This weekend just flew by! That means it’s time for me to say Happy #ManiMonday everyone!!! ? This week’s polish has no real rhyme or reason. I just love this polish and felt like wearing it, so I am! ? It is the shade “Eastyn” from Zoya. It’s an amazing neutral that’s not too grey, not too brown, not too pale, not too deep. It’s just plain perfect! Maybe I’m feeling a need for comfort with all this horrifying political mudslinging going on. Whatever the reason, I wanted a nice soothing neutral, and I can think of none better than “Eastyn!”


The application of this shade is great! It’s nearly possible to do only one coat. Not quite good enough though, so this is two coats. I had a top coat mishap in that not only is my Seche Vite getting a bit on in years and glopping up a bit, but I’m also nearly out of it so it’s quite difficult to get out of the bottle. It (the top coat that is) didn’t apply too well and I ended up having to apply an Essence top coat over that which caused a bit of bubbling, mainly on my ring finger (I didn’t notice this until I took the pictures). But back to the formula of Eastyn…. It’s a great formula. Even coverage and the perfect consistency. No complaints here! ?


Not much else to say. It’s a great polish in the absolute perfect neutral shade! ? Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you all have a great week!!!


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