Ok. We’re back to the “Where the hell did March go?” kinda Favorites introduction again. 😜 But seriously. What happened to March? It went crazy fast and it wasn’t even that busy for me. I think it must be because I got sick at the very beginning  of the month…I think it was March. 😄 But on to the point – it’s March Favorites time!!! 🎉 We’re gonna go through all the things I’ve been loving this month (at least the things that I haven’t mentioned recently). I haven’t really been wearing a lot of makeup, but as always, that hasn’t eliminated the favorites. 😉 And as a friendly reminder, we’re still in the midst of Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty which always makes March more exciting…not to mention there should be a Sephora Rouge/VIB discount coming up as well!!! If you missed the cruelty free steals happening at Ulta, I have a post detailing them all here. But let’s get back to the point and just jump into the crème de la crème from March! 😆

Let’s start with a makeup primer that I recently reviewed. It’s the Milk Makeup Blur Stick and, if you read that review, you’ll know that it took me a while to come around, but I love this thing! It’s just so easy to use, really does create a filtered look to the skin and actually controls my oil throughout the day! I have such a difficult time with oil-controlling primers because a lot of them actually seem to make the shine worse. Not the Milk Blur Stick! And the “filter” effect is quite unique in my experience. This is great for no-makeup days where you just want to make your skin look believably flawless (assuming you have a relatively even skin tone), or for improving the look of your skin under foundation. It’s a wonderful product and again, so easy! Just swipe it on, run your fingers over the applied areas and you’re done! Love!!!

Moving along, we have my new love affair with the DECIEM family of products. I’m going to start with my favorite, and most recent skin care addition – the Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2% from The Ordinary. If you’re unfamiliar with The Ordinary, they offer kind of a no-frills approach to skincare focusing on proven single ingredient products that can be mixed and matched to truly customize your skin care regime…and only get what you actually need. Perhaps even better, they are almost absurdly affordable! 😀 Seriously, the Lactic Acid costs a whopping $6.50. 🎊 Anyway, I have tried the Sunday Riley Good Genes which is also a Lactic Acid treatment (and $105 per ounce!), and I’ve tried really hard to understand the hype but I just don’t. I have heard a few people say that The Ordinary’s Lactic Acid is actually better and I absolutely agree because I genuinely see a difference in my skin! I’ve been having a lot of breakouts recently (more and different than normal anyway) thanks to a medication that I’m changing soon, and though this is not seeming to help with the breakouts (that’s not really what it’s for), it is making my skin look so much brighter, clearer (not in a breakout way, but the blemish free skin looks so much better), and just all-around healthier. I cannot stress how great this is! Just quickly, Lactic Acid is a gentle chemical exfoliant that I’m fairly certain is safe for daily use (I’ve been using it daily with no trouble). The Ordinary’s version is also free from silicones, alcohol and is vegan as well! 🐰 Highly recommend checking out The Ordinary in general, but my specific love this month is the Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2%. Probably more to come on The Ordinary’s products. 😉

Sticking in the DECIEM family, another one of their more mid-range priced lines is called Hylamide. I have been using their SubQ Eyes Advanced Serum for a few months now and I genuinely do think it’s improved the appearance under my eyes! 😆 This vegan serum (which I use under an eye cream as it’s not intended as a stand alone moisturizer) claims to help hydrate, reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, help improve texture, lift the eye area, as well as reduce the appearance of dynamic lines. I’m not certain that I notice all of those differences and I honestly can’t say I need help with all of those things. What I do see is a lessened darkness under my eyes, better hydration and smoother skin. I just use one tiny drop for both eyes twice daily (it comes in a tiny glass dropper bottle like many The Ordinary and Hylamide products). It absorbs pretty quickly and then I top it with the eye cream I’ve been using for a quite a while now. It could be wishful thinking, but I do feel that my eye area looks better. Definitely worth a try…and you can find this at certain CVS locations in the US, as well as on their website!!!

Sticking with Hylamide, I’ve also discovered the wonder of the Matte 12 Finisher! This is essentially just a silicone “shine-preventer” and pore-blurrer, but like the Milk Blur Stick, this one actually works for controlling oil on my skin! 👏 You can wear it alone after your skincare routine, over makeup and it actually will prevent shine all day, and most recently I’ve been trying it on my eye lids to help with eye shadow creasing. This last place is perhaps my favorite! I just use the tiniest of dots for both lids and it keeps the oil at bay all day, thus keeping my shadow in tact! 😆 I often still use a shadow primer, but I’m finding that I’m having less trouble finding a primer that truly prevents creasing. It’s a wonderful find for anyone who is battling unwanted shine anywhere on the face…and it is again vegan! 🐰 Another win from the DECIEM family! 👏

Moving right along, we have a makeup tool from Royal and Langnickel’s MODA Prismatic line. This comes in a set of 4 synthetic brushes that is available at Walmart for around $20 and, bonus – it has a mermaid-y duo-chrome finish! The brush I’ve really been getting a lot of use out of is the #804 which is a round circular “toothbrush” style brush. I use this with the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer to cover blemishes and together they work like an eraser for discoloration around the face! It is probably the best brush I have found for blending in concealer on blemishes. It’s small, easy to use, can pick up just a small amount of product and works the concealer into the skin with wiping it away. It’s just perfect! I know these “toothbrush” style brushes have been getting a lot of buzz recently and, though I’ve wanted to try them, I haven’t wanted to shell out a fortune for any. Therefore I cannot tell you if this truly compares to the infamous Artis brushes for example, but for my purposes right now, I’m absolutely loving the #804 from the Royal & Langnickel MODA 4 Piece Face Perfecting Kit! 👍

I guess we’ll round this out with a lonely “colorful” makeup item. It’s the NYX Tres Jolie Gel Pencil Liner. I have the shade “Brown” and I’ve had it for a while, but always seem to forget about it. Reaching for it throughout the month, I’ve been reminded just how creamy and pigmented it is, especially for the waterlines. And, not to bury the lead, it actually stays put without transferring!!! It’s just a beautiful pencil – it’s a twist-up btw. I really need to pick up the black as well. I kind of wish they had more shades, but at least they covered the basics with a black and a brown. If you’re like me and you almost always put liner on your upper tightline, I highly recommend giving the NYX Tres Jolie Gel Liner a go!!!

So that’s been March! All of my favorite cruelty free bits on the beauty front. Let me know what’s been catching your eye over the past few months as I’d love to hear. 😉 I hope you’ve enjoyed and, as always, thanks so much for stopping by!!!

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