I think I tried doing a few posts that looked back at my favorite items from prior years sometime last year, but I went back so far that most things I kind of ditched for something newer and shinier. I thought I would dust off the concept and try again with April (I actually wrote a post for March, but never managed to post it so if you’d like to see that, let me know!). Instead of going back to the beginning of my favorites posts, I thought I would just go back to 2015 and stay a bit more relevant. So without further ado, let’s see what I loved in April of 2015 and how I feel about those things today (and check out the 2015 post here)! 🙂


My first mention from last year is one of my all-time absolute must have favorites of all time! It’s the Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in “Sheer Streak.” Absolutely 100% still one of my favorites and I’ve even been wearing it quite a bit this April too! These lipsticks, especially the semi-sheer bright peachy shade “Sheer Streak,” are my easy everyday grab-and-go kind of lipsticks. I feel like I’ve mentioned my review over and over again, but there you go in case you missed it. 🙂 The Sheer Revolution Lipsticks, and in particular “Sheer Streak” is definitely still a fav!


For foundation last year I was wearing 2 products mixed together – the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops (reviewed here) and the Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield. I still use one occasionally and kind of abandoned the other for no reason…that I can remember. 😉 The Custom Cover Drops are one of those products that I feel like is fantastic to have on hand, but not something I reach for every day. Since they are basically just liquid pigment, they’re fantastic for adding to something else and amping up the coverage of a sheer foundation or altering a shade to better match your skin. That said, I got tired of mixing it with something else every day and now tend to just reach for it when I want to add more coverage to a lighter foundation. I still love them, just don’t reach for them all the time. And the Invisiblur, which is what I was mixing it with last year, I don’t exactly know why I stopped using it. In fact, I can’t even find it! It does have that silicone-y slippery feel that I don’t love applying to clean skin, but I remember it working quite well for minimizing the appearance of my pores. Maybe I’ll give it another try, but I honestly haven’t reached for it in quite some time…maybe even last April! 😮 So, Cover FX Custom Cover Drops are good to have on hand, but I need to revisit the Murad’s Invisiblur.


Next on the list is from ColourPop! The Super Shock Cheek in “Fox” was in heavy rotation last April. It’s a beautiful bright pinky-coral shade that is just perfect this time of year. I haven’t been reaching for the ColourPop blushes recently, but I definitely still grab them from time to time…and “Fox” is probably one of my most used shades. Since my favorite way to apply the ColourPop blushes is by tapping on the color with my fingers and then sheering it out with a stippling brush, I just find powder blushes quicker and easier to use. Great color and a good blush, just not my go-to recently.


Another ColourPop product was also on my must-have list last year. This time it was the Super Chock Shadow in “Dare.” I absolutely adore this color! Well, I love the shadows as a whole, but this color is just stunning! It’s impossible to capture properly in photos, but it’s basically a multi-colored glitter filled iridescent purple. It’s so pretty! Like the Super Shock Cheeks, I just have been overlooking the little potted shadows lately. There have been so many new and amazing palettes released lately that ColourPop hasn’t been on the top of my “to use” list. They probably should be because they are so quick and easy to use! I almost always just tap them on my eye lids with a finger and blend the edges a bit with a different clean finger. Done! 🙂 But the shinier and new items have taken precedence to the beauty and ease of ColourPop’s bouncy crème-powder shadows. I definitely still love them, and “Dare” is probably one of the coolest sparkly purple gems I have ever come across. 🙂 I may not be reaching for them frequently this April, but I certainly still love them…plus collecting them is fun too! 😉


Ah! The RMS Living Luminizer was a favorite last April. Well, here’s a sneak peek at my upcoming favorites post – the Living Luminizer is included! 😉 There must be something about April that just screams for this gorgeous pearly highlighter. I have been reaching for this a good portion of this April because it’s quick and easy to just dab onto the cheekbones for a subtle but brightening glow. It’s a potted crème highlighter and given my thoughts on the ColourPop Super Shock Cheeks right now, you’d think I wouldn’t be interested in this either, but it’s so easy! I literally just dab it on, blend a bit with my finger and I’m good to go. It’s actually easier than a powder highlight. And so pretty! 🙂 I will say that I probably haven’t used it much throughout the past year, but the RMS Living Luminizer will be making an appearance within the next week in my current monthly favorites so it’s clearly something I love. 🙂


Now we get to skincare which is something that seems to be constantly, but slowly, evolving for me. I try not to switch products too often if they’re working with my skin because it’s finally improving after the horrible incredible mess worsened by my (former) dermatologist. Having said that, I’m still using the Paula’s Choice Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% AHA every morning. I was using it twice a day until probably the beginning of April…we’ll discuss that a bit more in my upcoming April Favorites. This is a product that I feel really helped clear up a lot of, but not all, of the congestion in my skin and it’s one that I’m afraid to stop using! It is a concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Acid treatment, which is a gentle chemical exfoliant to help slough off the old skin cells. I definitely feel that my skin is less prone to breakouts, softer and smoother thanks to the Daily Smoothing Treatment. It’s also been more balanced with less dryness or oiliness, but that may not be due to this specific product. That’s the trouble with skincare – you never can really pinpoint what’s creating a result!

As for the Paula’s Choice Resist 25% Vitamin C Spot Treatment, I think I stopped using this after I ran out of that initial tube. I did find that it helped to lighten acne spots and discoloration as it claims, but after finding the Daily Smoothing Treatment and using the Vitamin C Spot Treatment for a good few months, I didn’t have as much redness and wasn’t getting as many breakouts creating new redness anymore. I do still use a Vitamin C serum, just not this particular one. It’s pretty concentrated stuff with a pretty hefty price tag, so I moved on to better suit my skin’s changing needs. If you are suffering from sunspots, post-acne scarring or other pigmentation issues, the Paula’s Choice Resist 25% Vitamin C Spot Treatment is definitely something worth investigating, but if you’re just looking for a boost of Vitamin C to the skin it’s probably more than you need.


Finally in my skincare trio, I mentioned the Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips & Carrot Perfecting Serum. I honestly don’t remember when or why I stopped using this. I’m guessing I switched to the Tamanu Oil-based products from Shea Terra because I was finding that those helped more with breakouts. Nothing bad to say about it, just moved on to something that was working better.


Moving into hair, we have the Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Miracle Filler Treatment. Guess what? I still use this daily! 😉 With my knotty, tangled, over-processed mess of hair, this is absolutely the best thing I’ve tried for getting a brush through it. I spray it all over my hair every time I wash it and it actually takes quite a while to get through one bottle. It is expensive, but I figure if I’m spending a fortune to bleach the hell out of my hair, I’m willing to keep forking it over to reduce the damage as much as possible. It’s essentially a leave-in conditioner that claims to help fill in gaps in damaged hair, thus strengthening it. I don’t know if it does that, but it helps me brush out tangles which is going to reduce breakage. I’m good with knowing just that much! 🙂 If you have chemically treated hair, especially if it’s drastically lightened like mine, I highly recommend trying out the whole Perfect 4 Platinum line from Pureology. This is a long time love for me and my hair! 🙂


Finally I had some nail polish favorites. Specifically The White Collection from Nails Inc. I haven’t worn these shades in a while because I have enough polishes to topple an army, but I do absolutely adore them! Perfect for Spring as well! I do have a lot of colors that are similar, but I don’t think I own anything exactly like them. These really do have a very whitened base with just a touch of color thrown in for a nice subtle not-quite-white effect. As a whole I adore Nails Inc polishes – mainly for the brushes, although the bottles are beautiful as well. The brushes are just perfectly shaped and sized for my nails. So easy to use! The formulas are usually pretty good as well, but I get frustrated because Sephora carries so few shades and for such a brief span of time. They are available on the Nails Inc site, but I don’t want to pay shipping for one silly bottle of polish…which is probably why I’m still missing the final shade, “Lily Road,” from this collection! 😉 This favorite goes into the category of haven’t used in a while, but still love. 😀

So that does it for my reintroduction to looking back at old favorites! I feel that only going back one year is a bit more beneficial than my initial approach of going back 3 or more years. The products are still available and I can more or less remember why I do or don’t use things today! 😀 I hope you’ve enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me and I look forward to sharing my current favorites with you soon! Hope to see you then!!!

love and stuff,



    • Yea! Glad could inspired you 🙂 I have so much makeup theses days that I forget about so much of it so going back is kind of like rediscovering things all over again doing a post like this.

      They just released info about NEW Urban Decay lipsticks in 100 SHADES!!! So many colors and finishes that it’s going to be mind boggling…and the price looks like it’s dropping! 😉 So excited, but I’ll miss Sheer Streak, though they’re expanding the Sheer range so maybe I’ll find a shade I love even better. If not, I now have 2 tubes 😉

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