Though the weather here has been a bit deceiving since I didn’t see the sun for most of May, do not be fooled! Summer is on its way!!! With warmer temperatures and longer days comes more exposed skin. I don’t know about you, but I want my skin to be as soft and smooth as possible! So today I’m going to share with you all my tips and tricks for getting your softest, smoothest Summer-ready skin! And bonus, they’re pretty much all on the more natural side and definitely affordable! 😉


Let’s start where I would typically start in the softening routine – exfoliating my body! I have two recommendations, both of which I have mentioned on the blog before, and both are highly effective. The first is certainly the less messy option and that is dry brushing. Dry Brushing is basically as it sounds. You take a brush, I like the Eco-Tools Dry Brush, and gently brush your dry skin in circular motions working towards your heart. So on the legs you brush upwards, while your arms you would work from the wrist inward. Not only does this technique remove dead skin, but it is also thought to help improve circulation and minimize the appearance of cellulite by helping lymph fluid to drain from the body. Once you’re done, just hop in the shower and go about your typical routine! We’ll discuss moisturizing in a minute, but even without anything to replenish the skin, you’ll notice smoother, healthier looking skin.


I do love dry brushing, but by far my favorite way of exfoliating involves getting a bit messy with frank. Yup. The most amazing scrub in the world simply goes by the name frank. I’ve reviewed this amazing coffee scrub here so I’m not going to drone on too much, but if I’m feeling dramatic, I would call it life changing! 🙂 This is a coffee based scrub with a touch of sea salt and a ton of replenishing oils that leave the skin insanely soft even without moisturizing. I add that for even more softness, but should you be needing to scrub and run, you’re good with frank! The main drawback to frank is that you really do need to turn off the water while applying the messy coffee grounds. It sounds more unpleasant than it actually is, but that and the coffee grounds all over the shower could turn some people off. Personally I find that my shower cleans up most of the mess by itself and even if it didn’t, my skin feels so nice that I’d scrub the shower for it! 😉

So you’ve eliminated the dead skin; now it’s time for shaving. I always shave after exfoliating because you get a closer shave without all that dead skin in the way. Again, this is a tip I’ve mentioned on the blog before (see it here), but it is one that I find so worth repeating! My legs are easily irritated by shaving and I will get itchy red bumps with pretty much any shaving routine. However, when I use Coconut Oil as shaving cream, I have minimal issues! Not to mention the coconut oil softens even after you’re done showering and it actually stays in place even when directly under the water! I have a weird stall shower that’s rather tiny and it’s very tricky to shave my legs – usually I’m curled up on the floor and the water just melts away all other shaving creams. The coconut oil stays put until the razor passes the skin and provides a nice hydrating and protective barrier over the skin. It has made shaving almost an enjoyable task! 😉


So we’ve scrubbed, we’ve shaved and now it’s time to gently towel dry in order to add moisture back into the skin. Again my absolute favorite thing to use at this point is Coconut Oil! I find it quick, easy, inexpensive and so, so effective! My skin is left amazingly soft, especially with all the prior steps, but even if I skip every last one of them, coconut oil still keeps my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. If you’re unaware, coconut oil is solid above 77°F. Even in my shower it is semi-solid at best. However, I can easily scoop out a small blob and as soon as it’s rubbed into the skin it melts beautifully! It can seem rather oily if you’re not used to it, but I actually like the way it feels. If you find that coconut oil on damp skin is too much for you, try applying it before toweling off at all and then towel dry after applying the coconut oil. If that’s still too much for you, apply the coconut oil right before your final rinse in the shower. It will still leave your skin soft and hydrated even after it’s rinsed away. I feel like you can’t go wrong with coconut oil as a moisturizer, but be careful if any gets on the soles of your feet because it is slippery! 🙂


I guess that’s a good seqway into feet! I hate dealing with my feet. I’m not a huge sandal wearing gal, so I don’t make much fuss over how they look, but I don’t really want my heels catching on my sheets either! 🙂 My first step for Summer-ready feet begins with clean, dry feet. I then use the Emjoi Micro Pedi Nano, which is basically a battery operated sandpaper-like device designed for the feet. One or two passes over my feet once or twice a week and they feel wonderfully different! This isn’t an overnight miracle callus remover, but you will see and feel softer feet right away. Over time, your feet get softer and smoother and I’ve been really happy with it! 🙂


Another step for the feet that’s more doable on an everyday basis is to use a great foot cream. After reviewing the ShiKai Borage Therapy Hand Cream, the company kindly sent me the Borage Therapy Foot Cream and I am finding it works wonders on the feet (much like it does for the hands! 😉 ). It is a surprisingly thin cream – more like a lotion really – but it is so intensely hydrating without being overly greasy, sticky or just plain uncomfortable. Even better, it actually works! My feet feel a bit softer and smoother with every use! 🙂 After a week or two, your feet will definitely be sandal-ready!


Last by not least are the lips. Most people think of dry chapped lips in the winter months, but I find mine can be just as flaky in the Summer. To combat that, you can use a lip scrub like the Bite Beauty Cherry Lip Whip that I recently reviewed, or if you’re in a rush or just don’t want to spend the money, you can use a damp toothbrush! I should caution you that it can be easy to go a bit overboard doing this and this actually making your lips worse, but if you’re gentle and careful, running a damp toothbrush (soft bristles!) over your lips once or twice will make an enormous difference in the softness of your lips! This is definitely something that you want to follow with a good hydrating balm – I use the Kari Gran Lip Whip at night and the Hurraw! Lip Balm in the morning. In a pinch, you can also slick on a bit more coconut oil and you’ve softened from head to toe! 😉


So there you have some of my best tried-and-true tips for soft Summer skin! Most are easy to do with ingredients and tools you probably already have lying around the house! I hope this was helpful and I would love to hear any tips and tricks you may have for softer skin as well. Hope to see you back soon!!! 🙂



  1. These are some great tips, thank you! I’d never thought about using coconut oil as a shaving cream, but it sounds like it’s the perfect thing for the job 🙂 xx

  2. Thank you! Love the naturalness of your products. I’m looking for more of that for my skin. Blessings. <3 (came to you via Nikki at A Kinder Way)

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