Another weekend down, Fall has officially begun and now it’s time for another #ManiMonday! I’ve been trying to get my polish into some sort of order this past week and came across a few that I forgot about. Always fun (and somewhat embarrassing ?) when that happens! ? I have about a zillion Zoya polishes, and this week’s gem in in fact from Zoya! It is called “Autumn” and there’s really no better name for this shade than that! This polish is what I would call a copper chocked full of metallic gold shimmer. It’s absolutely gorgeous and so reminiscent of Fall leaves.


As with many Zoya polishes, the coverage of “Autumn” has pretty damn even coverage in just one pass. You could probably get away with one coat, but I used two. The second coat deepened the color a bit, but the evenness from one coat is so impressive! The polish is an absolute dream to work with and the result is beautiful. 🙂 I really have nothing negative to say about this polish. I highly recommend it! ?


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