Top to Bottom: Glastonberry, Love Liberty, Red Carpet Red, Bond Girl, Amazing Grace & Miranda May (Hot Lips)

I feel like I’ve been raving about the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks a fair amount recently so I figure it’s about time to review them! With the recent/impending release of the Hot Lips Collection, I figure there’s no time like the present. If you’re unfamiliar with Charlotte Tilbury, she is an amazing British makeup artist that now has her own cruelty free high-end range. There is a bit of skincare thrown in with some brushes (which I suspect are natural hair) and a lot of makeup, and all of the items I’ve tried are amazing! Best of all in my eyes? The Matte Revolution Lipsticks! 😉


I’m going to start with probably the least important, but most noticeable, aspect of these lipsticks – the packaging! It is absolutely stunning! The little brown boxes (yes, the boxes are worthy of discussion!) are embossed with rose gold foiled lettering. Open that up (note the little trademark star on the top flap) and you reveal the most gorgeous modernized retro tube of lipstick. The outer casing has a fluted – or ribbed if you prefer – texture to the rose gold colored cylindrical tube. It’s slightly weighted, but not overly so to make it feel like you’re carting around a brick when you throw it in a bag. Heavy enough to feel fancy without actually being heavy. 🙂 The entwined “CT” logo graces the top, while a brown sticker spells out the color in metallic rose gold lettering on the bottom. Seriously stunning and probably the prettiest lipstick I’ve ever witnessed! 🙂


Remove the cap and you will see a rather interesting lipstick bullet. It has a unique squared off tip. I can’t recall another lipstick with this shape. It looks like it might make it difficult to apply, but oh contrare! The Matte Revolution Lipsticks couldn’t be easier to apply. The square-ish shape allows you to easily apply right to the edges of the lips with such ease! I can easily apply the deepest of shades without a lip liner and it still looks pretty much perfect. Even my rather pointed cupid’s bow is a cinch to perfect! Not sure how she thought to create such an unusual bullet shape, but it truly works like magic. 😉


As for the subtly vanilla scented formula, it could not be more comfortable! Remember these are the matte formula, because they are so wonderful on the lips that you’ll forget you’re wearing anything! They literally feel like nothing at all. It’s not like wearing a lip balm where you can kind of feel a slip to the lips, but it’s not dry in any way either. It genuinely feels just like your natural healthy lips, but with a different color! I wouldn’t exactly say that they’re moisturizing, but they almost are somehow. It’s kind of a weird sensation to describe because it is like no other lipstick that I have tried! If you hate the feeling of matte lipsticks, you will love these. Trust me. Everyone needs to try at least one! 🙂

Top to Bottom: Glastonberry, Love Liberty, Red Carpet Red, Bond Girl, Amazing Grace & Miranda May (Hot Lips)


As for the texture, again it is perfection. These lipsticks aren’t what I would call creamy, but they’re not overly hard or stiff either. They are that perfect in-between that is sturdy enough without being uncomfortable. Applying is easy as well. They glide onto the lips with no skipping, no tugging. It’s almost like using a cream lipstick…only easier! They don’t slip and slide on application, nor do they travel outside of the lips after application. It’s just the absolute perfect consistency in every way.


The wear time is also great. They are quite pigmented – but no overly so that they look unnatural. With all that pigment, they stick around a good long while. It’s not all-day through 3 greasy meals good, but it’s almost there. There is very little transfer with the Matte Revolution Lipsticks, and once a little bit has been removed, you probably won’t see any more relocating to a glass. They will fade a bit over time, but they do so evenly (unless you’re eating something with a high oil content – they’ll fade faster in the center like most anything would). Should you get that unflattering ring, I find it’s easily fixed by running a finger over the entire lip and just blending the remaining color for a slightly less intense shade. You can also reapply without needing to remove everything like with a liquid lipstick. I feel that they’re pretty low maintenance. I can almost get through a full day without reapplying and still having some color remaining!

L to R: Glastonberry, Love Liberty, Red Carpet Red, Bond Girl, Amazing Grace & Miranda May (Hot Lips)
L to R: Glastonberry, Love Liberty, Red Carpet Red, Bond Girl, Amazing Grace & Miranda May (Hot Lips)

Though there are 9 shade available in the Core range, there is currently a “Hot Lips” Collection that adds another 16 shades designed and named for some of Charlotte’s favorite celebrity clients. Though some of the Hot Lips have the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. cream formulation, 11 of these new shades are the Matte Revolution formula so I’m lumping them together. I can’t seem to find out if these new shades will be permanent or not, so you may want to grab them if you want one! Another reason to snap up the Hot Lips shades quickly is that for the first 2 months of sales, $2 from each lipstick sold will be donated to the Women for Women International ( charity. This charity supports women who are survivors of war. So you can get a beautiful lipstick and help women in the process. Win, win! Surely in the 20 matte shades available, you can find something to suit your fancy! 😉


Obviously I am an absolute lover of the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks. 🙂 Honestly I cannot find a single flaw in them. They do retail for $32 each, which is expensive, but I feel that they are 100% worth the high price tag. Not to mention, lipsticks are getting closer and closer to this range every day! I highly, highly recommend you try out any of the Matte Revolution Lipsticks. You can thank me later! 😉


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