Well the weekend is over and it’s back to the daily grind, but that also means it’s time for #ManiMonday! 🙂 This week I’m wearing a polish I know I’ve worn before and I think I mentioned in another Mani Monday with a different shade from the same line…but I’m not certain I haven’t actually posted this polish before! If I have, my apologies. I cannot find it so I’m assuming I just mentioned it instead of actually posting it. What the hell is it, you’re probably wondering? It is one of the Butter London Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquers in the shade “Pink Knickers!” I must say that I really like Butter London polishes, but I really love the Patent Shine version!!! 🙂


“Pink Knickers” is a very pigmented baby pastel pink. I really love this shade! Perhaps even better though is the formula! This polish is so pigmented from the first rush stroke. It does require 2 coats, but from the start you get intense color payoff that actually is as potent as it looks in the bottle! That pretty much never happens with a baby pastel pink! Most polishes – maybe all polishes – I have in similar tones are usually 3 coat minimums and are a nightmare to work with. Not so with the Patent Shines! As I’ve said, “Pink Knickers” is intensely pigmented and pretty damn opaque. It’s not streaky or patchy, though it does require 2 coats for complete even coverage.


In addition, it also actually dries with a beautiful shine as well! It claims to do so, but most polishes with shine claims rarely look any different than a standard polish. These polishes live up to their shiny claims! I do have a top coat over it, but it was really just to quicken the drying time, not for added shine.


Last note about “Pink Knickers” and the other Butter London Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquers is that I love the brushes! They’re much like my beloved Nails Inc. brushes in that they are kind of a flat paddle shape with a rounded tip that makes applying it so easy…at least for me. They kind of conform to the cuticle, hold the perfect amount of polish and the little brush hairs don’t fan out too much, meaning you have fantastic control. I just really love these polishes and am mighty impressed with the intense pigment of a typically troublesome shade like “Pink Knickers!”

Hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend and have a marvelous week! I hope to see you back on Wednesday for another post and thank you so much for visiting this little blog! :*


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