I have a ritual every night that keeps my lips soft, smooth and flake free. With Fall upon us and probably many a matte lipstick in store, I thought I would share my “secrets” with you! It’s a truly simple routine that consists of two products and is usually done before bed. If you want to know what this miracle combination is, keep reading! J

I feel like I’m going to state the obvious here, but I start this after brushing my teeth for the night. I ensure that my lips are pretty much dry and take a pea-sized dot of the Paula’s Choice Lip Scrub on one of my fingers. Then I just slap it on my lips and rub back and forth, usually with a different finger to prevent too much product from getting on my lips. I have found that this scrub, and onlythis scrub, really works best for getting and keeping “perfect” lips. It has beads in it that do not dissolve (I know, not environmentally friendly). This is key because I find that sugar scrubs do an ok job, but never fully scrub the lips. Of course since the Paula’s Choice Scrub doesn’t dissolve, you must wipe it off. Once I feel my lips are exfoliated – and you will see dead skin removing with the product – I gently remove it with water. Be careful when you first begin using this scrub because it is easy to over exfoliate. Stop before everything is removed. Over time you’ll find this balance and it will become more apparent that you’ve removed all the dead skin…and only the dead skin! Next I just dab my lips dry with a clean washcloth, though you can also give them a final gentle scrub with a washcloth if you’re still feel a bit less than smooth. Now you have perfectly smooth lips, but to keep them soft, supple and healthy you must moisturize since you are basically left with bare, vulnerable lips.


I am an admitted lip balm junkie and I have found what works best for various times of day and occasions. In this instance being before bed and after a good scrub, the absolute best treatment/balm I have found is the Kari Gran Lip Whip. It is so amazing and you can read more about it here. It is a thicker consistency so it really sticks to the lips (though it’s not sticky), but unlike many other balms/treatments, it actually sinks in and kind of hydrates from below the surface. I feel like a lot of balms basically just sit on top of the lips to keep them comfortable, but do little to really penetrate the skin. Kari Gran has definitely found a solution to this with the Lip Whip! I apply this before going to sleep and I definitely still feel it in the morning. I wake up with lips that are always soft, smooth and well hydrated. It’s absolutely wonderful! I usually don’t feel a need to add another lip balm until I have eaten or brushed my teeth and fully removed the product. Technically I still don’t needa balm, but I always feel more comfortable with something on my lips.


Simple as that! Since I have started this routine, I haven’t had any kind of issues with dry, flaky or cracked lips. Drying lip colors no longer bother me, though obviously some are still more comfortable than others. This has definitely saved my lips and I don’t know what I would do without either product! Once in a while I will scrub again in the morning, but very rarely do I feel the need. I hope this helps anyone struggling with any kind of lip issues because it has been a lip-saver for me!!! J



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