If you’ve passed a makeup aisle or walked by a Sephora lately, you may have noticed that cosmetic companies are desperately trying to cram color correcting products down consumers’ throats. I have known about peach and green correctors for quite some time now, but really unless you have trouble with standard concealers covering your issues, I don’t feel like you need to worry about this “new” trend. That said, I feel that with the redness, post-blemish discoloration, and dark circles present on my skin, color correcting can be very useful. Given that, I’ve been somewhat thrilled that there are some new colorful products to test out! My first foray into this revamped world of color correcting begins with the Cover FX Correct Clicks. So for today’s post, we’re going to discuss how the shades I have been using (the “Peach” and “Green”) have worked for me as well as go over some basics of the product and its purpose. Obviously everyone has different concerns and I cannot accurately review all the shades, but these two I feel I’ve tested fully and can weigh the pros and cons for you. Soooo, let’s hop to it! 🙂


As I mentioned in my April Favorites post, I’ve been drawn to cream products lately. The Cover FX Correct Clicks are essentially the brand’s cream compact foundation formula, but in corrective shades. The good and bad thing about this is that they are in twist up stick form, which makes them very portable and easy to grab and go should you choose. Why you need correctors on the go is a bit baffling to me, but they’re also just generally convenient. That said, there are some drawbacks to the stick form. I tend to apply these direct from the stick. When you’re dealing with the angles of the face with all its nooks and crannies, it can be a bit tricky to evenly apply this semi-wide stick to say the under eyes and around the nostrils – my two main concerns! You can use your finger or a brush to pick up the color and then apply to the face where needed which is actually more sanitary, but it’s a step I don’t want to take. I have found that despite getting kind of a strange patchy stripe direct from the stick, the formula is so creamy that it blends brilliantly and easy fills in the gaps left by direct-from-the-stick application. So you have options for getting the product on the face and it’s easy to work with once it’s applied.

See that it’s a bit patchy especially under the eyes?

As I said, the formula is very soft and creamy. It blends absolutely beautifully, which is important with a color corrector. That’s not to say the color completely disappears – the idea is to disguise the problem area with a contrasting color, blend into the skin which will likely leave a cast behind, but then you finish with your foundation thus eliminating the weird color tone and minimizing the underlying issue. So the formula of the Correct Clicks is absolutely fantastic for this purpose! Also, the colors are pigmented enough that they don’t completely blend away without disguising the problem area. So formula and pigmentation are great!



That leads to staying power. It seems the creamier the product, the less likely it is to stick around. Since these correctors are applied under foundation, I find my foundation alone helps to set the colorful tone without removing it. Then after powder is applied, it’s pretty much stuck to your face until you wash it off. So the Correct Clicks definitely stay in place.


Moving on to the packaging…. As I said, they are in twist-up sticks, but they are pretty tiny sticks. Each Correct Click (and all of the new Click items from Cover FX) only contain 5.5g/0.2oz. That’s not a whole lot of product. However, these retail for $18 which seems totally reasonable for the quantity and quality you receive. It also allows you to test it out for a good chunk of time without spending a small fortune. Since they’re also on the small side, they’re great for throwing in a bag and running out the door…though as I said, not sure why you’d be throwing a green corrector in your handbag. 🙂 This is more relevant to their Concealer + Foundation Stick, but that’s another topic! 😉 I feel like though these don’t contain a lot of product, you’re not using a ton either so it should last a good while and the price reflects the size.

Foundation applied over the correctors with concealer only under the eyes!

I mentioned the “Peach” and the “Green” correctors being helpful for my issues, but Cover FX did not stop there with the options. There are actually 6 different shades available for different issues and there is also some accounting for different skin tones, which seems rare in the color corrector world. The shades are: “Lavender” which neutralizes yellow tones and adds brightness for light to medium skins; “Yellow” to minimize minor redness on fair to light skin tones; the “Green” which is for more intense redness on light to medium skin; “Peach” to neutralize darkness (like my post-acne scarring) and under eye circles for light to medium skin tones; “Orange” for the same function on medium to deeper skin tones; and “Brick” also for the same function on deep skin. Basically you want to choose a color opposite on the color wheel from the color you’re trying to disguise. But as you can see, Cover FX has a pretty extensive range of options for color issues and some variation for skin tone differences.


I am actually a big fan of the Correct Clicks. The pigmentation is just about perfect for sticking around without being obvious under foundation, and the texture is so wonderfully blendable that it’s easy to cover what you need to cover without dragging, tugging or skipping. I also find that this formula doesn’t settle into or emphasize my fine lines and pores, which is a main reason I bother with this step instead of just packing on the concealer. Obviously you can load up on concealer to disguise problem areas as well, but it usually looks cakey and unnatural on my skin. Not so if I focus more on correcting first. These are definitely a worth-while investment for me and I have been enjoying using them, but…!


Is this a product everyone really needs? Absolutely not! Sure they can be used to really prefect any skin, but unless you struggle with particularly troublesome under eye discoloration or a lot of redness in your skin, these are really just optional for most people. If you are like me and do have issues that concealer either will not cover, or concealer enhances texture more than you’d like, I would definitely recommend giving the Cover FX Correct Clicks a try! Compared to the other color correctors I have used, these are by far some of, if not the best on the market right now. From me, these get a big thumbs up! 🙂

Hope this helps a bit in determining if the whole color correcting hype is worth it or not for you. If you determine you need it, hopefully this gives you some idea of which shades you might try. And finally, should you want to try color correcting, I hope this helps you determine if this formula sounds as though it would work well for your issues. If you try these out, I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave your comments! 🙂

love and stuff,



    • Thank you Chrissie! I find them to be helpful for disguising things. LOL! 🙂 They seem to work better than other correctors I have tried so that makes them winners in my book! 🙂

    • Thanks! 🙂 It IS strange seeing a big patch of green around my nose, but once I cover it with foundation it’s all good. You definitely need to put something OVER the correctors though.

  1. I do really like having a peachy color for my terrible under-eye circles…but other than that, especially given that I don’t like having a lot of product on my skin, I don’t think I’d slather these on.

    I do remember years ago, when green concealers first started to show up, that they were amazing for my bright red acne spots. Luckily I don’t have much need for that anymore but as a teen I thought this product was a lifesaver!!

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