Wow did April fly by! Cliché but true. I truly don’t know where this month went! I do know that I’ve tried a lot of new beauty products though. Some have been daily staples, but for others I’m still forming my opinions. Given all of that info, it should come as no surprise that today I’m going over all of my April Favorites! 😉 I’ve got a fair amount to go through and we all know that I am incapable of being brief, so hopefully you’re comfortable because we’re jumping into the favorites! 😀


I have one lonely hair product this month. Was it just last month I complained about the horrible dandruff shampoo from Jason? Well, I immediately kicked that stinker to the curb and replaced it with the Derma E Scalp Relief Shampoo. So glad I did because not only does the Derma E version not smell like sulfur for weeks after washing it out, it works! I am happy to say that the only problem I’ve had with any kind of flakey-like residue in my hair has been from dry shampoo…and that’s kind of expected when you spray a powder into your hair. 😉 I really don’t have anything remarkable to say about this shampoo other than it’s effective – no itching, no flakes. I suppose that’s remarkable! Other than that, it’s a shampoo that lathers well without an offensive odor – smells like tea tree oil – and my hair feels clean. Simple and I wonder where this has been for so many years…I think it’s actually rather new, but why so long world? 😉


Moving along to a lonely skin care item. I’ve mentioned the congestion in my skin a fair amount and, as I mentioned in  last week’s post, I’ve been using an AHA serum from Paula’s Choice. Still love that, but decided to test out the Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. This serum has a high concentration of glycolic acid which is one of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). I only use this at night and still apply the Paula’s Choice in the mornings – I know that’s probably too much exfoliating, but my skin seems to need it! Pretty certain that the Drunk Elephant serum has helped even more with the blocked pores and whiteheads around my face. I definitely feel as though there are fewer problem spots and some of the peskier clogs seem to be shrinking. Though I’ve had no trouble with this serum, I feel I should warn you that it is pretty intense with such a high level of glycolic acid. I’m guessing sensitive skins probably won’t do well with this product. I had absolutely no issues, but even normal skins not accustomed to acids might experience a fair amount of burning, stinging or itching from this serum for at least a few days. As I said, I had no trouble but my skin is very much used to all kinds of exfoliant abuse! 😀 I’m definitely glad I’ve added this to my evening skin care routine because I really do feel it’s helping slough off the dead skin and prevent it from clogging my pores. Yea! 🙂


Finally before the makeup favorites, I have two tools of sorts. The first is the Vera Mona Color Switch Duo. I know Sephora is now selling the Color Switch, but I purchased the Duo version while in NYC because it just seemed slightly better. The Color Switch is basically just a rough surface that will help remove powder products from your brushes without damaging them. Keep in mind that it is also not the same as washing them, but you can use an eyeshadow, wipe the brush on the Color Switch and go into another shade without worrying about mixing the shades. It’s brilliant! The difference between the original Color Switch and the Duo is that the Duo has a little spongey bit in the center that can be dampened for using eye shadows wet. I don’t often wet my shadow, but I thought it was a nice option to have for essentially the same price. With or without the sponge, I definintely have found the Color Switch to be a handy tool in April!


My other “tool” favorite is a light bulb. Yup. Light bulbs! 🙂 I switched out the standard soft white or other equivelant bulbs in my bathroom to these GE LED Daylight Bulbs and the difference is stunning! I can see so much better! It’s especially great for applying makeup because I get a truer idea of the colors I’m using and how they’re looking on my face, not to mention I can see how heavily or messily I’ve applied something. It’s fantastic! Well, there are times that I would rather live in ignorance but it’s a definite game changer for applying makeup in a dark little bathroom. I just added them to my closet as well and, wow! What a difference. 🙂 I highly recommend finding yourself some LED Daylight balanced bulbs, especially where you’re applying makeup.


Speaking of makeup…. 😉 My first makeup favorite is a foundation and, no, it’s not the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation! Around the time I was testing that out I picked up the Japonesque Luminous Foundation during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty. It was half off and I had heard good things, but am always a bit wary of things with “luminous” in the name since I tend to get shiny throughout the day. I expected little, but tried it anyway and have been absolutely addicted to it ever since! It probably makes my skin less shiny than anything else as the day wears on! The coverage is light to light-medium, which is actually working ok for me lately. It covers most of my redness and evens out my skin tone without emphasizing my pores!!! It’s wonderful! 🙂 I would call the finish natural, not really luminous, but I love that about it! The Japonesque Luminous Foundation is absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend it for good day-to-day wear.


Oh my! The eye palettes from Too Faced in April were just ridiculous! I was constantly wearing the Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette until I managed to find the Sweet Peach Palette. Both are incredible and I am so in love with them both! The Sweet Peach edges out the PB&J by a hair, but Too Faced has been absolutely fabulous for shadow palettes in April…assuming you can find them! :/ The themes, the quality, the packaging and the shade selections are right up my alley. If you want to learn more about them, I’ve reviewed both the Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette and the Sweet Peach Palette. They’re both fabulous and I recommend you snatch them up if you manage to find them! If you can’t, fear not because each shade in each palette is actually not that unique and can probably be duped, but the combinations of shades all in one place is wonderful!


A mascara took me by surprise this April as well! It is the Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Flash Extensions Effect Mascara. I’d never tried a Soap & Glory mascara, but heard good things about the original. I’m not sure why I was drawn to this one instead, but I was and I really like it! That surprises me because it’s actually a rather wet formula and I tend to like my mascara’s on the dry side. For some reason though, this one works beautifully! It’s intensely black and gives great length and volume without clumping…too much. 😉 It is a little clumpy, but in a good way. I imagine it can get overly clumpy if you add too many coats too quickly, but I haven’t had any issues with it. The effect reminds me a bit of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, but it’s not quite as good. I also find the Soap & Glory is a bit more prone to smudge and I worry about it in the rain, but I haven’t actually had any smearing mascara tears yet either. All in all, the Soap & Glory Lash Extensions is a great option for full, thick lashes.


Crème highlighters seem to have been a fav this month as well! I have two that I’ve alternated between and that’s been it this month. The first is the RMS Living Luminizer. I’ve had this probably longer than is good for me, but I haven’t noticed any change in it so I’m gonna assume it’s just fine…for now. 🙂 The Living Luminizer adds an intense but natural looking gleam to the skin. It’s pretty much a stark white-gold pearlescent potted crème. I dab just a tiny bit on my cheekbones with my fingertip and lightly blend it in for a luminous glow. It’s beautiful on my pale skin, though I’m not sure how it would work on anyone deeper than maybe a medium skin tone. It’s just such a light color! Great for lighter skin tones though and doesn’t come across as too light on me.


AprilFavorites2016-CoverFX-EnhanceClick-Bubbly-RMS-TheLivingLuminizer-0001 copy

My next highlighter is also a crème, but in a stick form. It is one of the new Cover FX Enhance Clicks in the shade “Bubbly.” When I first saw this in store, I worried that it might show up a bit glittery on the skin as it got a bit sparkly on my hand as it sheered out. Fortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case! Again, this is a relatively subtle glow on the skin, but a bit more of a golden champagne tone. I feel like this would work well on a wide range of skin tones. I was also a bit concerned that this might not last very well on the skin, but it seems to last all day and I pretty much never put any powder products over it. It’s very easy to apply – I just draw it on my cheek bone, blend a bit with my finger, and go! Easy, pretty and convenient! Though some of the shades look like they’re way too dark for my skin tone, I would be interested in trying more of the Enhance Clicks. 😉


Sticking with crème face products, I have a rarity for me – a bronzer! I really like the whole stick makeup bit right now and wanted to try something in a stick for contouring. I stumbled across the Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer and figured, “Why not?” I thought it would be too warm and/or wouldn’t last on the skin, but I’ve been really enjoying it! I love that I can just draw a line…or series of dashes on my forehead…and quickly blend it out with a synthetic stippling brush. It’s so easy! I feel like the bronzer lasts all day as well. Though I wouldn’t say it’s by any means cool toned, it’s neutral enough that I think it works on my skin for a contour. It actually is matte as it claims and it blends beautifully! I am surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed this bronzer from Milk!


Also from Milk Makeup, I’ve been nearly addicted to the Oil Lip Stain in the shade “Vibes.” I am a huge fan of lip stains because I really hate reapply lip products. Stains are just fantastic…if they work. Most of the ones I’ve tried over the years that have been somewhat effective have been very drying and often streaky. Well, then I met Milk’s take! 🙂 This stuff is not only comfortable, but it leaves behind a nice stain that is even in color without clinging to dry areas or looking crusty and uneven. It is in fact an oil that is quite glossy and super comfortable. I wouldn’t say the oil itself is overly nourishing, but it is comfortable on the lips. It wears away rather quickly if you drink or eat, but the stain definintely remains! And the color! It’s an intense bright pink initially, but fades to a more intense version of my natural lip color. I really love this and am so glad to have found a lip stain that not only works, but is comfortable! Thank you, Milk!!!


Finally, we have a repeat offender that I won’t dwell on for long. It is the Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in “Sheer Streak.” I just love everything about this lipstick! It is so comfortable, easy to throw on, and goes with pretty much anything. It’s one of those lip products that just makes my face look a bit healthier after applying. “Sheer Streak” is something that pretty much lives in my handbag because it’s so versatile! 🙂


And there we have it! My April roundup of all things great in beauty. 🙂 Some may be a bit unconventional, but seriously, try the LED Daylight bulbs! 😉 I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the products in heavy rotation this past month as I’ve certainly enjoyed using them! Let me know some of the things you’ve been reaching for in April as I’d love to know. And with that, I’ve rambled enough so I hope to see you back again soon!

love and stuff,




  1. MelissaKollar Reply

    How on earth did you get your hands on that sweet peach palette?! I am dying for it!!

    • I think I managed to check Sephora’s site right after they restocked. It was sheer luck and coincidence! I keep hoping Too Faced will do a re-release or something. They really should because it seems to be highly coveted & it’s a fantastic palette! Hopefully you can find one soon!!!

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