Ah, October! I feel like it’s been a weird month and, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a bit MIA on the blog. I’ve been trying to plug away at posting regularly, but I just haven’t been able to keep it up. I’m not sure what the problem is. I could just be so wrapped up in the US election coverage (which I totally am ?) that I can’t pull myself away to write. It could be my general lack of motivation lately. Whatever it is, I’m feeling a bit uninspired, distracted and just have had a lot of trouble completing tasks. So here we are. Another favorites post and I really honestly have very little to discuss. I want to keep the tradition going – partly because I usually love these kinds of posts and partly just to prove that I still can write a post. I have very rarely applied any makeup this month and when I have, it’s been nothing new or noteworthy so I don’t have makeup favorites. However, I do have a couple of additions to my “beauty” routine that are worth mentioning, a few lifestyle favorites, and I even have a complete disappointment! I hope you’ll stay tuned, and I hope you will continue bearing with me through this weird rough blogging patch. ?


Let’s start with a skincare item. It is something new to me and I absolutely love it! It is the Drunk Elephant B Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel. This stuff is fantastic…if you have combo to oily skin. Drier skins will probably want more intense hydration, but for me, this is perfection! I suppose I should explain what it is! ? It is basically what it sounds like – a gel moisturizer. That means it is very lightweight, while still being hydrating. It leaves my skin feeling really comfortable without getting greasy or overly shiny (I only use it at night, but it’s nice not to wake up looking like I slathered my face with a pizza ?). The moisturizer is loaded with all kinds of hydration boosters and ingredients to brighten and improve the appearance of skin texture. Not sure how much I notice these last two things, but it definitely hydrates without overdoing it. The texture is great on combo to oily skin as well – it’s very much a lightweight gel-like consistency. I wish they made a version with an SPF for the day! Drunk Elephant is a company that I am really coming to love in general. Though not 100% natural, they strive to use both natural and synthetic ingredients together for the most beneficial product for the skin. After all, natural does not always equal safe! Arsenic anyone? ? Any and all potentially questionable ingredients are excluded, including any type of fragrances. Their packaging is almost exclusively in air-free pumps, which I truly appreciate as well. The line is, of course, cruelty free and they do have some vegan and gluten free products. I love the Glycolic Night Serum as well, so I guess just in general Drunk Elephant skincare has been a favorite.


The second and last beauty favorite is a body care product from Soap & Glory. It is their Orangeasm Exfoliating Body Polish! I tend to be quite picky when it comes to body scrubs. They have to have just the right amount of scrubbiness – slightly rough, but not overly so, yet still rough enough that I feel it’s doing something. I have tried a few other Soap & Glory body scrubs before and haven’t been wowed, but this one…this is the perfect day to day scrub! For one, it smells fantastic! It’s a bright, cheery orange-y scent. The polish itself is has a fine, almost sandy texture to it that comes mainly from jojoba beads (little wax-like beads made from jojoba oil that are environmentally safe, so fear not!). It also suds a bit making it a bit of a two-in-one cleanser-polish, which is always a plus in my book. ? It’s still not my all-time favorite scrub – that honor still goes to frank (read more here) – but it’s much more practical and better for everyday use. I forgot to mention that it comes in an inverted squeezable tube as well, so there’s no trying to scoop the product out of a jar while minimizing the water dripping into it. Those nearly impossible to use in the shower tubs are always one of my biggest complaints about scrubs! This is an absolute fantastic find from Soap & Glory that I am really happy to have stumbled upon! ?


Moving along to some “lifestyle” favorites, the first one is something I never thought I’d enjoy – vegan “cheese!” If you’re not aware, I don’t eat meat, but I have yet to go vegan. That doesn’t mean I am opposed to the idea, just haven’t figured out a way to do it properly that works for me. That’s not the point though. For some reason when I passed the Daiya frozen pizza at the store one day, I decided to give it a go! I am so glad that I did because, though the pizza did not have my favorite toppings, the “cheese” on the pizza was really impressive! That made me curious about the brand and I investigated what else they made. Actual slices? Yes, please! That lead to a Daiya Cheddar Style Slices grilled cheese marathon. ? And yes, it prompted me to try a new vegan “butter” as well that’s ok, but nothing Earth shattering. I have now tried two types of the pizzas – Fire-Roasted Vegetable (the aforementioned pizza) and Margherita – as well as the Cheddar and Swiss Style Slices. All have been quite good! The texture has usually been the deal breaker for me on vegan “cheeses,” though it had been years since I’d tried a cheese substitute. Daiya has the consistency down to damn near perfect when melted! The flavor of the things I have tried using the Slices with has been relatively convincing as well. I’m a bit wary of trying one of the slices plain, but then I rarely eat regular cheese that way anyway. I feel like a lot of you may already be familiar with Daiya, but I wasn’t and it’s been a great find this October! ?


Finally in the “favorite” category is my new FitBit Charge 2. If you’re unaware of the FitBit family, they are just wearable activity trackers. The Charge 2 includes a heart rate monitor as well and is essentially the upgrade from the Charge HR model. I had the old Charge HR and I know it was mentioned in a favorites shortly after I started wearing it. As time went on, I had some issues with the charging cable input on the old one and had to request a replacement. FitBit was great and replaced it without issue, but the replacement only lasted about a month or two before the screen cracked (and was now past the warranty), plus the band got weird air bubbles inside the band itself that got bigger each day and eventually split apart, causing the whole thing to be almost unwearable. I let it get to that point because I was torn about buying another one with the potential for similar issues…and then they released the Charge 2! The updated version has a removable band so you can swap it for different colors if you want, but more important to me, if I have an issue with the band I don’t have to buy an entire new device! The charging “unit” doesn’t plug into the FitBit, but rather kind of wraps around it making my other problem unlikely as well! Those things aside, the new design looks nicer, is less obtrusive in appearance, is more comfortable to wear, and I just plain like it better. They have added a “reminder to move” feature that you can set to vibrate before an hour ends, prompting you to get in at least 250 steps for that hour. I really like this feature because, like a lot of us I’m guessing, I don’t move around as much as I should throughout the day. It also helps me to meet my step goal, which I’d been slacking on. If you’re like me and just need a bit of a boost to keep on a fitness routine, or you’re really into fitness, or just really interested in tracking various aspects of your health, I think the Charge 2 could be a great addition to your routine. I’m really enjoying mine! ?


Oh the dreaded “miss” product! I’ll start by saying that this wasn’t horrible, just not great for me. It is a heat protectant for your hair from AG called Firewall. I was actually a bit wary about trying it in the first place because it claims to be an “argan shine and flat iron spray.” I could use shine, and I intended to use it with my flat iron, but the argan oil part gave me pause. Clearly it should have because that’s where my complaint is. I don’t know how well it protects the hair from heat, but I’m guessing it does a decent job, and it does help with shine. The problem I have is that it leaves my hair looking a bit weighed down (not good right now because it’s getting pretty thin for some still unknown reason ?) and it starts feeling greasy a lot faster than I would like. It’s not as though it instantly feels greasy, though it does feel a bit less “clean.” I just feel as though I need to wash my hair every day and I really don’t like to do that thanks to my current hair loss, my artificial hair color that can fade from washing, and just for the sake of saving time. I imagine if you have really thick hair, really curly hair, just generally unmanageable hair that’s dry and not thinning, or don’t mind washing your hair daily, this might be a great product. Unfortunately for me, AG’s Firewall is just a bit too intense for my current hair situation.


Well, there you have it! My October Favorites plus a miss. Not much and not terribly exciting, but that’s all I’ve got. ? I hope you’ve all had a wonderful month and again, thank you for bearing with me through my spotty posting. I nearly forgot about the brief technical interruption that kept me down for a while as well. Apologies for that too! It’s been a month! ? Not really bad, but not the best either. Also, thank you so much to all of my Twitter lovelies that have been filling me with love all month too! It means a lot. ? You all are always my favorites! ? So that’s going to wrap it up for October. Looking forward to a fantastic November and getting excited for all of the Holidays coming up!!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!!! ?


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