Happy #ManiMonday everyone! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend and are looking forward to a fantastic week! I’m back for yet another Nail of the Day post. There’s really no rhyme or reason behind the shade I’ve chosen for the week other than it’s a new polish…well, new to me. If you’re not aware, Ulta is currently holding their 21 Days of Beauty even where there are great deals on new items each day. Last week brought us half price Butter London polishes and since I discovered the Patent Shine 10x formula during the last event, I definitely wanted to pick up a few during this one as well! The main shade that was speaking to me is called “Broody” and that’s what I went for on my nails this week. 🙂


I suppose I will soon have to accept and embrace that it’s Fall, but last week’s weather seemed more a reminder of Summer. (Please don’t rip it away yet Mother Nature!) Though I’m not the biggest fan of fall, I do love Autumnal colors when it comes to makeup and nail polishes. “Broody” is certainly an autumnal shade! I guess I would describe it as a medium-toned wine…and as absolutely gorgeous! Back when oxblood was the “it” nail color for Fall, I could never find a shade I liked that met my criteria of being an oxblood tone without looking black out of direct sunlight. Well, I think “Broody” may have qualified had it existed! ? Perhaps not a true oxblood, but a similar family and it definitely looks wine-toned in all light. It’s pretty. Plain and simple.


As far as the formula goes, I really like the newer Butter London Patent Shine 10x formula. It is pretty opaque and even with one pass. That said, “Broody” actually took 3 coats to go fully opaque. I was nitpicking a bit because 2 looked just fine, but I could see very subtle semi-translucent patches on some of my nails. Since I knew I was going to photograph it and that doing so tends to enhance any abnormalities in the color, I decided to add a third coat for good measure. That actually deepened the color a bit more on the nail as well as made it 100% opaque. If there’s a point there, it’s that 2 coats will work just fine, but you may see just the tiniest of translucence in spots. The polish goes on evenly through all coats, the color is intense and beautiful, it’s smooth and so easy to apply – the brushes are so much better than on the original Butter London polishes – they dry with a beautiful glossy finish, and they wear surprisingly well! The Patent Shine 10x polishes are just a dream to work with!


I did encounter a weird issue though. Everything looked fine…until the top coat dried. It bubbled a bit, and noticeably so. If you look carefully on my ring finger, you’ll see a few distinct bubbles. I haven’t had that problem with other shades of this formula, but then I’m not certain I used them with Seche Vite (as I did with “Broody” for this manicure). I don’t know if it was just a weird coincidence that may never occur again, if this shade just doesn’t like Seche Vite, or if the formula itself doesn’t agree with Seche Vite. Whatever the case, if you’re considering this shade, keep in mind that you may want to think about your top coat – or just skip one – for the smoothest of finishes.

I hope you’re all well and thanks so much for stopping by! I hope to see you back for another post soon!!! 🙂


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