If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may remember that my favorite lip scrub was from Paula’s Choice (see it here). Unfortunately and fortunately, it’s been yanked from the shelves because it contained those horrible little plastic beads that are killing the ocean. As I understand it, these have currently been banned for use in the US. Feeling lost without my favorite lip polish, I’ve been trying to find a suitable replacement. Well, turns out the best thing I’ve found is a scrub I’ve reviewed before…albeit not that well! 🙂 What is it? It’s the Bite Beauty Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub!


If you recall, I went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab where I was given this scrub to use before finding my perfect shades. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it and didn’t remember it being as effective as when I initially reviewed it. Well, turns out I never managed to scrape the surface of the scrub and really get to the nitty gritty (ha ha!) bits in the scrub before the review. Though I liked it in the review, I didn’t get a true representation of its wonderful scrubbiness until at the Bite Lip Lab. So having re-experienced this scrub, I pulled out my old pot and quickly determined it was probably expired – it smelled different so it was out! 😉 Not to be defeated, I bought a new tub and went about breaking the top layer to get into the true scrubbiness.


Another reason I was drawn to this scrub is that it basically scrubs with jojoba beads…or something similar. Jojoba beads are just little spheres formed out of jojoba seed oil that has been turned into semi-soft yet scrubby beads. How is beyond my knowledge, but they’re all natural beads that are not polluting the ocean…to my knowledge at least. So the beads are similar to my lovely, but terrible, Paula’s Choice scrub thus seeming promising to me. So, how does effective is it? That’s what you’re here to find out, right? 😉

First things first, if you’re not familiar, Bite Beauty uses mainly natural, only food grade ingredients. Aka, they’re safe to ingest! What a concept, huh? 🙂 Though this is not really something you’re going to keep on your lips and it’s definitely not a sugar scrub kind of product where you’re going to lick it off, it’s still nice to know that you’re not coating your lips…or the water supply…with random chemicals. But back to the product itself….


The Cherry Lip Scrub is a thick almost balm-like consistency, but chocked full of the rather small sized jojoba beads. The balm seems to provide just a bit of slip so you’re not just scraping the hell out of unprotected lips, but I wouldn’t say it’s insanely hydrating either. The main function in my eyes is to remove dead skin and get your lips soft and smooth. And yes, it does in fact do that and does it well! But, I find that this is a scrub I need to use this both morning and night for it to be fully effective. With many scrubs, this might pulverize your lips, but this scrub is so nice and gentle that twice daily scrubbing is not overly harsh. It’s an interesting and unusual formula in that respect.


The wax beads contained in the balm-like consistency are just small spheres that are visible to the naked eye. They are seemingly unassuming and seem like they might be so gentle as to be ineffective, but oh contrare! You rub this thick bead-filled balm over your lips and scrub away until your lips seem smooth and boom! Your lips have been de-flaked and smoothed! 🙂 You do need to wipe away the beads with either water or a washcloth because these are not terribly pleasant to ingest. 🙂 But now your lips are prepped and ready to go! I tend to follow this with a lip balm because after washing or wiping away the scrub, I find more of a protective barrier left behind than a hydrating or replenishing feeling. But my lips are always smooth, soft and flake-free, which is what I’m after with a lip scrub. And it’s gentle!

So, my verdict? This is my new favorite lip scrub! Yes, sugar scrubs are ok, but I always find that they leave my lips still a bit flaky, or they over-scrub my lips to the point that they bleed a bit. The Bite Cherry Lip Scrub is a highly effective, yet very gentle lip scrub that delivers without pain. 😉 It is best with regular use, but even if you’re a once-in-a-while scrubber, I think you’ll find this to be a great alternative to others on the market. If you’re looking for a new lip scrub, I highly recommend the Bite Beauty Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub! 🙂

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  1. I love BITE products I own the lip mask and I love how that makes my lips feel, not just that it’s a great lip saver in the winter time. This I will have to try right now I’m using LUSH lip scrub but I find that to be a little messy. I’ve tried so many lip scrubs haven’t found one I really like yet, hope trying this I will fall in love with it. This was a great post !!

    Katie |

    • Thanks so much Katie! I agree! Bite makes great lip products & I LOVE that they’re food grade. I’ve tried the Lush too and just found it never really did the job for me. Maybe it’s because it seemed kind of separated when I got it, but sugar scrubs in general never seem to work as well. I really like the little scrubby “beads” in the Bite. It seems to make a real difference. Another tip would be to use your toothbrush to gently scrub away the dead skin. Works well too, but it’s a bit more harsh. I use this if my lips get really out of control 😀

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