We’re nearly done with the new cruelty free offerings at the drugstore (now that it’s nearly Summer!). Next on the list, and probably the last post devoted to a single brand, is a brand I love but rarely look for. It is Flower Beauty! They appear to have revamped a lot of old products as well as added some new options. With that little teaser, let’s just get into the goods! 🙂


E.E. Erase Everything Foundation           $12.98

Flower describes this as “a cream-like balm” with “sheer coverage for a natural finish.” They actually claim to fill in lines and uneven texture! If that’s true, this might make a great pore filling primer. It is housed in a squeeze tube with a stiff flat brush applicator that has a hole in the center to dispense the product. The packaging turns me off…a lot. There are 4 shades available, all of which look quite light and the “Porcelain Tint,) which I purchased, is pretty yellow-toned. There is also a colorless option. I’m definitely intrigued by this, but haven’t had a chance to test it out.


Forever Wear Long Wear Eyeliner         $6.98

I loved the original Flower pencil eye liners, but they dried up and fell out of the packaging pretty quickly. I’m hoping this is a similar formula, but improved to prevent losing the product! J There are 6 shades available: Onyx, Brownstone, Amethyst (plummy-purple), Emerald (looks like a khaki) and Sapphire (blue).


HydraSilk Ultimate Lip Butter     $7.98

Another product I enjoyed in the original formulation! This has a sleeker package (it’s in a slender tube), but sounds like a similar formulation. The original was quite pigmented for a lip butter type product and very comfortable on the lips, so I’m guessing these are the same. There are 6 shades available, “Naked Petal,” “Rose Petal,” “Peach Petal,” “Blush Petal” (which I purchased), “Ruby Petal” and “Poppy Petal.”


Endless Wear Ultimate Eye Color           $7.98

Another update it appears! These were mousse-crème eye shadows in a pot. Their former version was phenomenal and I have a bunch of them. The update is more of dense cream or maybe an intensely pressed pigment. It’s definitely firm in the pot, but the color payoff is nice with the finest microshimmer in it. It isn’t incredibly intense, but it’s a gorgeous sparkly color (I have “Sheer Cinnamon”). The other shades available are: “Sheer Buff” (taupe), “Sheer Sands” (subtle gold), “Sheer Charcoal” and “Sheer Seas (navy).


Color Proof Long-Wear Lip Crème         $7.98

These are very much like the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks. They aren’t quite as full coverage, but they seem to be nice satin finish lip crèmes. They are packaged in a squeeze tube with a slanted applicator just like the Melteds. They’re not at all long wearing and they transfer easily, but so far it’s comfortable and I love the shade (I picked “I’m Blushing)! Five seems to be the magic number with Flower as there are 5 shades available: “Pink Bouquet,” “I’m Blushing,” “Red My Lips,” “Sandbar” and “Dusty Rose.”


Eyes on the Prize Eyeshadow Chubby    $7.98

There are 2 new shades added to the Flower Eye Shadow Crayon line. These are rather big, but nice twist-up eye shadow crayons. Compared to the potted shadows, the crayons have more of a shimmery or metallic finish versus the ultra-fine sparkle of the pots. I prefer the old potted shadows (haven’t tested the new enough yet), but it’s nice to have the choice of a potted or a crayon format. The new shades are: “Rose Gold Dust” (which I couldn’t resist) and “On Taupe of the World.” The remaining shades from the original line up are: “Daffodil With It” (gold), “Olive My Love” (khaki), and “Keep your Pansies On” (plum).


Style-Eyes Liquid Eye Liner          $7.98

I really liked the way the original liquid liner applied, but it wore off really easily. This new addition claims to be long-wearing and water-resistant. It also comes in 3 shades, which is rare for liquid liner in general, let alone a drugstore version! The shades are: “Onyx,” “Liquid Smoke” (grey), and “Espresso Ink” (brown.)


Brow Master All-in-1 Brow Mascara     $6.98

The drugstore is killing it with cruelty free brow mascaras this Spring! This is Flower’s addition which also includes a brow brush and lash comb. The formula is apparently semi-sheer, which is good because there are only 2 colors. Flower claims that they are supposed to suit an array or hair colors, but I’m a bit skeptical! They failed on the cutesy names here and called the shades “Light/Medium” and “Medium/Dark.”


Draw the Line Eyebrow Pencil     $6.98

I believe this is another revamped product. Like the pencil eye liners, the former brow pencils dried up and fell out of the packaging quickly. This new version is smudge-resistant and has a nice looking brow brush on one end. Flower must be mad at their brow products, because the dull names for the 3 shades are: “Blonde,” “Brunette,” and “Dark Brunette.”


Skin Radiance Face & Body Illuminator            $12.98

I love liquid illuminators and I’m thrilled to see one from Flower! They do have Chubby Stick Highlighters that are great as well, but a liquid is just so versatile. You can use it mixed in with foundation or as a spot highlighter and the ones I have tried have all looked natural and beautiful! There is just one universal shade.


Miracle Matte Translucent Finishing Powder  $9.98

I believe this may be their original finishing powder just in translucent. The original Powder Up Loose Powder is tinted but the packaging is practically identical. The translucent powder cleverly has a frosted plastic lid instead of the opaque top on the colored powders. I’m not really sure if this is different than the tinted version, but it does claim to mattify and blur unlike the tinted. The packaging of their loose powders is beautiful, but bulky and a bit tricky to open. It’s pretty enough that I don’t actually care though! 🙂


If you’ve missed the other roundups of the new Cruelty Free Drugstore Products for Spring 2016, they are linked below:

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Thanks so much for stopping by and please share your thoughts on what is interesting, what you would like to know more about, what you’ve thought of these products, or just generally anything semi-related! Hope you’ve enjoyed and I hope to see you back next week! 🙂MakeupGuineaPig-BlogSignature2-0001_edited-1


    • Thanks Nikki. 🙂 It’s a brand I always forget about since it’s only available at Walmart. There are some good products in the line. My favorite were the cream shadows, but they seem to have been discontinued. The replacement I mentioned in this post is pretty good too, just different. It’s a brand that often seems to be ignored, but it shouldn’t be!

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