If you’ve been following me for a long time now, you’ll know that I have always been intrigued by Flower Beauty. Well get ready because the new releases for 2017 are here!!! 🙂 Given that the price point isn’t the lowest at the drugstore (or Walmart in this case), I was rather choosy with what I picked up this time around. My biggest interest? The new blushes and highlighters! Not wanting to go too crazy while flying blind, I started out with the Lift & Sculpt Contouring Palette because it included a bronzer, blush and highlighter – and all looked promising! So how did they turn out? 😉

First things first. I went with the shade “Light to Medium” because, well, I’m pretty light completed! 😜 There is another shade (“Medium to Deep”) that was tempting as well due to the shades included, but I wanted to check things out before buying the whole line up! 😄 The “Light to Medium” trio contains a pretty decent looking bronzer – it doesn’t seem to warm nor too cool in the pan – a bright pink matte blush, and a gorgeous champagne-toned highlighter. The “Medium to Deep” version has a deeper bronzer, a peach blush and a golden highlight. Both look absolutely beautiful in the pans. As you may have already guessed, there is at least one issue with the bronzer…at least in the “Light to Medium” palette.

We’ll start there. The bronzer looks quite promising in the pan in terms of tone. In use, it is a very soft, powdery texture so it kicks up a lot of excess powder. Just give your brush a tap and you’re going to be just fine. It actually applies quite nicely and is pretty pigmented – another reason to give your brush a tap! 😉 However, applied to my skin it looks pretty warm. Not quite orange, but getting there! I was a bit concerned when looking at it in store (side note – my Walmart upgraded their lighting, which I appreciate, but it is so hard to see colors accurately now!) because it looked like there was a tiny bit of sparkly glitter in the bronzer. Fear not! It didn’t seem to show up on the skin. Sadly I just don’t love the tone of the bronzer. I guess that’s a good thing because, as you can see, the bronzer completed shattered. I have no idea how this happened as I was actually pretty careful with it. I did get to use it unscathed one time, but the next time I grabbed it, it was in its current state. I went back to Walmart for something else we’ll discuss and noticed that almost all of the “Light to Medium” palettes had shattered bronzers…and some blushes as well. Unfortunately I’ll have to give the bronzer a fail for the tone and the durability, but let’s move on to the rest of the palette.

The blush. This blush is a beautiful bright pink. It is matte and I detect no glitter either in the pan or on the skin! It’s a great shade on my completion – nice and brightening without being too loud. It seems to be pretty much the same formula as the bronzer…without the breaking. 😄 It is soft and kicks up extra product when you dip your brush in, but it applies nicely to the skin. It not powdery or chalky, but rather smooth and pigmented. It wears well throughout the day as well! No complaints here, though I do wonder if it too might shatter with a bit more use.

As for the highlighter, it is gorgeous! Unlike the other two powders, the highlighter is not as soft and seemingly fragile. It doesn’t kick up excess powder like the other two, but it is still easy to pick up on a brush. The application is fantastic! It’s very smooth and glides on the skin perfectly with a buildable glow. You have the ability to create a subtle highlight, or intensify it to something pretty in-your-face if you prefer! 🤗 The color also works perfectly with my skin tone! I think it would indeed work well for light to medium complexions, but probably not much beyond that. I absolutely love this highlighter! I would almost recommend buying the palette just for the highlighter, but….

There is another palette available called the Shimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette. This palette contains three different tones of highlights and includes a little brush that, though seemingly soft, I don’t like the shape. These highlighters are a bit more narrow than in the Countouring Palette, but you get three different shades (there is a total of 8.2g of product in the Contouring Palette, while there are 8g total in the Highlighting Palette). There is a champagne, a pink and a gold highlighter included and, as best as I can tell, the formula is the same as the highlighter in the Lift & Sculpt Contouring Palette! Even better, I am pretty sure that the champagne shade is identical to the “Light to Medium” Contouring Palette highlighter! I believe, though I can’t check side by side, that the gold shade is the same as the “Medium to Deep” highlighter too. So here you’re getting the best of the best of the Contouring Palette with more color options! I should also add that there is a new line of blushes called the Flower Pots Powder Blush that I like better than the blush in the palette because it’s not as soft and fragile. There may be a color dupe there too, though I didn’t check in store. I would rather pick up one of the individual blushes and the highlighter palette, skipping the bronzer entirely. The highlighters really are fantastic and I highly recommend them!

If you ask me, the Lift & Sculpt Countouring Palette is not bad, but could use some improvement because it’s just so fragile. If you’re looking for a new highlighter, I would highly recommend picking up the Shimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette over the Contouring palette. The formulas seem identical as do the shades available in both of the Contouring Palettes, plus you get a bonus pink highlighter and a (potentially useless) brush. It would be convenient to have a bronzer, blush and highlighter all in one slim compact, but in the case of Flower’s offerings, you’re better off buying the items separately. Besides, the Flower Pots Powder Blushes have an adorable flower imprint and a decent variety of shades, and you still get the same pretty packaging on the highlighting palette that you have with the contouring one! 😉 I’m so glad to see a new affordable highlighter out there that’s not only cruelty free, but an actual palette full of great highlighters! Well done Flower Beauty!!!

The Lift & Sculpt Contouring Palette retails for $12.98 and is available exclusively at Walmart.

The Shimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette retails for $12.98 and is available exclusively at Walmart.

The Flower Pots Powder Blushes retail for $8.98, is available in 4 shades, and is available exclusively at Walmart.


  1. But that contour shade looks so cool-toned on my screen!! Damn it. These are very pretty and so affordable though. I might check out the highlighers (not that I need any more).

    • Hi Suzi! Maybe it would work with your skin tone. I’m also not a fan of warmer bronzers even if it’s just a little warm. I feel like it looked a bit orange, but I’m could be exaggerating a bit since I’m just not used to it. The shattering is a huge problem though! 😄

      I hear you with the highlighters! I feel like I just added about 20 new ones to test out! (I hope that’s not actually true 😂)

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