We’re looking at another Too Faced Holiday Set today!!! 🙂 Today’s offering is called the Grande Hotel Café and is by far the cutest of this year’s Too Faced sets. What makes it so cute? It’s actually shaped like a little dollhouse! Complete with doors that open! Inside there’s an adorable coffee shop scene and it’s filled with makeup!!! 🙂 If there is one thing that Too Faced always gets right during the Holidays, it’s their packaging. So packaging gets an A+, but how ‘bout the products inside? Let’s bust open those doors and give them a good test! 😉


Inside this awesome little café of makeup dreams come true are actually three different palettes. Each individual palette contains six complementary eyeshadows and one face product. In true Too Faced fashion, they have scented these palettes. Not only that, each palette has a different scent – Eggnog Latte, Peppermint Mocha and Gingerbread Cookie! Not gonna lie. I’m not a fan of Too Faced adding scents to their palettes for no real reason. At least the chocolate scented palettes are formulated with cocoa powder which is added for it’s supposed anti-oxidant properties. But I digress. For the most part, the shades included are predominantly neutral but each palette has a different undertone, which I really appreciate. There is, naturally, a warm-to-neutral toned and a cool toned palette, but my favorite surprise is the more reddish-pink toned palette. I feel like it’s a great addition that’s kind of on trend and slightly unexpected amongst the sea of browns and greys out there this time of year. As if all those shadows were not enough, there is also a deluxe sample sized tube of the cult classic, and my favorite, Better Than Sex Mascara. So far, so good! 🙂


Let’s break down each of the three palettes, starting with the Eggnog Latte.



Let’s start with my least favorite part – the scent. It certainly smells sweet, but eggnog latte? Not sure about that. Since it has no bearing on the shadows, I can easily overlook it. 🙂 As far as the shadows go, this palette contains two matte shades, three shimmer shade and one glittery shade. The mattes are a great brow bone highlight and a good transition/crease shade so very appropriate finishes for those. You also get a shimmery champagne, a shimmery warm bronze and a shimmery deep green that is gorgeous! It can get a bit muddy as you blend it out, but I don’t know many deep greens that don’t. As for the glittery shadow? It’s a nice slightly cool bronze with what appears to be silver glittery bits. The palette is rounded out with a pretty bright peach blush. This palette makes me think of Fall for some reason. Probably the green. It is essentially neutral, but that pop of green is a nice touch. Nothing earth shattering, but pretty.


Moving on to the pink Peppermint Latte palette.



The selection here contains two mattes and four shimmers. Again, the mattes are appropriate tones for the finish – a white and a light pink. In the shimmer category, there is a slightly glittery light warm gold, a subtly reddish brown, a fuchsia-burgundy and a deep chocolate brown. The blush is another bright one, but naturally this time it’s pink. 🙂 The scent has a peppermint hint to it, but again I’m not sure I’d call it either peppermint or peppermint latte. If I had to pick favorites, I think I’d have to go with this palette. It’s a bit different and unexpected from a Holiday set, but stays within that realm of relatively safe neutrals. It’s a really nice combo!


Last but not least we have the Gingerbread Cookie palette. I feel like that’s a very appropriate name because it is filled with cool-toned browns. 🙂



Here is where you’ll find the bronzer which has a pretty neutral undertone to it. It is certainly not matte, but I’m not sure I’d call it shimmery either. Rather it’s kind of a matte with subtle silver sparkle. The sparkles don’t seem to transfer much, if at all, to the skin. It’s quite pretty. I would probably use it mostly as an eyeshadow, but then I’m not much for bronzer. The shadows include three mattes, a chunky glitter, a chunky metallic, and a lone cool brown glittery-shimmer. The mattes are an ivory, a medium brown and a black. Not a very good black, but it would certainly work to add a bit of depth to the eyes. The glittery shade is kind of surprising. It is kind of a taupey-lilac with tons of silver glitter. And then another shadow that looks like it should be a glitter, is actually a metallic orangey-gold. I find this gold quite out of place with the other shadows here, but it’s a nice shade. The scent is again not quite right. Sweet, but artificial. The scents are never a deal breaker, but feel rather gimmicky in this set. The Gingerbread Cookie is my least favorite of the palettes, but then I’m not often one for cool tones or glittery shadows, so that’s not surprising.


I actually love the Grande Hotel Cafe set! The shadows are not quite as pigmented as in the permanent Too Faced palettes, but I feel like this set is so much better than The Chocolate Shop set that I reviewed earlier (see it here). Though not the exact same quality as the permanent palettes, all of the products included are still strong in the quality department. They blend well and they do build to intensify the color if you choose. As expected, the glittery shades do have some fallout so you probably want to apply your eye makeup before your concealer, but I find if I clean the glitter bits up with a bit of makeup remover (I’ve been using the Pacifica Cactus Water Micellear Cleansing Solution) and then finish up with my concealer, I don’t find much, if any, glitter dropping down onto my cheeks throughout the day. Yay! 🙂


I also really enjoy the shades included in these palettes. Yes, they’re predominantly standard neutrals, but there are a few pops of unexpected colors and/or textures to make it work for both nights out and just your average day. I have liked every eye look that I have come up with, whether using shades all from one palette or mixing and matching from multiple palettes. The blushes are great as well and I love that there’s a peach and a pink to choose from. As far as the bronzer goes, I can’t say that I have used it much, but that’s only because I rarely use bronzer. Since most people love bronzer, I think it’s a great inclusion even if it’s not something that I personally will get much use from. And of course I love the mascara. 😉 It’s a great size that will last you until it dries out or expires.


If you’re looking for a great Too Faced Holiday set, I don’t think that the Grande Hotel Café will disappoint! 🙂 The packaging is incredible and the makeup inside is right up there with the best of the holiday sets! 🙂 I should also point out that this would be a great set to break apart for three separate gifts as well – Too Faced even included a “To” and “From” section on the back of each palette for easy gift giving. I always like the idea of compiling personalized gift sets and this is just perfect for that! No matter how you decide to give this lovely gift, I think the recipient will be mighty pleased. 🙂 Well done Too Faced!!!


The Too Faced Grande Hotel Cafe is available wherever Too Faced is sold (Ulta, Sephora, Too Faced’s website). It retails for $49.


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