Butter London is definitely a company known for their nail polishes, but did you know that they also have a full line of color cosmetics? Not only that, though I haven’t tried everything, what I have tried is pretty stinkin’ fantastic! One of my absolute favorite products is something currently on sale at Ulta during their 21 Days of Beauty, so no time like the present to finally talk about the Butter London Lippy Moisture Matte Lipsticks!


These are probably one of my favorite formulas of lipstick. Given the massive hoard of various lip colors I have amassed, that’s saying an awful lot! Butter London’s website describes these as, “Full colour coverage with a velvety matte finish.” A truer description could not be written! They are definitely completely opaque with one swipe, and the description of the finish as “velvet” is bloody brilliant! 🙂 They actually do have a velvety appearance on the lips. Given that, you would assume these would be horribly drying and uncomfortable, but they are anything but! The Moisture Matte Lipsticks were the first matte lip color I had tried that was not drying…in fact I dare call them somewhat hydrating! Though it’s been over a year since I first found these gems in the rough, they are still some of the absolute best and most comfortable matte lipsticks out there. Hell, they’re some of the best lipsticks out there!

L to R: MacBeth (this is a bit less pigmented than the rest with the tiniest hint of very fine glitter that doesn’t transfer to the lips), Loved Up, Old Blighty, Come to Bed Red & Ruby Murray (apologies for the weird swatches)

They are intensely creamy but have a definite velvety finish. Kind of like a cream-to-powder product, but without a powdery feeling. As though that’s not weird enough, you really do feel moisture in the lipsticks during and after application. They’re not the same as a lip balm, but if you press your lips together while wearing a Moisture Matte Lipstick, there is a definite feeling of hydration. I’m not sure how it’s done or what’s doing it, but it’s absolutely fabulous!

L to R: MacBeth, Loved Up, Old Blighty, Come to Bed Red & Ruby Murray

I suspect the high pigment content is the reason that they wear for a pretty long time without much, if any, fading! Though they are not transfer-proof, the color will stick around beautifully until you either eat something or try to remove it. Though I can’t really test it out yet (thank goodness!), these seem unlikely to bleed into fine lines even without a lip liner. The matte finish seems to help keep them where you’ve placed them! If you want a good, long wearing matte lip color that’s comfortable, this is certainly a lipstick to check out!


Unlike a lot of matte lip colors, you’ll find applying these lipsticks to be a dream. They are intensely pigmented and do not skip, drag or tug during application. They glide on like any other lipstick – perhaps better than most lipsticks. You’ll notice that they do not have the traditional bullet shape, but rather a round silhouette with a flat angled end. I thought that these would be quite difficult to apply because of said shape, but they’re actually relatively easy. It can be tricky trying to get to angled parts of the lips like the cupid’s bow, but you can sort of use the edge of the lipstick to apply pretty well to more precise areas. I’m not sure it’s easier, but it’s definitely doable! 🙂


Now that all of the glowing part of the review are out of the way, let’s get to the one fault I have. The shade range. Wah woh. What I mean when I say fault is not that the colors available are not beautiful because they absolutely are! My problem with the shade range is that a lot of the colors are similar and there’s not much for a neutral lover. There are a lot of red and pink tones happening, most of them in the range of bold. 🙂 That’s actually fine with me, but I would like a more neutral everyday kind of color as well. Though “Toff” looks promising, it made me look like a corpse and had to go back to it’s former home. “Abbey Rose” looks promising too, but when I swatch it it seems like it has a rather bright undertone to it. It’s a pretty lipstick, but just not what I would call neutral…in a swatch at least. “Mush” may be good, but it’s more on the peach side which doesn’t tend to flatter me. So if you’re listening Butter London (and I know you’re not!), please make more shades of the Moisture Matte Lipsticks and throw in a few more “everyday appropriate” shades. Please! 🙂


Bottom line? I love these lipsticks. Yes, the shade range will limit some, but if you’re a fan of the more statement side of lip colors, you need to give these a try! 🙂 They are so ridiculously comfortable and the finish is so unbelievably matte. Two worlds that have never before met! 🙂 The wear time is spectacular and the packaging is a win. Do yourself a favor and test out one of the Butter London Lippy Moisture Matte Lipsticks! You can thank me later. 🙂

The Butter London Lippy Moisture Matte Lipsticks retail for $22 at Ulta and on Butter London’s site, but from March 12, 2016 through April 2, 2016 you can purchase them for $10 each at Ulta!!! Run, don’t walk to grab them all! 😉

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  1. These are so pretty–I would definitely have picked up a few if I didn’t already have so many barely swatched lipsticks in my makeup case! At least I finally have them organized by shade so I can see what I’ve got. 😛

    • I’m tempted to get more, but I really don’t need more of anything either! 🙂 I need better organization too! There’s so much that’s ignored because I just don’t see it.

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