There has been a lot of buzz around the Milk Makeup Blur Stick as of late. As soon as I heard about this miracle-sounding stick primer, I immediately ordered it. I’ve been testing it out for quite a while now and feel like I finally have an opinion that’s (perhaps) worthy of sharing.

What drew me to this primer is that it claims to be pore and fine line blurring while mattifying, but without any silicones! It is also oil-free, non-comedogenic and vegan. 🎉 I keep calling it a stick because it is indeed, like many Milk Makeup  products, in twist-up stick form. It actually looks a lot like a deodorant. 😄 The product itself looks like a light skin tone shade, but it seems to apply color-free on the skin. It does feel a bit dry, but it still glides on the skin with ease. It’s actually a really nice quick and convenient primer to apply.


I typically apply the Blur Stick direct from the stick – not sure that it would work any other way. I do find that you need to rub it into the skin a bit after rubbing the stick against your face, but just a quick and gentle swipe over the skin where it’s been applied. You don’t need to apply a lot of primer either. Just a single swipe wherever you want to minimize skin texture and/or shine and you’re set for foundation…or you can just wear this alone as a bit of a “filter” for the skin. And now we’re getting to the “does it work” question….


It’s taken me a long time to make up my mind as to whether or not the Blur Stick is really worth it. That should be a tip off that you’re not necessarily getting a miracle worker here. I’m not saying that it does not do anything because I’ve decided that it definitely does. At least enough that I don’t want to return it, though I was considering doing so for a brief while.


When it comes to results, I do notice a difference. As far as pore blurring goes, this is what had me on the fence. I don’t feel that it really does much to reduce the look of my pores…then again, I’m not sure any pore blurring or filling primer really helps all that much. That said, this does make my skin look better. A bit like there’s a filter applied. It’s kind of difficult to describe the result, but I do feel like my skin just somehow looks better after applying this. It is subtle, but it’s an improvement that may or may not be worth it to you.

My real reason for deciding that the Blur Stick is worth it is that I realized it is very good for oil control! Immediately you’ll see a more matte appearance to the skin. Not flat or fake looking, just softened without excess shine. This softening is quite a unique effect actually. I think it is mostly what makes up that “filtered” look. This alone is not my reason for liking this primer though. What I find best of all is that it actually does control oil! For some reason most oil-controlling primers almost seem to make me more shiny. Not the Blur Primer! It doesn’t hold back every ounce of oil my skin produces, nor does it dry out the skin. It just keeps me from turning into a greasy mess by the end of the day. And for that, I have actually come to love this primer! 🤗


My verdict? You don’t need this primer. However, if you’re looking for a skin-softening filter-like appearance that controls shine without totally eliminating it, than the Milk Makeup Blur Stick is worth giving a try! I feel like if your skin is naturally pretty even in tone and you just want to look a bit nicer without wearing foundation, this would be an amazing addition after your skin care routine for a no makeup day. If you’re more like me and don’t have the best skin, especially if you’re concerned with excess shine, this primer is probably going to be great for you under makeup too! It’s not going to change the world (as some reviews may have you believe), but it does make a difference.


The Milk Makeup Blur Stick retails for $36 and contains 1oz / 28g of solid product. It comes in twist-up plastic packaging with a twist on cap (love this aspect of it!). As well as being cruelty free, it is also Vegan and “eco-conscious.”

For more info about a wide variety of Milk Makeup’s offerings, check out my earlier overview / review here.

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