I would say “Where has the month gone?” but February always flies by. Yes, that means it is time for my February Favorites! February has been a strange, but mostly good month. I finally got to celebrate Christmas and my birthday after all! 🙂 Probably the biggest thing in terms of this blog that has happened probably ever was the switch to my very own little domain name with a new, cleaner look! So excited about the changes with the blog, but still lost as far as how to do certain things I would like. If anyone knows how to direct traffic from my old name to the new one, please please please let me know because I can’t figure it out. But none of that is really what this post is about, is it? Let’s get into the actual beauty favorites! 🙂


It should come as no surprise to those that read my review that my most used item this month is probably the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Blush Palette (reviewed here). I have barely put it down! The shade “Hush” has become my new favorite blush, which surprised the hell outta me. It doesn’t really look like anything terribly exciting in the pan and it’s not really the kind of shade I usually go for. I tend to favor berries and pinks, which are in the palette too but I rarely choose. “Hush” is kind of a shimmery peachy-pink, but it almost leans coral – only the shimmer seems evident from the look in the pan. It just looks so nice and natural on my skin tone without looking like blush. It’s beautiful…everything about the palette is beautiful, but “Hush” has definitely been a stand-out.


Sticking with the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani theme, another non-shocker is my love for the Lipsticks (reviewed here)! Perhaps they are all way too similar for some people’s liking, but I feel like they actually all look quite different. In fact, the three I like the most are probably the ones I thought would look worst on me. Nope! “Firebird,” “714” and “Wonderland” are absolutely beautiful lipsticks with a fantastic formula. I love everything about them. The packaging feels a bit less-than-luxe, but it looks pretty! I have really been surprised by my love for these lipsticks. If you want a bold lip, I definitely recommend all of the UDxGwen Lipsticks, but “Firebird,” “714” and “Wonderland” have been my standouts for February. (Hint, hint: Look out for a “dupes” post soon!)


Another new product that I reached for over and over in February is one of the Everyday Eyes Powder Eyeshadow Collections from Milani (see all their new products here). The shade “Bare Necessities” is near perfection! The quality of the shadows is absolutely beautiful! They are highly pigmented – much more so than I expected – and they blend like a dream without blending away. They are buildable, smooth and just wonderful. The only change I would make to the shades in this palette is adding a satin or matte highlighting shade. The two highlights included are pretty shimmery and more intense than I care for on the brow bone. That aside, all of the shades are so wearable and great for everyday, but can also create something more dramatic. If you only pick up one of these 6-shadow palettes, I highly recommend this one. Absolutely love “Bare Necessities” from Milani!


Moving back to blush for a moment, I managed to pry myself away from the Urban Decay palette towards the end of the month to go back to a former favorite – the Watercolour Blush from Daniel Sandler. I have the shade “Cherub” and it is so perfect for Spring! These blushes are actually a liquid that comes in a dropper bottle. I just put a drop on the back of my hand, dip a Real Techniques Stippling Brush into it and dab it onto each cheek. The effect is beautiful! It’s kind of sheer yet quite pigmented, making the end result that beautiful look of naturally flushed skin. And “Cherub” is just the prettiest pink shade. It screams Spring to me! If you’re looking for a beautiful, natural looking blush, I would recommend checking out the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushes. And if you want a new shade for Spring, definitely look at “Cherub!”


Another lipstick for those days when I don’t want something as bright and bold as my UDxGwen favs is “Lilly Lake” from Burt’s Bees new Lipstick line. I’ll talk a bit more about these lipsticks on Friday, but basically it’s a really comfortable, satin finish lipstick. “Lilly Lake” is a great natural looking shade on me that’s not too pale nor too dark. It’s not quite sheer, but not intensely opaque either and it really feels similar to a lip balm on the lips. It’s not long lasting, but this shade doesn’t look weird as it wears away so I don’t mind. “Lilly Lake” from Burt’s Bees is just a great every day lipstick.


The last thing on my makeup favorites list is actually the Butter Bronzer from Physician’s Formula (see all the Spring launches here). I’m not gonna lie, I rarely wear bronzer. I like being pale and don’t really feel a need for it. For some reason though, I keep reaching for the Butter Bronzer! I suspect it may be because it smells delicious! Silly reason, I know, but it’s working. It’s a very light color (I have the deeper shade, which is just called “Bronzer”), but I prefer that since I am scared of looking like I’m smeared with dirt. 🙂 For my light skin, it’s a good shade to add just a bit of color and definition without looking obvious or requiring a lot of skill or thought. It is subtle, but if subtle is what you’re after, Physician’s Formula’s Butter Bronzer is a nice smelling option. 🙂


I’m going to wrap things up with a skincare item. It’s a face mask and though I wouldn’t usually do this, I’m including a BirchBox sample despite being uncertain if it is cruelty free. (Scratch all of this questioning as Royal Apothic responded very quickly and confirmed that they ARE cruelty free and do not sell in China!!!) I think it is but I haven’t verified it. In question is the Cuppa Cuppa Firming Tea Treatment Mask from Royal Apothic and after finally trying it out, I really like it! It’s very cooling on the skin and has exfoliants that you can feel working when you wash it off. My skin is left feeling nice, soft, smooth and refreshed. I really enjoy the experience and it leaves my skin looking a bit brighter and healthier. As I said, I don’t now if Royal Apothic is cruelty free – if anyone knows, please let me know! – but the sample of the Cuppa Cuppa Mask is a nice treat…and it’s lasted quite a while!


That’s going to do it for my February Favorites. It was a good month makeup-wise! Obviously the new look and home for the blog are favorites as well, but you can see the changes better than I can express them. 🙂 Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me over from the former site (by the way all the old content is available here as well). To all of you who are new, thank you so much for checking out my new little internet home and I hope to see you often! 🙂 I hope you’ve found this interesting and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Apparently I’m just brimming with hopes. 🙂 I shall return with a new post and our final installment of cruelty free drugstore additions on Friday!




    • I have a dupes post planned soon 😉 Although I don’t know how easy they are to find in Italy. They’re such wonderful lipsticks & I <3 them 🙂

  1. Reading this post reminds me of all the unworn blushes in my cosmetics case…I need to pull them out more often!

    I have a plugin on my site called “Blogger 301 Redirect”, if you go to my old Blogger blog it automatically sends you to the new WP site. Hope that helps!

    • Thanks for the blog tip! I can’t get Plug-Ins to work on the new blog & customer service tells me I can’t install them :/

  2. I think Royal apothic are cruelty free, this question has been raised on Facebook and they say they are cruelty free and don’t use animal ingredients. However, question is – would they allow animal testing in order to sell in China etc? Many companies such as MAC claim they are cruelty free but they sell in China allowing additional tests which involve animals. It’s tricky.

    • Hi Mari! Thanks for the input on Royal Apothic! That’s the info I’ve been able to find so far as well, but I’m concerned that they may sell in China and then I wouldn’t call them cruelty free. I’ll keep the post updated should I find a definitive answer.

    • I just received a response from Royal Apothic and they are in fact cruelty free and do not sell in China, so yeah!!! 🙂

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