Well it’s #ManiMonday again and I definitely need another day off! But the polish must go on and today I have a brand that I have never tried before – Smith & Cult! This is a brand I can only see in person at my hair salon of all places. 🙂 The shade range isn’t huge and the shades don’t seem all that unique, but I hear a lot about the polishes so I wanted to try one…and the packaging doesn’t hurt either! 😉 So I settled on the shade “Feed the Rich” which looks like a dusty forest green in the bottle. It looks dark, but not as dark as it looks it on the nails. That said, it still doesn’t look black on the nails which is a pet peeve of mine. I hate it when a polish just translates as black despite the pretty deep rich color that’s not black in the bottle. But all is good with “Feed the Rich.” But wait, there’s more! 😉


I glazed over the packaging, but really it needs a moment. The bottle is freakin’ gorgeous! It reminds me of fancy perfume. It’s weighty and bulky (not loving the bulky, but it’s still stunning). It’s basically just a short, really wide round bottle with the fanciest gold cap (the gold part can be removed to reveal a more standard brush handle when painting) that looks like it’s been battered (in the coolest way) in one spot. It’s just so cool and fancy looking. If I had to list just one thing that drew me to this brand, it was definitely the packaging and I figured it was mainly the fancy bottle that you were paying the $18 for. I was pleasantly surprised to say that there’s more to the hefty price tag than that! ?


The brush for the polish is nothing fancy. It’s a relatively thin but flat brush with a blunt end. I was pleasantly surprised by how easily it applied the polish! Since it’s not terribly wide, it’s precise. I always feel like a flat brush fits onto the nail better without over applying product. I thought I would miss my beloved rounded brush edge as well, but no! I probably had less trouble over-painting my nails and getting my cuticles. This may just be the perfect brush!



Last, but certainly not least is the formula of the polish itself. It is incredible! It is intensely pigmented and almost 100% opaque in one swipe. I had a little trouble with patchiness just because I’m horrible at painting my nails, but my middle and ring finger are both just one coat. I did have to even out my pointer finger and pinky because I got the polish on a bit unevenly, but I really think at least this shade is a one coater! ? The consistency of the polish is also just right – not too thin or too thick. It spreads beautifully and it dries really quickly. The finish itself is not super intensely glossy, but once I added my standard Seche Vite top coat, the shine is so much nicer than with other brands. Not sure why, but it is. The formula is definitely top notch and (almost) matches it’s higher price tag! 🙂


Honestly I’m not sure what I expected from the Smith & Cult polishes, but though I feel like I already own a similar shade to “Feed the Rich,” it’s absolutely a special polish! This is nail polish done right, but for an $18 price. Not terrible actually, but nothing to sneeze at either. Absolutely lovely and though I’m not 100% in love with this shade (nothing wrong with it, just deeper than I expected), I am absolutely glad I tried this polish and may have to add a few more as time wears on! 😉



  1. Hi Christine!
    I absolutely love this color! Would you know any dupe? It’s really hard to find Smith and Cult in my country.

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