I will readily admit that I am not a fragrance person. I love things that smell good, but perfume has never really appealed to me and occasionally gives me headaches (I suffer from minor migraine once in a while as well). Of course that doesn’t stop me from sniffing every bottle I pass or spritzing on the random tester here and there. I almost always conclude that it’s just not for me. Some of the more natural perfumes (a la The Body Shop and Pacifica) suit me a bit better, but they don’t last well enough to make it worth much effort. Well. Consider my world upheaved! I have come across a brand that has not only surprised me with perfume scents that I like and that actually last, but also a type of scent I typically hate! Let me introduce you to the brand Pinrose.


One boring (read “typical”) Friday night I flipped the channel to QVC for Friday Night Beauty, an hour of television that I am always a bit ashamed to admit that I kind of look forward to. I caught the tail end of a presentation about these Eau de Parfums from Pinrose. Never heard anything about the brand and I guess the name struck me as something to pay attention to so I did. Naturally, the presenters convinced me I needed to fork over my cash for a little bottle of this wonder scent. It was available in payment installments after all…or so my brain rationed at 11:15pm Friday night. Back to the scents – there were three to choose from and then you also received 3 of each scent in “Petals,” which are simply little towelettes soaked with fragrance that you swipe on wherever you’d like. I am the vanilla type, so I chose “Secret Genius” which is their vanilla-y parfum.


My beautiful little bottle arrived (I say little because they are smallish at 1 fluid ounce) and I anxiously anticipated morning so wearing one of the scents didn’t seem wasteful. In the meantime I admired the simple beige design with holographic accents that differentiates “Secret Genius” from the other scents. Something about the design says I’m classic, yet fun and a little bit different. I would have to say that the scents strike me the same way. Much to my surprise, I like all three! In fact, the vanilla-based “Secret Genius” may be my least favorite. The other scents available from QVC are the bright fruity “Merry Maker” and the clean floral “Tambourine Dreamer.” I am so glad that QVC provided the “petals” of each scent. Not only are they genius little things to throw in your purse for days you’re feeling not-so-fresh, but it gave me the opportunity to smell more of Pinrose’s offerings…and determine that there is a clean floral that I don’t just like, I love! That’s coming from someone who typically hates clean and hates florals. There’s something about “Tambourine Dreamer” that really does mix perfectly with my skin to smell clean without smelling like fabric softener, soap or grass. It’s beautiful when it blooms! It does take a little time to blend with my chemistry and smell shockingly good, but before that it does remind me of a fancy soap on my skin. But this is more about the company as a whole than my new-found love for clean florals. 🙂


Naturally I had googled the company shortly after flipping the channel to QVC that fateful Friday night. I had to do a quick check on the cruelty free status (they are) and I am never convinced that QVC has the best deal on a single item (they sort of do). Pinrose Parfums are available from the Pinrose website for $55 per 1oz bottle. There are currently 10 different scents offered (2 each in the categories of “Fresh & Bright,” “Edgy Fruits.” “Flirty Florals,” “Cozy Woods, “and “Magnetic Woods”). The label designs are beautiful, modern and fun. The bottles themselves are basic cylindrical bottles with a slightly narrower cap. Nothing fancy, just elegant, simple and pretty. They come housed in a nice “hinged” white box with a magnetic closure that is subtly embossed with “Pinrose” on the side. The box is covered with a paper sleeve that matches the bottle nestled within. The presentation is quite beautiful in a minimalistic way.


While perusing the Pinrose site, you’ll find all of their scents with descriptions as well as the perfumer behind the magic! Look further and you’ll see they not only sell the 1oz bottles of Eau de Parfum, but the “Petals” as well! Each scent can be purchased in a pack of coordinating scents or you can get a pack to sample the entire 10 scent collection! (Have you guessed what I will be ordering soon?) You can even mix and match to create your own perfect Petal Pack! Perhaps the best find of all you’ll see in the “Gifts” section. You can purchase an iridescent cosmetic bag filled with 1 petal of each scent + a coupon for 1-2 full size bottle(s) of your choice to be purchased later! It’s like the Sephora fragrance sampler sets but cruelty free, more unique and with better scents! 🙂 Absolutely loving this idea for gifts and, obviously, for myself. 😉


I feel as though this post has been a bit all over the place, not to mention it’s nearly impossible to explain a scent – for me anyway. I am just so impressed by practically everything about this company that I wanted to share it with all of you. Whether you are a fragrance lover or not, I think Pinrose is worth checking out. And headache sufferers (like myself) I think are pretty safe with these scents. I often feel choked by, or can get migraines from traditional perfumes, but I have been fine with these. Beautiful scents that aren’t absurdly expensive, actually last all day…and then some, are not overpowering, and are unlike what you’ll find at a department store – not to mention made in the USA – that’s what you’ll get from Pinrose! 🙂


Pinrose is now available at Sephora as well!!! Not only that, there are two scents exclusive to Sephora – “Gilded Fox” and “Wild Child.” Some stores are already stocking these so definitely check out the testers should you see them! In fact, ask for samples because I feel like these are the kind of scents that really do change over time with your chemistry.

love and stuff,



  1. I’m not a perfume person either. It gets overwhelming to me and I end up regretting putting it on. Happy you found one you like! Vegan Cuts is including a pacifica roll on in this months box so maybe I’ll like that. PS…I love QVC! 😉

    • I have that problem with perfume too. It’s also just another step in the morning 🙂 I really like this brand though. Curious to smell more of them so I’m glad they’ve been added to Sephora 😉

      I like the Pacifica scents a lot too, but they don’t last as well and a lot of them are too floral for my taste. Before finding Pinrose, I’d probably have said Pacifica had my favorite scents. Hopefully you’ll like what Vegan Cuts sends 🙂

      QVC sucks you in & convinces you that everything is fantastic! 🙂 It can be dangerous to watch, but sometimes I enjoy it! 😉

      • Oh yes…that easy pay makes you feel so relaxed. Oh it’s only 12 dollars a month….oh look this is only 9 dollars a month…oh look….15 a month! LOL It adds up!

        • It certainly can! 🙂 I usually try to avoid easy pay for that reason, but it’s always so tempting!

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