Believe it or not, this January Favorites is not going to start with an “I can’t believe how fast the month went” kind of intro. It was a loooong ass month. I feel like New Year’s was months ago now. In fact, I can’t remember what the hell I loved at the beginning of the month because it feels so long ago! But I’m gonna do my best. I actually don’t have a lot of favorite beauty products for January because I’ve been trying a lot of the new things. It hasn’t been all bad, I just don’t feel they’ve had a fair test yet. So my list is not very long, but I have a few things to mention…plus another non-beauty item! 🎉 And instead of dragging on further, I’m gettin’ down to business. 😜

The first thing I have to mention is…wonder of wonders…a new foundation!!! I tested out the new NYX Total Control Drop Foundation and I really like it! It is very lightweight. You literally cannot feel it on the skin. The coverage is as it claims – a little bit makes for light coverage while the more you use, the fuller the coverage. It is also buildable so if you have a trouble area, you can easy just add more coverage in that area without issue. What really sold me on this foundation though is that my skin barely gets oily throughout the entire day! I’m not sure I’ve ever found a foundation that stayed acceptable all day on my skin without blotting…until now! 🎉 I would say it has a pretty matte finish right after application. It doesn’t look unnatural, but it’s certainly not going to give you a glowing complexion. Having said that, I’m not sure it’s great for drier skins. I would say my skin is normal to combo, but turns oddly oily while wearing foundation so it’s great for me. I have noticed that it can cling to dryness a bit so keep that in mind if you tend towards dryness. There are drawbacks as well, but I think I’ll save all the lengthier details for a proper review. Just know that you’re getting about half the amount in a normal foundation bottle here. 😱 Still, I would gladly pay the $13.99 for this stuff just to keep my oils under control!!! 🙂

I also gave a new powder a try this month that seems to be absolutely fantastic as well! It is the new Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder. I just have a teeny tiny little sample jar that’s rather difficult to use, but for setting my entire face it’s been fantastic! It is literally undetectable on the skin. It doesn’t sink into any lines or pores or otherwise unwanted texture. It does not have an overly matte finish, but it’s not a glowy powder either. Just a nice, natural looking finish that sets makeup beautifully! I’m not sure I love it under the eyes – no real reason, just don’t feel it’s the best there – but for keeping foundation on my face, it’s really good! It feels a lot less dry than most powders. That sounds counterintuitive, but something about it seems like it would work really nicely on drier skins or dry patches, but it’s great on my (eventually) oilier skin as well. That said, I don’t feel like it helps prevent oil from peeking through as the day wears on, but it does keep the makeup in place. That’s really all I’ve ever found powder to be able to do so that’s fine by me! This really is the Perfect Setting Powder! 😜

Another product in heavy rotation has been the ColourPop Crème Gel Liner in “Brew-Haha.” I love these twist-up pencils so much! The shade “Brew-Haha” is a really deep black-brown so it’s a bit less harsh than black, while still having a similar deep tone. I use it to tightline my upper lash line pretty much every day. It’s something I always do – if you’re unfamiliar, it’s basically lining underneath my eyelashes. Gross, I know, but it does amazing things! The ColourPop pencils are soft and creamy enough to make it an easy task without injuring my eye, but they stay put pretty well too so that it lasts all day. Though this is a rather standard staple shade, there are plenty of fun and more colorful options as well. Can’t recommend them highly enough! 😘

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Last on the beauty front are kind of honorable mentions. I discovered them near the end of the month so I haven’t used them a ton, but I have used them enough to know that I really like them. They are all new products from Flower Beauty – one is the champagne highlighter from either the Lift and Sculpt Contouring Palette (“Light to Medium” shade) or the Shimmer and Strobe Highlighting Palette (they are the same product as far as I can tell). I have a full review coming, so I’ll keep it brief. It’s just a beautiful soft, smooth, buildable highlighter that’s absolutely gorgeous! The other Flower product that I’ve worn with it is the Flower Pots Powder Blush in “Sweet Pea.” This is just a great neutral everyday blush. It is soft, but not powdery with good color payoff and it lasts all day. Highly recommend them both! 😍

Last but certainly not least is my most favorite thing of the month! It is a new podcast…well, sort of. I mentioned “Keepin’ It 1600last month and it magically disappeared with their yearly wrap-up right before Christmas. After a quick Google search, I discovered that they simply rebranded with their new media company (Crooked Media for anyone interested). It is now called “Pod Save America” and is every bit as awesome as before, but their intention now is more to hold this new administration accountable and help the public find their way in doing so. I think they’re releasing two episodes per week, though I’m kind of unclear about a schedule. Seems Mondays and maybe Thursdays? Does it really matter since it’s a podcast? 😂 They do discuss current events, so it’s relevant for that reason. Anyway, as I said last month, they’re a bunch of former Obama aides and speech writers who discuss things going on in politics with a bit of wisdom, a been-in-the-room perspective, and a hell of a lot of sarcasm. I feel like I learn a lot listening to it (while getting a much needed chuckle), but I also feel like those who aren’t news junkies like myself might find themselves a bit lost as well. If you’re really interested in what’s going on in American politics right now and have a democratic to left-leaning perspective, check it out (also check out the new offshoot “Pod Save the World” – have a feeling that’s making February’s faves 😂). I think you’ll enjoy it. I sure do! 😜

That’s it! We’ve made through a relatively short and sweet January Favorites! 🎊 I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey with me. It’s been a rough month for so many reasons, but I’m trying to stay optimistic. There’s certainly never been a dull moment! 😂 I hope you’ve all had a good month, and I hope we have a better February to look forward to – honestly, not feelin’ hopeful there. 😕 Hoping I’m wrong. 😄 Let me know some of the things you’ve been enjoying – be it makeup, podcasts, books, movies, or activities. I need suggestions! 😉 Until next time, thanks so much for stopping by and hope to see you back soon!!! 😘


  1. Most of the time NYX brings lot of good product so I won’t be surprise that their foundation is actually really good. Also is the FX makeup powder is good on not wearing with foundation?

    • Hi Michelle! I think this is the first NYX foundation that I’ve tried and I’ve really been enjoying it. As for the Cover FX Powder, it doesn’t really provide any coverage. It looks like there is a tint to it, but it’s somehow still essentially a translucent powder. It’s great for setting makeup, but I don’t think it would do a lot by itself. Hope that helps! 🙂

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