Too Faced has been busy making cute things again. Is there any surprise? 🙂 Today I’m talking about the new Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette. That’s right. There’s an eyeshadow palette inspired by a sandwich! Technically it was inspired by the shade “Peanut Butter” from the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette after the internet went crazy for it, but I like to think the sole inspiration was the childhood lunch box staple. So let’s get down and dirty in the PB&J and determine if this thing is more than just an insanely awesome concept, shall we? 🙂



Staring with the basics, this is a palette with 9 different eye shadows. It follows the standard pattern of Too Faced’s smaller shadow palettes in that the first vertical row contains larger shadows.If you look at shades going across the palette, these shadows are designed to go well together in a single eye look. I tend to use them in any order I please, but if you’re ever feeling lost, just follow your eyes across the palette and you’ll likely find a shadow combo that plays nicely in the sandbox. 😉 As with all Too Faced eyeshadow palettes, this one also includes a “Glamour Guide” with 3 different looks to start you out. Definitely user-friendly as well as easy on the eyes. (haha! See what I did there? ;))




Right off the bat you’ll notice that this is a very warm-toned neutral palette. Even the pop of purple (the “Jelly” of course!) is a warm pink-based purple. There is a nice mixture of mattes, shimmers and some sparkly shades in a range of light to deep shades. If you’re like me, you may also feel that there’s not much variation in the shades. There is and there isn’t. We’ll get to that in a minute. For the most part the shadows are nicely pigmented (“Jelly” again being the stand-out) and the mattes and shimmers apply nicely to the eyes. The sparkly shades have obnoxious bits of glitter in them that does get all over your face, so you may want to do your eye makeup first when using those shadows. Strangely, the glitter doesn’t really seem to stick to the eyes that well so I find myself wondering “Why torture me with glitter all over my face when it doesn’t even show on my eyes?” But I can forgive you Too Faced. 😉



Let’s talk about the shades a bit shall we? I was hesitant about getting this palette because a lot of the shades seemed similar to me and there is really only one shade that seems good for deepening the outer corner – “Jammin’” – and it’s glittery. I couldn’t stop lusting after the “Jelly” shade though and eventually caved…like always!


So, starting with the “Soft & Sweet” row, we have “Spread the Love” which is a peach with very subtle barely visible micro-shimmer. Next in the line in the infamous “Peanut Butter” that spawned the entire palette. It is a very warm medium orangey-brown matte that blends beautifully with good pigmentation. Last in this line is “Peanut Butter Cup” and it’s one of my favorite shades in the palette! It’s a slightly more neutral bronze (let’s face it, it’s still warm) with that damn micro-glitter. Hate the micro-glitter, love the color.


Next row is “Rich & Creamy.” We start out with “Bananas,” a gorgeous subtly warm metallic gold. Follow that up with a beautiful, but intensely orange-laden brown metallic called “Peanut Brittle.” Again, good pigmentation and applied nicely without fallout. Last is the palette’s only real deepening shade in my opinion. It’s called “Jammin’” and is kind of a purple-tinged brown with more stinkin’ micro-glitter. Very nice color, but glitter fallout galore. I wish this were one of the matte shades, or that there was another shade that was a deeper matte. It’s a pretty color, but the glitter drives me crazy!


Last row is called “PB&J.” It starts strong with a highly pigmented matte bone called “Extra Creamy” that’s perfect for a brow bone highlight. Ah, my beloved “Jelly” is next. This is a beautiful, though semi-sheer pinkish purple iridescent shimmer. I love this shade, but do wish it were more pigmented. It is pretty sheer, but can be build up and obviously a purple base will intensify the color even more. Last in the row I just don’t understand. It’s called “Nuts About U” and is essentially a subtly deeper and perhaps a touch warmer version of “Peanut Butter.” Completely redundant to me. It’s a beautiful matte shadow, but totally unnecessary with the other shades. A matte chocolate brown or something would be better. But that’s just me.


My thoughts on the shadows: The 3 matte shades preform beautifully! Very pigmented, creamy, blend nicely and with minimal to no fallout! The 3 metallics/shimmers are good as well, though “Jelly” is not quite as pigmented. As for the 3 micro-glitter shades, they’re beautiful and don’t really show the glitter much if at all on the eyes, but the damn glitter ends up everywhere and I hate that! Alas, they are some of my favorite shades so I persevere. The wear time on all shades is good – they last pretty much all day without creasing on me when I use a primer. I always have to use a primer with any shadow. Overall the quality is good and I can deal with the glittery mess, I just wish the glitter hadn’t been included.


Quickly to the packaging – it’s adorable! Is there any doubt though? 🙂 The Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette comes in the standard Too Faced embossed tin packaging with an eye lash-batting, smiling PB&J on the front. The shadows do smell somewhat like artificial peanut butter. Someone described it as a scratch-and-sniff sticker they had as a kid and I totally agree. Can’t place which one, but there was a specific sticker that smelled exactly like the shadows in this palette. Fear not if you’re allergic to nuts – everything about the palette (names aside) is completely nut-free. It’s cute, durable and has a good magnetic closure so it would be good for throwing in a makeup bag overnight without worry. There is a small mirror hidden behind the “Glamour Guides” as well. I love the packaging though it is a bit childish, but that seems to be the Too Faced aesthetic lately and I’m cool with that.


So, what are my final thoughts on the palette? I am surprised that I actually like it quite a bit! I do find that there is not a huge range of variation in the shades included which is somewhat limiting, but I’ve also managed to get a really warm eye, a purple look and a bronzy look out of it with not much trouble. My main complaints are the minimal darker shades and the dag-on glitter bits in 2 of the shades. It just goes everywhere except my eyes and I don’t see the point. Obviously if you don’t like warm shadows, this isn’t for you, but I am surprised how often I’ve reached for it since it arrived! My verdict? It’s not a palette for everyone. It’s really a palette that needs to be looked at in person and each person will need to determine how suitable the shades are for her/his needs. The quality is good, but the colors are just not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. As I’ve said, I didn’t think I would like it much, but I’m really enjoying it, so for me it’s mostly a winner!

Wearing “Jelly” on the lid, “Jammin'” in the outer corner, “Peanut Butter” in the crease, and “Extra Creamy” on the brown bone (ColourPop Lippie Stix in “Whip” on lips)

Let me know if you have this palette. If so, do you like it? If not, is it one you’re interested in? Always interested in everyone’s thoughts! 🙂

love and stuff,



  1. I have to say i’m not an eye shadow person because it just doesn’t feel too me. But i’m often jelous of anyone who can make it work like you 🙂
    Plus if i were ever to buy a palette it would be from too faced!

    • Aw thanks! I think Too Faced definitely makes some of the cutest palettes with the best quality! I used to be almost solely interested in loud eye shadows, but obviously I’ve toned it down a bit 😀

  2. I love everything from the packaging to the selection of colours! I almost grabbed this when I was at Sephora a few weeks ago but I ended up passing on it. I’ve never tried any of Too Faced’s eyeshadows but they are becoming harder and harder to resist. I’m excited to see what new palettes they will come out with in the future!

    • Too Faced has some of the best packaging for drawing you in doesn’t it? 🙂 The Too Faced eye shadow palettes are probably my favorites for both quality, packaging and their themes.

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