Happy sleeping in an hour longer…I mean #ManiMonday! ? Can I just say that this time changing business twice a year really screws me up. And what’s up with different countries doing it at different times? So confusing! If you’re in the US and you haven’t turned on a TV recently, let me also remind you to VOTE tomorrow!!! It is so important and we’re privileged to have the right, so I highly suggest you exercise it! ? I have every intention of spending my Tuesday evening curled up in the fetal position holding on to every word spoken during election coverage on CNN. That’ essentially every night actually! ? But I’ll be there with a sense of fear and anxiety I never want to experience again, and then I shall mourn the loss of my beloved non-stop political punditry…hopefully! ? Enough of reality, on to the silly bit – my awesome nail polish! ?


I’m actually wearing two shades from Deborah Lippmann today. I started out with “Rolling in the Deep” and topped it with “Va Va Voom.” I’ve worn this combo before and it is absolutely stunning! “Rolling in the Deep” is a deep, dark indigo. I found the formula to be a little thin, but it applied nicely and was surprisingly pigmented given that it’s on the thin side. It was a tiny bit streaky after one coat so I added a second, though I’m not sure it was really necessary thanks to “Va Va Voom,” which is the polish I was really after today. It is just the most gorgeous intensely glittery iridescent goodness that’s surprisingly subtle. It’s comprised of a variety of silver holographic glitter bits – looks like mainly, if not all hexagons of various sizes – in a semi-sheer deep blue jelly base. The depth this polish creates is just beautiful and I love the subtle heavily glittered effect. I’ve never accomplished such subdued glittery nails before! ? It is a thicker, chunkier polish, but it still applies easily – this is just 1 coat. There is so much glitter incorporated into the base that it’s really easy to coat the nail with all of the glittery goodness. It still dries relatively flat on the nail so there’s not much worry about chunks of glitter catching on things or flaking off quickly. There is texture, but it’s slightly bumpy as opposed to rough and/or uneven. To smooth it out further and enhance the shine as much as possible I added 2 coats of Seche Vite as my top coat. I absolutely love this polish combo and, though Deborah Lippmann polishes are pricey, I feel like the glitters are often worth it because they are just done so well! ?


So there you have it! Another #ManiMonday done and dusted. As I mentioned above, if you are eligible and haven’t already voted, you really should do tomorrow. It’s important for not only the United States, but has an effect on those across the globe. And believe it or not, your vote does make a difference! It’s a right that many have died to receive and it’s an honor not to be taken for granted. Lecture complete. ? I hope everyone has a great week and I look forward to seeing you back again soon!!! ???


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