There are Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Lipsticks!!! I suppose this should not have come as a surprise because if there is one thing I think of when I think Gwen Stefani it is her bold lip choices. These lipsticks are absolutely stunning! The packaging, the shades, the formulas, the finishes are all lovely. Though they may all look a bit similar in the bullets, I find they look different when applied. Clearly I like these, but let’s take a deeper look at these and see how they look on the lips!

L to R: Rock Steady, Spiderweb, 714, Wonderland, Firebird & Ex-Girlfriend

There are a total of 8 lipstick shades in the Gwen Stefani line up. I have 6 of them to share with you today. The remaining two shades, “Phone Call” and “Plaid,” are Urban Decay exclusives and are not included in today’s overview. As you may have noticed, there are a lot of red-to-pink shades here. Given that these are supposed to be Gwen’s ideal shades, that makes total sense to me. There is also a new finish in the collection! It is simply called “Mega Matte” and it is as it sounds – completely and utterly matte. The bulk of the shades have a crème finish that is more glossy than satin. There is also a sheer formula (though it seems a bit different than the current Sheer Revolution Lipsticks – check out my review of those here) and a stunning duo-chrome crème. All in all there is a good variety of red and pinks here, but little more. Do you need them all? Absolutely if you’re me! J But no, you probably only need one and only if you like bold shades. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into a bit more detail!


L to R: Ex-Girlfriend, Firebird, Wonderland, 714, Spiderweb & Rock Steady

Ex-Girlfriend: This shade looks like a nice natural every day shade and I suppose it is. It has a sheer finish that is quite comfortable and surprisingly sheer. I say surprising because Urban Decay’s Sheer Revolution Lipsticks are some of my favorites (you can see my thoughts here and lip swatches here), but they are still quite pigmented. This basically looks and feel like a barely tinted lip balm. It gives the lips a healthy appearance, but little if any color. Not my favorite, but the only neutral in the bunch.



Firebird: This shade is spectacular! It is one of the crème finishes and it has the most amazing pink-blue duo-chrome shift. Yes it sounds tacky, but it’s absolutely stunning! I thought this would look terrible on me, but it’s probably one of my favorites. This is also where an ongoing trend begins – it lasts all day! It lasts through eating and drinking without any trouble and without fading. I don’t quite know how they did it! The shine fades over time, but once the color is on it’s going to stay put. It will transfer, but the staying power is amazing!



Wonderland: Here we have a pinkish-red crème. Again, I thought this would look terrible on me, but I actually like it. It has all the qualities of “Firebird,” just without the duo-chrome.



714: This is the one and only “Mega Matte” finish. I gotta say I was skeptical that it would be comfortable because it is quite stiff in the tube. It does drag and skip a bit during application, but it evens out nicely. Given the dryness in the tube, it is surprisingly comfortable on the lips and remains so all day! I was so surprised because the finish is really intensely matte and I assumed it would be uncomfortable, but it’s not at all! The shade itself is a perfectly flat matte classic red. Could I squeeze more adjectives in there? J It’s a just beautiful traditional red and I think everyone needs this lipstick!



Spiderweb: Initially I thought this would be the crème version of “714,” but it’s not quite the same. Though this is a classic red as well, it seems just a touch more cool-toned than “714.” I thought this would be one of my favorite shades, but it’s actually just ok for me. It’s nice and the staying power is as good as the rest, but the color feels easily replicated.



Rock Steady: Finally we have a classic deep red crème. This shade, though not terribly unique in my eyes, is gorgeous! My application of it in the photos is horrifying, but I love it nonetheless. It has the same finish and wear time of all the other crèmes. Beautiful!



One final note about the crème finish lipsticks. They can easily get on your teeth, so you’ll want to wipe away any excess near your teeth with your finger. You can also gently blot, which I would also recommend to remove some of the slip, or you’ll probably want to use a lip liner (there are 6 matching / coordinating Gwen lip liners) with this formula to prevent feathering and smearing. They are very creamy and can slip around if you’re not careful. Consider yourself warned! J

L to R: Rock Steady, Spiderweb, 714, Wonderland, Firebird & Ex-Girlfriend

As though the colors didn’t provide enough beauty for you, just take a look at the packaging! The gold and black graphic linear pattern on the tube is beautiful and very Gwen. It’s lightweight and doesn’t feel terribly luxurious, but it’s pretty to look at.


If I have ever seen a celebrity-curated collection that actually embodies the celebrity, the UD x Gwen Lipsticks are it! I could definitely see each and every shade on Gwen. Whether you are a fan of Gwen or not, the lipsticks themselves are impressive. The wear time is insane and the colors, “Ex-Girlfriend” aside, are intensely pigmented. I feel like the crèmes are essentially two lipsticks in one because you can gently blot away the shine for a second color that’s every bit as intense as before, but with a whole different vibe. Again the exception being “Ex-Girlfriend,” these lipsticks will stain the lips and even with a good cleansing oil they can be difficult to completely remove. That doesn’t bother me in the least. The UD x Gwen Lipsticks are absolute winners in my book!


As with all of the UD x Gwen Stefani Collection, these lipsticks won’t be around forever. The UD x Gwen Lipsticks contain 3.4g and retail for $18, which is less than the Revolution Lipsticks’ price of $22 for 2.8g. How that math works is beyond me! If you like a bold lip, definitely pick up at least one of these shades. There’s No Doubt you will not regret it! (Sorry for the double negative and the pun, but I had to!)


I am so surprised that I am torn between “Firebird,””Wonderland” and “714” as my favorites. I’m not usually a bright pink kinda girl and I though “714” would feel way too dry on the lips. Thanks for proving me wrong UDxGwen Lipsticks!


So what do you think? Which Gwen are you? 🙂 Are these colors you would wear? Do you have a favorite?



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