bit longer to cleanse my face at night and I’ve gotten lazy! 🤣


Best mask?

Either the Herbivore Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask or the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. Love both of them!!! The Herbivore I reach for typically when my skin is suffering more breakouts and needs soothing and calming. The Tata Harper is just fantastic for a baby soft “natural” chemical exfoliation that’s still quite gentle…at least in my opinion.


Best multi-use?

Coconut Oil! This could also easily be “Best Budget Buy,” but I don’t use it frequently enough for a variety of purposes. I mainly use it for shaving, but it’s great as a hair mask (though it weighs my hair down a bit), removes makeup like a dream, fantastic for removing lip colors that just won’t budge (or lip swatches for you bloggers out there), it’s such a nourishing body moisturizer as well, though I know a lot of people find it too heavy. It works as a lip balm too, though it’s not my favorite for that function. It can just be used for so many things!


If you had to stick to only one skincare brand, what would it be?

This may seem odd since I haven’t mentioned the brand, but I would probably say Paula’s Choice. Why, you ask? Because everything I have tried from the company has been good if not great, and they have something for pretty much any issue you can think of! If I had to be limited to one company, I want it to be a brand that can meet pretty much all of my needs and Paula’s Choice absolutely fits that bill! 😆


Best spot treatment?

Honestly, I don’t use them. None of them seem to make a difference for me and I have enough spots most of the time that I may as well do a full mask. For that purpose, I would go with the Herbivore Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask again because it soothes, gently exfoliates, uses salicylic acid to help treat breakouts and doesn’t dry anything out to an extreme.


Favorite step of your skincare routine?

Removing makeup!!! 🎉 I think a lot of you will agree with me (especially if you tend to get oily throughout the day), but there is just nothing better than the feeling of removing all that grease, dirt, grime, sweat and makeup from your skin. I also just love the feeling of the cleansing balm I use – currently the Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm. I love the ritual of scooping a bit of the solid balm out, rubbing it between my hands to magically transform it from a balm to an oil / cleanser and then gently massaging the day away. It’s magical! 😆


On days where I’m not removing makeup, my favorite step is probably drying my face after washing at night. I’m not sure why. I guess it’s just a satisfying feeling at the end of the day. Kind of the moment that I know the day is more or less over. And something about having a nice clean face to dry makes me feel good about the day. I guess I must like washing my face! 😜


What’s on your skincare wishlist?

Hmm. Haven’t ever thought much about skincare in that way. Since I’m planning to start on Accutane and anticipating intensely dry skin, most things I’ve been looking at recently are actually not things for my current skin type. I guess a brand I would like to try more from with my current skin type, but probably never will, is Tata Harper. I’m just intrigued by the brand. I currently have my eye on the Clarifying Mask, but know that it would be a no-no on Accutane. 😄 I’m interested in trying more “natural” and lesser-known beauty brands just in general, though I have no idea why. I guess that’s more what I’ve been looking at lately. As for something new that I have and am excited to try – hoping I can try at least – after starting Accutane is the One Love Organics Oh Mega Calming Chia Oil. Not sure why and there’s nothing keeping me from it currently, but it just sounds like a nice gentle, hydrating oil that could be so soothing on battered skin…which is why I decided to order it! 😉


And that’s the last question! I hope you’ve found my version of the Best of Skincare TAG interesting. I’ve enjoyed all the ones I have seen. I feel like skincare is often an under-discussed topic because it is so personal. It’s also the most important thing, aside from nutrition / health, that we can do to keep our faces looking their best! Let us know about your skin and some of your favorite brands and products. We’d all love to hear about it!!! 😃 Thank you, as always, for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon! 💖







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