I love a good deeper blue polish, but they seem difficult to find. The darker blues almost always end up looking black on the nails and it drives me crazy! If I want black, I’ll paint my nails black darnit! 🙂 When I passed the Pacifica polishes at Ulta, I caught a glimpse of “1972 Pool Party“and knew I had to try it! So glad I did because it’s gorgeous! This is actually an unusual shade of blue for a polish. It’s somewhere in-between navy and royal. “1972 Pool Party” is everything I had hoped for and more 🙂 And something about it makes me think 1970s. Maybe more specifically the movie “Boogie Nights.” Not sure why the association for me, but I think it’s a great name 🙂

As far as application goes, this is 2 coats plus my standard Butter London Top Coat (which I think has sadly been discontinued). The formula itself is quite thin and you get a ton of polish on the brush. I found myself having to wipe the brush off frequently to avoid it pooling around my cuticles. Despite that, it was still easy to apply and it’s a very pigmented polish. I think every Pacifica polish I have tried has been pretty high in pigment actually. It did take 2 coats to even out, but I expect that from all polishes. I did notice a bit of patchiness on the first coat, but it evened out without any trouble. All in all, it’s a great polish with a slightly runny formula that really doesn’t cause any issues.


For me, Pacifica‘s 1972 Pool Party” is just about the perfect blue nail polish! 🙂 As with all Pacifica products, these polishes are not only cruelty free, but 100% Vegan too! Gotta love that! 🙂

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Colors retail for $9 and are available from the Pacifica website and Ulta.

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