If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you will probably know my love for the Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipsticks. I have already devoted a review and a swatch post to them. In honor of their drastic price reduction at Ulta tomorrow – on sale Thursday, March 17 ONLY for $11 (that’s half off people!) – I thought I should do an updated lip swatch post. I would have updated the review as well, but I really don’t think I could improve on the original! So, without any more fanfare, I bring you the Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipsticks that I own.


Sheer Anarchy

Beautiful bright pink that’s great for Spring. One of my favorites!


Sheer Ladyflower

Pretty bright rose. Great for everyday.


Sheer Liar

Another favorite. “Sheer Liar” is a perfect my-lips-but-better kind of everyday wearable pinky-brown shade.



Sheer Rapture

Another good everyday shade. This one is a bit less pinky-brown and a smudge more mauve-rose. Definitely another favorite.


Sheer Shame

I absolutely love this shade. It’s a beautiful glossy berry that is completely wearable for pretty much any occasion.



Sheer Slowburn

A beautiful orange-red. This shade really brightens the face and is an easy way to tip toe into orange-based reds. (Please excuse my awful application here!)


Sheer Streak

This is probably my most worn shade. It’s a wonderful bright peachy-pink that’s so easy to wear with anything. Absolutely love, love, love “Sheer Streak!”


Sheer Beso

This is another neutral mauve-rose. This is an Urban Decay exclusive, so it is only available on their website or at their retail store in California (not included in the Ulta sale).


There are a total of 12 shades in the Sheer Revolution Lipstick range, with 2 exclusive to UrbanDecay.com. The UD exclusive shades are “Sheer Beso” and “Sheer Bittersweet.” During Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty, the Sheer Revolution Lipsticks are available for $11 for one day only – Thursday, March 17th. Before or after that date, they retail for $22 each. Pretty good deal, huh? 🙂 I would highly recommend “Sheer Streak,” “Sheer Anarchy” and “Sheer Shame.” Those are probably my absolute favorites and give you a bit of variation. They’re all great, so I don’t think there is a wrong choice…especially at $11 a piece…but there are some that are pretty similar on the lips.



I’m planning to pick up 2 of the ones I’m missing – “Sheer F-Bomb,” a cherry red, and “Sheer Obsessed,” a blue-based baby pink. Let me know which shades you would like to pick up! I think you’ll love them…obviously! 🙂

love and stuff,


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