Sorry there was no #ManiMonday last week, but if you looked for it, you probably saw that the site was having issues. 🙂 Things are back up and working properly (fingers crossed), so this week I’m back! I wanted some kind of red-berry-autumnal vibe. I hadn’t reached for a Wet n Wild polish in a while either, so that’s what I went with. Today’s shade? “Left Marooned” from the 1 Step Wonder Gel line. It is, in fact, exactly what I was after! 🙂 It’s a gorgeous deep red-toned wine perhaps? I wouldn’t call it maroon as I tend to think of that as leaning more brown. Whatever you want to call this shade, it’s beautiful!



As far as application goes, you can’t really ask for a better formula. It’s nearly opaque in one coat! Not quite, but damn close. I used two coats for these photos. If anything, it’s on the thin side, but nothing unworkably so. The brushes on these polishes I really enjoy. They’re just verging on the thicker side and are almost, but not quite flat. However you want to describe the shape, I find them very easy to apply. I also find that this formula (though I’ve never worn this shade before) really does seem to wear a bit better than most traditional polishes. They also dry to a pretty glossy finish without top coat. I did add my standard Seche Vite, but they’re great just by themselves too! In prior posts with this polish, I mentioned a bit of trouble with some bubbling. I was using a different top coat at the time and had no trouble with bubbling using the Seche Vite.


On a general blog note, I’m not going to lie. I’m still feeling immensely unmotivated. Hopefully I will have at least one more post up this week, but honestly I can’t say with any certainty that I’ll be able to follow through. I’m not sure what the deal is, but my motivation has just been completely gone the past few months. I’m wondering if it may not be health related as I suspect my hair started thinning around the same time (yes, my hair has been thinning as well and so far, no answers – and thank you so much to everyone who has expressed concern and good wishes! It really means a lot! ❤️). So we’ll see how the week goes and if inspiration – or brute force – strikes. 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by and hopefully I’ll be back to “normal” soon!!! ❤️


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