Another month means another Favorites! 🎉 It’s been yet another one of those weird months that has felt insanely long while flying by rather quickly. In a way not a lot has gone on, but it’s also been weirdly busy. Whatever the case, February has come and gone and we’ve got a wide assortment of favorites this month that spans hair care, skin care, makeup, nails, food and, if you saw last month’s favorites another podcast that should be no surprise. 😜 There’s even something that really did not work for me. So instead of dragging this on further for no reason, let’s just get right into it!

Where to start? I think I’ll go with hair because the month started out with having my roots touched up and I always love my hair color when it’s freshly done! So that’s a favorite, but I can’t tell you much about it since I don’t do it myself. However, something I’ve been loving to keep the blonde looking it’s best while hydrating and conditioning my hair is the Pravana The Perfect Blonde Purple Toning Masque! This stuff is intensely purple and it absolutely eliminates brassiness. It is definitely the best yellow-cancelling purple shampoo / conditioner product I have ever tried. Unlike most blonde-boosting products, this is actually a hair mask so it not only helps tone the color, but nourishes the hair at the same time! 😃 It does weigh my hair down the tiniest bit, but it actually just looks less “puffy” when I let it air dry. It’s actually a better look with the subtle weight added. 😂 And if the conditioning and color-toning were not enough, this stuff smells great too! It’s a win all around and I would highly recommend it for all of you fellow blonde / silver / white haired folks out there.

While I was at the hair salon, I picked up another Smith & Cult Nail Polish (as an aside, I love that my salon carries hard-to-find brands, though they’re all super pricey). I have always wanted to get the shade “She Said Yeah” and that’s just what I did! 😜 It’s a beautiful almost periwinkle lavender blend. I could be wrong, but I feel like it’s an unusual shade that I don’t already own from another brand. Color aside, I was super shocked when the polish lasted a full week on my horrible damaged nails! 🤗 There was a tiny bit of tip wear, but no chips. In fact I think it only started chipping when my top coat decided to peel off a bit. I don’t think I have ever had a nail polish last that well on my nails! To be fair, I repainted them with the same polish after the week of wear and it started chipping in a day or two, but then I was also moving boxes, breaking down furniture and just generally being unusually rough on my entire body. 😂 Whether it wears for a week or my typical few days before chipping, I feel like the shade “She Said Yeah” deserves a mention for it’s unusual and beautiful dusky not-quite-blue-not quite-purple hue. So pretty! 😍

Moving on to skin care, I have a new favorite mask this month! This time it is the Flavanone Mud from NIOD. I’m not entirely sure what the Flavanone Mud actually contains, but it certainly has helped a bit with the congestion in my skin. It hasn’t cleared it up – nothing seems to – but my skin actually looks better whenever I use it without creating more breakouts! It’s kind of a thick coppery-brown goo in the bottle (weird packaging, yes) that thins out into a barely there mask as it’s spread on to your face. Wait 10 minutes, rinse off and voila! Better looking, smoother, and slightly softer skin without drying or stripping. 🎉 According to NIOD’s website, “Flavanone Mud is a three-phase rinse-off decongestion system that disrupts neither the skin surface equilibrium nor its density.” There is a “Purifying Phase” that uses a variety of clays and muds to remove impurities, a “Protective Phase” which helps shield against physical build-up, and a “Responsive Phase” that deals with environmental congestion. If you have a lot of congestion like I do, I highly recommend checking out NIOD’s description as it’s much more informative than I can be. 😉 I also highly recommend this mask because it leaves my skin not only feeling wonderfully balanced and uniquely comfortable (a rarity with muds and clays in my experience), but it really does seem to help with congestion! 😍

I really only have one new makeup favorite this month and it is something that’s been getting a bit of internet hype lately. It’s the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer and it is fantastic for discoloration around the face. I haven’t tried this under my eyes yet, but when it comes to blemishes and general discoloration it is hands down the best concealer I have tried! 🎉 It is quite pigmented so it covers quickly and easily while still being creamy so that it doesn’t cling to dry patches. That makes it ideal for breakouts, especially those that are in that dry healing phase. It’s not at all cakey or heavy looking, nor does it emphasize texture or pores. Add to all of that it’s superior lasting power and I think you have the perfect spot concealer! Plus it’s available in a huge range of 16 shades from super light to nice and deep (I use “Crème Brulee” and it is perfect). I don’t love that it comes in a pot because I always feel like they’re less sanitary (they’re really no different than crème sticks or liquid wand concealers so it’s an irrational thought). To avoid dipping my fingers into the cream, I have just been using a tiny Real Techniques Detailer Brush to get the product out and to apply it. This brush is actually ideal for this because it’s tiny and flat with a pointed tip so it’s perfect for touching up small spots of discoloration around the face. Sometimes I’ll blend the concealer in with the brush, other times I’ll pat it in with my fingers. It works great either way. Like I said, it’s a spectacular concealer for discoloration that actually stays put and I highly recommend it to anyone needing to cover up blemishes, redness or other discoloration around the face.

The product that was a total dud for me is a mascara. It is the Ciate London Triple Shot Mascara and wow! Where do I start with my dislike? 😂 There’s not really anything terrible about the look that this mascara produces. It is more of a lengthening mascara and I tend to prefer those that lean more toward the volumizing, but that’s not my problem with this sucker. The first bad sign is that the very flexible plastic brush is kind of spiky and uncomfortable. Not necessarily a deal breaker, but not ideal. My real dislike begins with the hard, crunchy feel it gives my lashes after drying. I feel like my lashes are so brittle that they’re going to snap off if I blink too hard. Even more offensive, this stuff actually transferred and smudged under my eyes causing that lovely panda look that everyone strives for. 😜 That never happens to me and I certainly don’t want a mascara that ends up all over my face. Strangely it is also really difficult to remove. The cleansing balm I always use and never have an issue with has some serious difficulties getting the crunchy stuff off. I’ve tried straight olive oil as well and even that wasn’t easy. Again, I worry my lashes are going to snap…not to mention the rubbing required to loosen the mascara! That combination of hard, brittle lashes, smudgy unwanted blackness under my eyes and the harsh efforts required to remove the stuff all leads to me never wanting to open the tube again! 😕

Moving on to random stuff that I love. Last month I hinted at another podcast favorite that would probably appear in February and it has! 😜 It is called “Pod Save the World” and it is from the growing Crooked Media umbrella of podcasts (they have a website as well) that brought my aforementioned favorite “Pod Save America” and just last Friday they added “With Friends Like These.” Anyway, “Pod Save the World” sticks to the more traditional interview-style podcast conducted by Tommy Vietor and is focused on American Foreign Policy. I readily admit that I am not well versed in this area, but I would like to be. This podcast manages to talk about foreign policy in a way that even I can understand and it’s interesting. The first episode with Jake Sullivan (titled “Secret Iran Talks with Jake Sullivan”) is fascinating. You learn all about the Iran deal, why it happened, why it was done the way it was done, how it was done. It’s just really interesting…at least to me. 😄 You hear all about various foreign policy issues and events from people that were “in the room.” If you like “Pod Save America” – even if you don’t – I think you may find “Pod Save the World” quite interesting and informative…not as funny though. 😉


Finally on the weird stuff front, I have a “food.” My dad ordered some Shari’s Berries for my mom on Valentine’s Day and Oh. My. God! They are freakin’ delicious! They’re basically just chocolate covered strawberries, but so good. 🍓 I’m not a huge chocolate lover and I’m not always the biggest fan of chocolate covered strawberries, but these things were ridiculously good! The berries were so sweet and ripe that you could probably dip them in something I don’t even like and I’d find them tasty. 😂 In fact, some of them were covered in white chocolate which I don’t typically enjoy that much and I think I’d be really happy just living off of those. Highly recommend buying yourself some Shari’s Berries (I’m planning to some rainy day just for fun) or request them from a loved one. You’ll be glad you did! 😜


Whether you want to call that a weird mixture or a good balance, those were my favorites in February! 😃 I must say I really enjoyed all of these things and they pretty much all surprised me in how much I like them. It was a good month for favorites. I hope you had a good February and have an even better March! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see you back soon!!! 💖

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